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  1. Also worthy of note is that Tamiya 22087 appears to be a fraction of the width of the BG1 idler gear depicted in steps 2 and 8 of the manual.
  2. I was just about to begin an XV-01 build. Could someone clarify exactly how this idler gear would be installed when assembling each gear box? Is it an addition? Is it a replacement? Is it a total solution?
  3. Hello all- I’m building an XV-02RS Pro and it’s time to assemble the (carbon) front damper stay. The manual calls for the use of Tamiya CA cement for rubber tires (which I have) to seal the outer edge of the damper stay. I would really like to do this in a way that doesn’t make a mess and just remembered that the quick-setting Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (87182) comes with a very fine and delicate applicator brush which could keep things tidy here. Would this cement be an acceptable substitute for the ca cement for rubber tires?
  4. @skom25 Did you find the blue tamiya turnbuckle wrench to be helpful with the XV-01 build?
  5. @skom25 Thank you for all your explorations into building techniques. How do you ensure the thread forming tool is properly aligned with the work piece?
  6. Thank you all for these illuminating replies. I don't mind the extra outlay for the XV-02. I'm an engineer and am looking for a really fun build experience as much as anything else. I suspect I'll enjoy the fit and finish of the XV-02. I should've added before that my favorite bits of this forum are the build logs! The more detail and build tips, the better! I assume a thread-forming tap will be in order for the XV-02 chassis and other components?
  7. Hello everyone, this is my first post to this great forum. Vive Tamiya! I’m looking to build an XV-01 or XV-02 chassis. TBH, I don’t have a suitable off-road location close at hand to visit regularly enough. So it’s tarmac for me. Even though the XV-01 is reputed to edge out the XV-02 in tarmac handling excitement and really tempts me, it’s the growing plentifulness and better pricing of parts for the XV-02 that is hard to ignore. I see the new XV-02RS PRO variant is available. It’s priced lower than the original XV-02 and yet…it seems to be a step up with the inclusion of more upgraded parts??? Am I reading that right? Is it better equipped than the original?
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