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  1. Just found this link to a video from Tamiya America marketing department which shows that the gearboxes are indeed blue http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15398850 Glad my eyeballs weren't deceiving me
  2. Having a close look at the photo of the F150 shows that the gear boxes and uprights now appear to be in blue rather than red. Have a close look behind the front bumper. Here is the google translation of the description. Ford was active in the Baja 1000 Desert Race which represents ★ F-150 came back. ★ In addition to realistic body ★, tires and wheels not sufficient sense of scale in a texture. ★ 4WD employing full-time four wheel independent suspension with double TA02T chassis, gearbox and blue and the only type around. You can enjoy exciting off-road driving. Using radio ※: FM Fainsupekku RC Electric Drive Sets MRRP is equivalent to £123. Hope the street price is cheaper as I like this truck and would love to have a NIB and runner. Thunderbug
  3. You guys are all killing me. Due to the recession I can't afford to indulge in my Tamiya collecting at the moment and I was sooooo looking forward to getting an SRB. I've got multiple NIB kits sitting around just waiting for me to get my hands on them. Keep the pictures coming in though so I can continue to fantasize about what may have been. Curse you Tamiya for re-releasing this now.
  4. Just to add a bit of confusion to this topic. I have a Dirt Thrasher which I bought NIB back in the late 90's which has the large H stamped on the gearbox, so maybe they had a newer revision of the gearbox long before the Manta Ray re-release came out?
  5. Highlights: The Vintage re-releases. Keep 'em coming. The new 3 speeds. Lowlights: Buggies with zero charm. I'm a bit disappointed in the Neo-Falcon but each to there own I guess. Looking forward to more vintage re-releases in 2008. Bring on a Wild One, Boomerang or SRB based model. Lamborghini looks hot as well. Would love that in a 1/10 scale.
  6. Merry Christams and A Tamiya New Year to all at TamiyaClub from the flats of Cambridgeshire.
  7. For those who forgot, Tamiya held its Fair in Shizouka this weekend with some of their new releases on display. Some photos can found here: http://www.rceasy.com/2007/11/24/tamiya-fair-2007-news/ The Lamborghini is looking especially tasty.
  8. Currently have: Hornet x 2 Grasshopper Manta Ray Frog Hotshot Brat Top Force and can't wait to see what classics Tamiya re-release in the future.
  9. Just happened to catch a glimpse of a slot on the show where he had some World RC Driving Champion on. They were driving a Tamiya Lunch Box and what looked like 2 other Tamiyas. One being a Mini and another I didn't quite see. Anyone else catch this this afternoon? All I can say is that I thought my driving was bad. Not anymore. The guests having a go needed lessons.
  10. Hope someone can help me out. I'm thinking of buying an item off ebay from a German seller and was wondering if anyone has used this person before. The seller is modellbau berlinski. He has quite good feedback but wouldn't mind getting some Tamiyaclub input before I jump in, especially from our German members. Just being over cautious as usual. Thanks, Thunderbug
  11. Thunderbug is simply a mix of Stadium Thunder which is one of my all time favourite tamiyas and the fact that I love the off-road buggies. Nothing to do with my real name what-so-ever.[]
  12. Wow.[H] If this is true it will fulfill a Tamiya dream for me as this was the first Tamiya car I ever wanted. 2 will be bought if so. If not I won't be disappointed as the re-release Hornet satisfied my lost youth.
  13. I know this has been mentioned before in another thread but has anyone got a definitive answer as to why this radio is not imported into the UK. It operates in the 27Mhz frequency spectrum so easily falls within the surface model requirements of the UK as far as I can tell. Please discuss. Thunderbug
  14. Not stung this time. Pretty lucky I reckon as the last kit I got from overseas I was hit.
  15. I pre-ordered from Stella and got an email from them today basically saying that due to high worldwide pre-order demand, they won't be getting them till later this month now. Either that or I didn't get my pre-order in in time for the first shipment. [:$] I don't mind waiting 'cause they offer top service with lower prices. The excitement of owning my first ever 3 speed certainly is building now.
  16. If the costing is good, count me in. That left arm is so hard to find on ebay.
  17. Not sure where your getting that from? I see no mention of a delay on that page. Hi JAnderson, If you are referring to the link in my post I think it takes you no-where. It was a copied product link from the Tamiya Japan website which came with the translation. If you translate this page http://tamiya.com/japan/rc/rc.htm you will see where I pulled it from. My interpretation is that the sale day has been postponed. Hope this clears up any confusion. Cheers
  18. Same goes for me as well. Definitely want one.
  19. A little bit of bad news. Just pulled this of the Tamiya website which I Google translated: News of sale day postponement: The ITEM 58372 RC Ford F350 high lift, June 24th (around the Saturday) it was sale, but it became postponement depending upon the circumstances of production. We applying annoyance, there is no excuse. As soon as dispatch day to be decided, it guides. (06.06.05) Good things come to those who wait.
  20. That first picture certainly looks as though it has got 4 wheel steering. All the servos etc. seem to be exposed as well and not in a radio box. Will have to see what the final product looks like. Love the realism though.[]
  21. For those who haven't seen the Tamiya web page for the new RC models being introduced at the 45th Shizuoka Hooby show, here is the link:- http://tamiya.com/japan/hobbyshow/hobbysho...s0605/news1.htm Just put this page into the Google language page for a translation. Tried to post the translated link but it didn't seem to work. Sorry if this has been posted already. Kind of odd that the Sand Viper looks not a lot different to the Desert Gator[:|]
  22. Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, England (I'm an Aussie though)
  23. Hey, I used to live in Bundy. Where abouts has the new track been built. Might have to visit it next time I visit friends there. Do you (did you) run any of your buggies down at Bargara on the beach or hassle the turtles at Mon Repos? By the way rroodd, I turn 36 this year and am still collecting older buggies. Does that make me sad!
  24. Well, it wasn't quite the catalogues for me. After I bought my first Tamiya, which was the Hornet back in the day, it came with a small leaflet in the box advertising all the buggies available at the time. From memory I believe it included the Super Champ, Frog, Hornet, Grasshopper, Brat and a few others I can't remember. I used to look at this leaflet for ages thinking how good it would be to own all of them. I thought it was the entire Tamiya range at the time and had no idea there were guide books as well. That soon changed when I discovered a guide book in a local Toy Store. Little did I know how it would affect my future. Ahhh, such fond memories.
  25. For those who were planning on going to the Model Expo this year, check out the 2nd news item down on this website. http://www.brca.org/. From what I heard, the model Expos were getting better but this one clashed with to many other events.
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