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  1. Hello Thank you for reply Yes driven for the first years after that just collecting dust as the Yokomo YZ10 was much nicer to drive and durable. As these are quite fragile I thought that it would be better to part from it before the kids break it even more, well at least the kids have fun Best regards Robert
  2. I'am looking at selling my Tamiya Avante from early 90s The car has been on bookshelf for past 25 years. Running and driving unit fully working although electronic speed controller is not functioning properly so selling it as it is and without batteries. The end of the rear control arm attachment plastic had a crack so its been glued otherwise the car is in nice condition it has seen very little use. Tire caps/bolts on the front tyres are missing as seen in the pictures. Pictures taken of the car recently, and I can send more pictures and details of the car. I am not shore what kind of price range this vintage unit should go for so the price is a bit open for discussion please give me offers if you are interested Best regards Robert
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