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  1. I have the original motor from the kit but no esc. Maybe I can borrow one. I have tried reinforced belt, original belt, now im on a new ordinary tamiyabelt..im with you with the thinking. In one moment I just want to throw it away, run it over with my car and the next one I want to solve it 🤣 a love and hate relationsship 🤣
  2. A bit late answer here but I cant find the solution. If you built it according by manual except the nn4 shim it was s bit of play in the shaft from start. I have drove the car with shimmed shaft to pretty much no play and now im back to original setup wirh no shims, still the same problem. Cant see any damage to any cogs, diffs and so on. I am now usung a new front diff just because I had one, same problem. Ive benen thru a couple of pullies and belts so Ill say that isnt the problem. Im totslly lost here and thinking of just throw the car away.
  3. Do some of you got a bit of play in the shaft that the pulleywheel mounts?
  4. Great than I know that! Thanks! Dont know neither. Also understand that im done something wrong but dont know where.
  5. Problems continues and im running out on solutions. In my opinion both pulleys line up good. The belt follows the line in the chassi all the way. If pulleywheels was off I should see it crossing the chassi. 99% off the Times it is in the front the belt pops off. Will mount a slipper today, maybe its to much force or something. Have it set to lowest punch. It mostly happens during conering and a bit off speed. Today ive tried different tension and it still happens. Starten to losing it 🤣 I dont know whats wrong.
  6. Normally with cover on. But like today it dropped 3 times and after 2 i skipped the cover.
  7. I have build it from scratch en replaced some parts with hop-ups
  8. Hi Yes I hade the cover on. Just for service and some photos 😊
  9. Hi Yes I built it myself. It should be correct parts for that car. But I have dropped the belt with both original plastic and hop-up alupulleys.
  10. Hi I have a xv01 since a couple of weeks. Got a problem where the belt keep popping off. Happend several times. Standardbelt, reinforced belt. Standard pullys, alupullys. Must be doing something wrong but dont know what. Have the tension as hard as possible at the moment. Whats the problem 😊 new to this rc-world so doesnt have much experience. /Stefan
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