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  1. I’m not sure if you have them in the USA but look up Airshot tubeless tyre inflators. They’re for seating bicycle tyres and it works a treat on messy RC cars. You’ll also need a track pump or similar
  2. Many thanks everyone, lots to look into
  3. Thanks, I’ll have a gander
  4. Hello First post here!! I have an Optima mid that I’ve been running for a couple of months on loose over hardpack and asphalt surfaces. The tyres are pretty worn already and I was hoping that someone could advise me on what to replace them with. Of course I could simply replace them with the original kyosho parts but I was wondering if I can get harder wearing tyres and as I like the look of them, some wheels without spokes/holes. I think they are called ‘dish’ wheels. Do any of these fit? I noticed some on Schumacher’s website but it’s all a bit confusing. I only looked there because they are local to my mum and where I did my work experience placement when I was 15!! Great to see them alive after they put up with me in 1990…
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