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  1. What kind of motor? The kit comes with a 13 as smallest, so I’m guessing you’re running something brushless with really high revs?
  2. I've been wondering, is it only Tamiya that still put driver figures in (some of) their cars? Was there a time when other brands put drivers in their cars (I've seen pictures of RC10's with driver figures, but did they actually come like that back in the day)? If so, when did it get phased out?
  3. Thanks all, I feel suitably ‘educated’. 🙂
  4. Newbie question(s): I have a few cars now with 7.2v nimh, hw-1060 esc’s and sport-tuned or dirt-tuned motors - Can I just throw an 8.4v battery pack in? And if so, will it put more or less stress on the motor (and esc) to have more power available? Should I change the pinion if I change the voltage? On the subject of heat, what in real-terms is a normal operating temp for a brushed motor? Should I gear it down if the motor is hot to touch after running a full battery pack?
  5. Looking forward to following this thread, to state the obvious you clearly know your stuff. Having just built one and so far having found it pretty good out-of-box, I'd be interested in knowing (in layman's terms) what you see as the biggest areas for improvement for this car?
  6. Can-do friend (don't know what you do/don't have, so here's just the complete list of upgrades on it): Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount For Tamyia CW-01/Lunch Box/The Frog/Grasshopper | eBay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rubber-RC-Car-Tires-12mm-Hex-Hubs-Foam-Inserts-Off-Road-Buggy-Car-A-/335033649780 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/296327348170 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/234534004301 https://plaig.com.au/product/tamiya-grasshopper-ii-complete-bearing-kit/?v=6cc98ba2045f And, of course, the Sport-Tuned motor which you can get from pretty-much everywhere. I also have about 200g of weight slung under the chasis between the driver and the front suspension to hold it down so it can at least corner on tarmac without rolling or spinning-out. While it's fun to upgrade, I can't outright claim that it can lap an off-road track any faster than my nearly-stock GH (with just bearings a sport-tuned). But it is fun...
  7. Thought I might as well post an end-result: big wheels, new pinion (yes - those little mounting kits on Ebay actually work!), and still can't keep it's wheels on the ground to save it's life. But that was never the point now was it.
  8. Video! (at around 15 minute mark): https://tamiyablog.com/2024/05/video-of-the-tamiya-rc-items-at-the-62nd-shizuoka-hobby-show-2024/ Perhaps I'm getting a little too excited...meh.
  9. Nice find! Congrats. I would be curious to know how much it weighs- I’m currently adding ballast to my re re GH2 and it would be interesting to know how much the extra servo, msc (and batteries?) add up to. Whatever else, I hope you enjoy the restoration!
  10. Well, my self-described naff solution is actually working ok - washer and nut loosely up against the wheel (with plenty of grease and thread lock respectively), no noticeable wobble (well no more than there was before!) and nothing has come loose…yet. And the fat 86mm wheels on the GH are kind of cool…
  11. Can confirm the dirt-tuned and a 16T pinion is a good combo 😉 Thank you for the advice all!
  12. Thanks for the help all. At least I now know there isn’t some obvious way it all goes together that I wasn’t seeing. 🫠
  13. No the bearings (and wheels) spin fine, it’s just that they rub against the wheel nut which doesn’t.
  14. Hi, Can someone please explain how front hex adapters are supposed to work (on a 2wd car)? Rear wheels are easy enough but the fronts just fall off or jam. I have them assembled similar to the attached picture (not mine - pasted from another forum which seemed to address this question but offer not a solution that I could understand): * hex adapter with bearings slides onto axle - all good * wheel fits onto hex - all good * nut on the outside holding the wheel on... But putting the wheel on this way simply doesn't work - the nut (which is threaded onto the stationary axle) just grinds against the wheel rim, jamming on one side or winding off the axle on the other. The set was labelled as being for Grasshopper but I just don't understand how this is even supposed to work? Am I supposed to put the nut on really loose and bank on thread-lock holding it on? (Which would seem, to me, to be a pretty naff way of doing it?) I asked about this at my local hobby store and the guy just said "wind it back half a turn". What's with that?? Any help appreciated, I'm getting rather sick of hunting through my lawn for lost nuts and bearings.
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