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  1. I recently dug my King Blackfoot out for some backyard bashing after racing sedans all summer. I must not have run it much when I first built it because I don't remember it having sloppy steering. The issue seems to be the collar on the servo saver. It's too lightweight for the task and is easily flexed during acceleration causing the wheels to return to forward position even while the servo is being steered. Is there a replacement for this piece? I have a hi-torque servo saver on my M04 Alfa but I doubt it would work on this application due to the two arm set-up. Anyone have a solution or homebrew fix? Is it possible to take out the servo saver altogether and put the servo where the saver is and run a direct steering setup? Thanks! Here's a photo for the fun of it...
  2. I'm looking for the part number to order a Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA body kit. Also, how are prices for body kits that you order from your hobby shop compared to online prices? Thanks for any help!
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