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  1. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5808128 And an early style Ford script tailgate if you want to get fancy. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4829039 Dunno how big a town you're in, but over here there are 'Maker Clubs' scattered about which rent space in local library basement or somesuch and have donated printers and cnc's and whatnot and get together from time to time to, well, make stuff. if you don't have a buddy with a printer, it might be worth checking if there is a similar club or school robotics club nearby.
  2. Been touched on before, but I go the way of "art" and "enjoyment of the build" (and enjoyment of the hunt/research). They're like mini hot rods which don't take up as much space or deep pockets. Jay Leno has a reputation for being pretty good about driving his many, many cars but how many does he actually use as a car and say, hop in and drive to Vegas? Chances are for that he uses a modern car not one of his steam cars which mostly just 'sit on the shelf'.
  3. I'd bet you could talk a fella on your side of the pond to stretch this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3271715 for ya. I'd offer, but shipping cost from the States would be silly.
  4. AH, I see that in the pic not that I look at it.
  5. Shame they didn't do the coupe... never owned a 4-door IRL, have a hard time doing so in RC
  6. Might it not be easier to lower the front? Just get a shorter spacer for the body post? In that pic I'd describe it as the front sitting too high rather than the rear too low, but potato/potahto I suppose.
  7. Think I finally got the "final rough draft design phase" finished on the Sand Scorcher to TA02 body mounts done and ready for a 'fancy' print. Waiting for some CF to arrive to cut the chassis plates and damper stays. Goals were to have a +/- 245mm wheelbase, have the body remain hot-swappable back to the SRB chassis, and the damper stays still retain stock functionality. TA02 bumper/skid plate fits to protect the nose. [And yes, that Type 1 bellhousing is a hint of good things to come...]
  8. Not to reinvigorate a goose chase which has so recently been put to bed, but does anyone happen to have a body with factory punched holes which uses the 'behind the rear axle' location they could test fit on an M08? It almost looks like the damper stay could be used to to mount a standard body post (TA03/05 etc.) and end up in just the right place with some 3d printer magic...
  9. Hmm, yeah, might have to print up some offset wheels and shallow hexes if it ends up too wide. Meh, other projects to spend money on between now and then.
  10. Yeah, brain fart. Soon as I realized they were using standard suspension blocks and not some new M-chassis unique standard (I was worried about the spacing between the mounting screws) it was just a matter of doing the math. Conveniently enough, the bulkheads on a 416 (and I'd assume later TRF cars a swell) is 34mm... so methinks a TRF416 M-Four just slotted itself into my To-Do list this summer
  11. Anyone bored enough to measure the distance between the suspension pins for me? Got a whackadootle idea in my head...
  12. Looks like TBG is gunna get tired of pushing out 959 bodies in the next few months...
  13. Yeah, I do tell guys to only use them on their carpet queens, like 70's BMX frames that are too tiny for grown men to ride (allegedly), and to be honest they just exist to upsell guys on the aluminum ones I machine from solid barstock (and sell for a bit more) but are bombproof. I really only sell into the vintage BMX market, I don't cross over much into the MTB world, and since most of us have crossed over into our 50's not a lot of wild riding going on anymore.
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