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  1. Some extra laps tonight for me and my boy, this time with the Impreza TT-02, good fun if a little chilly!
  2. Got my Yeah Racing tie rods yesterday, very happy with them, along with a solid servo horn it has made a big difference to my steering issues (which led to some over confident high speeds on the driveway and some new war wounds to the shell!, just adds to the genuine rally car look IMO)
  3. Yeah racing tie rods, covers for those TT-02 bits under the steering rack and from the spares box a solid servo horn to try and improve the steering a wee bit
  4. Impreza done! Very happy with the result, although steering is pretty sloppy so tie rods and kimborough servo saver on their way, contemplating some metal bits with bearings too!
  5. Sounds like I had a near miss! Thanks all, very happy I’ve got the YR ones on the way 👍
  6. Thank you, just what I was looking for to confirm! I just had another look and found a Yeah Racing set with ends and ball connectors for £10 so going to grab that.
  7. Hi folks, I was looking at getting turnbuckles for my TT-02 rally build (specifically I want the one on the servo arm to get the trim sorted without using the transmitter). Had a shop around and the Tamiya kit only comes with the two shorter rods, but I have found plenty sellers of these no-brand ones with all 3, that are also rather cheap. Anyone had any experience and do they do the job or a waste of time? I'm looking for functional rather than high performance so really just want to be sure they are not made of chocolate!
  8. Film off and stickers on Quite happy with the result, had one of the window stickers on the back tear and while I got it stuck back down I can see it and it’s irritating me 😂 Also if I did again I’d cut out the Burns / Reid names and trim out all the translucent parts on the rear quarter windows, quite a few air bubble marks and the like. Still it’s a runner so I won’t get too hot and bothered about it. Really chuffed with the paint finish though, thanks to all for the tips earlier 👍
  9. Thanks all for the tips on the smoke! For today’s effort it was 3 very light coats, dry in between and very happy with the result. Wasn’t looking for a dark tint as I’d like to fit a rally cockpit in the future and actually see inside! As ever the hints and tips on this forum are invaluable
  10. Thank you! Very happy with it so far. Will heed your advice on the light smoke application. Last time I was spraying smoke paint it was to black out the rear lights on my MG Metro circa 1999 and it was a heavy handed application 😂
  11. First lexan paint experience, 4 coats done. Very chuffed with the window masks, just smoke to apply tomorrow then can see what’s under the outer film!
  12. First Rally car, ordered with supermini CVAs and Bearings, got a Carson dragster on the way but a bonus tble-02 in the box as well.
  13. Laps in! Mayhem but great fun, kids loved it. Magny Cours on damp Astro with monster trucks is interesting to say the least 😂 Don’t think anyone should be too worried about us challenging the top end of the table 😂
  14. Id vote for the Beetle, I learned a lot from the ORV build for my blackfoot and the "challenges" of the older model make for a lot of interest along the way. Given all the issues are well documented on here, and in many cases the solutions are not overly expensive, I found it good fun making the recommended mods (and regretting those I didnt - like a centre servo mount!). Incidently I went for the cheap shim solution on the gearbox, I'll upgrade to the ball diff down the road if it proves to be problematic but I am happy so far and been out bashing frequently. I too started with two CW-01 builds with my kids and the ORV was a nice step up in terms of complexity while still being not particularly difficult. Also as a lot of folk have said, the Monster Beetle is the nostalgic choice as its the one that I looked at in the christmas catalogue every year and never got. Also until I recently starting building and running myself it was the only Tamiya RC I'd ever driven via a mate when I was a kid! All that said I'd quite like a squash van at some point, especially if a Grave Digger tribute of sorts was possible!
  15. Ordered all the extras including super mini CVAs and bearings for upcoming TT-02 Impreza build. Will be number 4 in the stable and first non monster truck!
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