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  1. That is uncanny, precisely my weekend and destination next week 😂 Mostly a weekend of packing, but I did get 10 mins today to test my new soldering station and get a set of 4mm pins on the battery cables for the M08 race mini, next club champs night is a week on Monday, front tyres also re glued in anticipation. Other than that it’s all about Mickey Mouse n co here!
  2. Thats a good point on the vintage racing, I hadn't thought of that! I was really thinking along the lines of the more budget models like the buggies listed there, also the ORV and CW-01 chassis models which have fundamental issues that require fudges to address long known issues like excessive slop, bump steer, reliabilty flaws etc. It would be great to have factory fixes built in. Although I must admit, solving such problems by flipping steering tie rods, shimming or getting a well fitting after market part is quite satisfying!
  3. I'll take that Celica if someone makes an HF Grifone livery for it
  4. To me it should be the "norm" for most re-re kits, address some of the issues that have been solved over the years via hop ups and mods and modestly upgrade to more modern tech as you have said. Still a place for the super duper, strictly original, blister pack containing, limited edition offerings, but keep these as occasional releases for the speciallity / collector market. Hopefully a sign of things to come for future re-re kits!
  5. If the price is sensible thats top of my Christmas list I always wanted one in the 80s, I actually had a cabled "remote" control that was a cheap copy of a hornet as my first ever RC.
  6. An evening of stickers, lots of stickers! Fat fox done though, primed and ready for next visit to the track. Alas the bumper stickers overlooked, got them done after the pics but was a bit dark to re do them so you can take my word for it they are now on!
  7. Also both! Monster trucks for garden and trails with the kids, rally cars for dusty, loose surfaces and racing by post on car parks or the driveway and M08 and (very soon) TT-01E Truck for club racing on carpet. My club are quite keen on GT12 which might be the next money pit for me to wade into
  8. Tidied up the M08 wiring (still far from perfect but a big improvement on the previous mess!) Soldered ESC straight to motor and managed to find better locations than before, especially for the large Futaba receiver. New wheels and tyres also ready for next club run, managed to get a few more stickers on the Fat Fox and mudguards fitted
  9. I built my tt-02 to rally spec using all the mods suggested by Mark Bryan on his channel. Certainly makes the car suited for off-road in terms of ground clearance and better steering lock. I’d say the lexan chassis cover (I have the kamtec one) is a must to at least limit the dirt and stones getting in! I also added some typical mods, bearings, driveshaft, turnbuckles etc. Despite all my mods the TT-02 ended up a relatively short gateway to rallying for me, my daughter now runs it after I got myself an XV-01 which is fantastic fun running off road out of the box.
  10. Fat fox getting there, had hoped to have ready for a shake down run at the track tonight but still a wee bit left to do. Ball studs for the CVA shocks should arrive tomorrow, then just a few more decals and we are done!
  11. Looking at the clock it’s technically what did I do yesterday now! Fat fox body painting complete, just waiting on the wing mirrors to dry and I’ll get them fitted and the cab assembled. Hoping to get it on the track next week sometime
  12. Thats a very good point, last night in the truck racing class someone had a big crash. Post race inspection the actuall chassis itself was broken, no drama though he was quite content it could be replaced very easily at minimal cost. Now of course its a cheap plastic tub so a "higher spec" chassis may not have broken, but the point about TT being a great entry level and not break the bank for repairs is a good one. My daughter runs our TT-02 and I've now got a TT-01e for truck racing. I dont want a shelf full of TTs but for low cost racing and learning the ropes of building and driving they are fine.
  13. Just in case this is helpful to anyone who searches for suspension setups, I did a couple trials at the track tonight and found the following springs worked nicely: Fastrax 55mm blue (soft) springs on the rear, Yeah racing 50mm yellow (soft but actually not very soft) springs on the front. Front adjustment screws turned out to compensate for 5mm difference in length. Oil 400 cst, 3 hole v pistons on both.
  14. NIB EBay bargain fat fox, made even better by the fact it comes with a 1060 esc so that saves a couple of quid! Local hobby shop yesterday to pick up a couple of hop ups, also got a set of CVAs with gold springs that will be utilised. Planning non box art, teal and white combo with some blue highlights. All set on the workbench dining table!
  15. Thank you for the heads up on the Carlisle track, next Sunday I’m already committed elsewhere but have joined the Facebook group and would be great to pay a visit and try a bit of outdoor racing 👍 Heading over to the nearest model shop tomorrow for a new Euro Truck build, will see if they have some Tamiya short springs in stock while I’m there!
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