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  1. With the rc4wd back locks and all terrains it gains a little clearance but the portals really brought it up right where it needs to be
  2. I bought this TA01 M1025 Hummer around 2008 as a RTR. Right away locked the diffs, made a lift kit for it and added rc4wd rock stompers. Went from getting stuck everywhere to being pretty capable. At one point I swapped in a 4:1 gear reduction then pulled that for a 55t motor. I always thought the hummer really needed portals to be correct and have the clearance it needed. When the 6x6 came out a few years ago with portals I wanted to buy one just to swap them on but never got around to it. I recently got a donor to pull them off of and swapped them on. Using TA02 truck arms to narrow it up it still sits close to the original width. A big bonus is having the 2.25 gear reduction. I’ve softened up the suspension to give it more wheel travel and plan to drop the body to help hide the chassis better. I’m itching to throw electronics back in and to test it. For now im just so glad to finally see it on portals.
  3. One of the rarest I have is not a Tamiya but a 1986 MRP corvette pace car promo model. It was sitting in my local hobby shop display case (T&T Hobby shop) since the 1980’s and I only acquired it just last year. Still in new condition and just a handful ever made.
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