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  1. Creflo

    Tomahawk lights

    When assembling the (fake) lights on top of the roof, do you use glue to secure the "plastic light bulb" and then to secure the "glass cover", or do you just snap them in? I tried to snap mine in, but they don't stay secure.
  2. Creflo

    Kyosho Tomahawk ReRe

    Looks great, I like the wheels this way too.
  3. Emailed Kyosho America, they said optima anniversary should arrive in the next week or two. No expected arrival date for Javelin.
  4. Any knowledge on when or if Kyosho will ever make Javelins again? I've had one on backorder from Amain since late summer. Any word on Panama Canal backup holding up our anniversary Optimas?
  5. Thanks everyone for all of the replies. So I went with the GSI PS 290, and the Timbertech compressor with tank. After several hours with Barbatos Rex on YouTube, I'm ready to go! First order of business will be to try to achieve a dark purple on my tomahawk body by spraying purple then semi gloss black, will practice on some 2 liter coke bottles.
  6. The Iwata Eclipse HP-CS seems to be a highly recommended airbrush, but comes with a .3mm needle. Apparently this is interchangeable with a .5mm, but the manual says that the .5mm needle is only compatible with the HP-BCS, not the HP-CS. Does anyone know how to get a .5mm to fit the HP-CS?
  7. I'm just looking to paint the body, one or two colors, no detail work. Mainly getting this to try to achieve the right color for the anniversary optima.
  8. Thanks for all of the replies. My goal is just to paint 1/10 bodies. It appears that other than using the cheap Noeco, you have to buy a different airbrush to change nozzle size? The Noeco comes with .2, .3, and .5, but if you get a PS 290 its .5, and if you get a PS289 its .3, etc. But maybe the GSI models have teflon seals I assume, so it's worth it to spend extra? Same with the Sparmax airbrushes, higher quality but looks like you have to buy a different airbrush to get different nozzle sizes?
  9. haha sounds like you married up like me. I still wonder how I got mine. this is the plane she let me put up on the bedroom shelf. soon to follow are tomahawk, optima, optima anniversary, and phantom.
  10. thank you, I just looked at your instagram reel. great info! that's awesome your wife helps out with rc stuff. mine at least lets me put models up in the bedroom since there's nowhere else to put them.
  11. I have no idea yet, are you referring to the Tamiya spray cans?
  12. So it looks like I'm going to need an airbrush to achieve box art color for my Kyosho Optima anniversary (if it ever crosses the Panama Canal). I've never airbrushed, and in reality am not a very good painter. Any advice on which airbrush to get? While I'm at it I'm going to airbrush my Tomahawk with maybe a black and purple mix to get a dark purple. I'll start on some 2 liter coke bottles to get going, maybe that will help my skills.
  13. In preparation for body painting, I washed the inside of my new Tomahawk body with soap and water, and let air dry. Now it has spots. I was going to use paper towel, but worried it would leave debris. Same with cloth. What do you use to dry?
  14. A kyosho nitro buggy from the 1980's (wildcat, land jump, vanning, etc.). Really wish Kyosho would rere some of these.
  15. Kai City, is your tomahawk blue the PS16 color?
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