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    I would like to find - My absolute first RC I purchased with the help of Christmas money when I was in 5th-6th grade early 80’s AYK Gator, found out it was also called a sidewinder. net search photos
  2. Appreciate the feed back. Just looked up the King Blackfoot and appears to be it. shergar- I was thinking it was a big brute. Motor is a cyclone.
  3. First time here. Long time Tamiya driver. First car was a grasshopper in the 80’s. well I stopped at a sale to look at some trailer tires and saw an RC with melted tires and frame. Immediately thought it was a cold or midnight pumpkin frame or something asked how much and they said I could have it for $5. been sitting in the garage for almost a month and a half when I finally looked in it last week. Truck with melted tires was a Kyosho brute I believe. But under it what looks to be a black foot but with a fleet side body on it in good shape. Also had a brat with no body just tired and frame. All have mechanical speed control and OG motors Haven’t done much digging to make sure what it is for sure but I’ll start to go through and take it apart clean and rebuild. included the Kyosho pic. I’ll upload better pics later
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