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  1. I've ordered a servo saver from YEAH racing as a lot of upgraded stuff is already from them: https://www.yeahracing.com/aluminum-plate-servo-saver-black-ya-0557bk-00076135 And an Absima servo as I already have a CR4S transmitter and receiver: https://www.absima.shop/pp/absima-S60MH-6kg-servo-25t-metalgear.htm?shop=absima_en&SessionId=&a=article&ProdNr=2030002&t=19114&c=19129&p=19129 It is 25 T which I considered must fit onto the YEAH servosaver. I do hope it comes with a 23 T plate as well a 25 T as it seems to fit Futaba, KO and Sanwa Servo @Mad Ax Yeah; as described I only have part E5 mounted directly onto the output shaft. Only after reviewing the manual online of the original kit it struck me there needed to be more parts and after modding the stuff myself I feel stupid for buying this as some other flaws come to light. I've put some electrical tape around it to make it thicker; so that gives some more grip & I can drive 5 min before the wheels are completely off to one side. Well, as a newbie it's learning money I guess, but afterwards I've better had bought the kit new. Luckily there was done a great job on the paint of the body so it's not completely a misfortune. And i'm learning a lot of how-things-should-be-done! haha.
  2. So I bought a second hand Willy and as soon if I hit something or try to jump the wheels stays in a turned position. I found out the dude who sold me this only put part E5 onto the output shaft of my Hitec HS 311. I'm not having part B6 or B11, B12. As the output shaft stands out of the plastic inside E5, I've put in a ring of metal wire and did some electrical tape around the output shaft to make it thicker So the part stays put when driving. Also the MC3 part I've made out of an ring I found in my normal collection of screws and washers. Should I stop using it this way as not to wear out the servo output shaft as it looks a little bit worn out already. And I have a servo saver ont the way and a new servo just in case. This is such a shame people make it like this.
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