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  1. Knocked up this imitation FF02 from my old M03 + some TL01 suspension arms and a 3d printed centre section. Also made some front and rear strut braces to stiffen up the floppy stock top shock mounts, if it improves handling is anyones guess though. Just need to sort a shell and go bashing.
  2. Possibly this, they seem to hold really low inventory, like ~5 pieces of each item. They always ship in exactly 4 days for my numerous ~£100 orders, shame about the upfront vat now though as i never use to get charged
  3. No, rear toe angle is set by the inboard mounting blocks (JJ1 & JJ3)on the XV01
  4. What is it? That pin protrusion looks ropey in 3dp and would snap off immediately if it's at all load bearing. It'd be better with a hole and a metal pin insert by the looks of it.
  5. Easily the MF-01X, i'm just not sure what the point of it is, it seems like it was designed for a bit of everything but doesn't really work as anything, not as a rally car, not as a touring car and not as a crawler/offroader. I've got some longer dogbones on the way and am 3d printing out Honzas 257mm conversion kit out to see if it'll work as a 1:10 touring car. Not holding my breath
  6. Some parts are simply impossible to do (functionally) in 3dp full stop. There is also a steep learning curve regarding temps, print orientation, wall/infill and mostly part design. 90% of designs you'd find on thinigverse et al would be great if they were injection molded or billet ali cnc'd but people simply don't design for the material but copy how injection molded parts are designed instead, and it leads to a weaker part. These rear camber in/toe in rear arms i did have lasted 50 packs so far, they'll fail at some point for sure but it'll probably be the result of a crash.
  7. Are there any good chinese lexan bodies? I know there are many chinese plastic scale model companies (1:48 jets and stuff) like G.W.H. that are absolutely knocking it out of the park.
  8. I do design and print for my own stuff, what are you looking for? If it's just print work then shapeways as above is probably your best option.
  9. Tamiya have the dual USPs of being almost the last manufacturer to do build it yourself kits, which appeals to many of us, plus they have the best scale bodyshells in the business. (Bring back the JTCC racing liveries darn it!) They've always had ridiculous western market RRP's even back in the 90's when their plastic offerings were 50% more at list price than a schumacher SST which featured every single adjustment under the sun out of the box and the tamiya had none (at least you got 1x ball diff and some CVA's included with the tamiya back then i guess )
  10. Tamiya have a weird pricing strategy, in Japan they are excellent value (£60 TT02 kits, £3 to £10 hop ups) whereas in the rest of the world the MSRPS are double for kits and triple/quadruple for hop ups, which makes them pretty poor value. If the new breed of chinese competitors could figure out how to do decent bodyshells, they'd eat tamiyas lunch. To the main question, i always figure out whats wrong/ what i want to change handling wise and go from there, it's usually about caster/camber/toe + suspension (springs and dampers) + tyres. Blue ali, as nice as it looks is usually useless, blue propshafts do nothing, ditto motor mounts, ditto blue 5mm connector balls. Where it might come in handy is where there is massive deficiency in the original kit, eg TT02 steering slop.
  11. Do you mind letting on who still has them in stock? Wouldn't mind picking up one myself.
  12. For me 1 hole pistons up front, 2 hole rear with 1000cst oil all round, Blue springs front and orange springs rear from the Tamiya 53163 On-Road Tuned Spring Set works perfect. (Spring rate is 140 g/mm and 119g/mm if you can't get that set, which seems to have been sold out for a long time)
  13. In the UK at least, some actual tracks would be nice. A severe shortage of places that aren't a sports hall rented for 46minutes once every shrove tuesday. Then again land is too expensive, why have a track when you can build 85 houses on that 15mx15m plot
  14. I've done servo savers for the TT02 on my home printer successfully. They generally work pretty well, tighter than a stock tt02 saver but they are a bit more sacrificial than the stock one with short, sharp shock loadings (crashing into a curb at 25mph, they snap). I dunno how anyone does the shapeways thing without a home printer as well, must be expensive, as there is a lot of back and forth tweaking with the initial prototyping. My servo saver would have run me about £300 instead of 30p if i'd done it that way.
  15. It's listed as £185 rrp on modelsport so it looks like it's being pitched as a higher end model than the TT02.
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