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  1. Was it any faster than the stock motor?
  2. i have a Tamiya teu-105bk
  3. Hey, i have a Tamiya M-06 car, and i want a new and more powerful motor, i am thinking of the Tamiya RS540 Sport-Tuned Motor brushless, but i dont know if there is any other that i should consider. Please let me know if you have any ideas about what engine i should buy.
  4. I am wondering what the top speed of the 1:10 scale Tamiya M-06 kits with the stock engine is, if anyone know please let me know! -olx
  5. Hello, I am thinking of buying a new motor for my 1:10 scale Tamiya Alpine A110 J├Ągermeister R/C car, i currently have the stock engine that came with the car, and i am stuck deciding between the Tamiya 540 Sport Tuned Black version and the Tamiya GT Tuned Motor. If anybody can tell me what is better, i would really appreciate it! Thanks -olx
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