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  1. Many thanks to all members who replied to my query. I will soften the front suspension as per TurnipJR’s advice and leave the rear shocks for the moment. Actually, I’m thinking of building a Kyosho Scorpion as a second car and might try the back wheels/tyres on the Hornet pro temp. If good I buy a second set. Please educate me: what are “zip tie and fishing line” modifications?
  2. Hi, just built my second Tamiya buggy: the first, a Grasshopper, was built in 1985/6 for my son. The Hornet is my second: this time for me! I’ve set the front and rear suspensions on hard as per build instructions. I will however be running it primarily on short grass with pockets of dirt and minor jumps. Should I alter the suspension to soft per build instructions? Your advice would be much appreciated.
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