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  1. Right now, I am also in the middle of a project to customize the CR-01 (Rock Socker) into a monster truck. I don't have the skills to paint the body properly, so I bought a cheap pre-painted body from Amazon and made the stickers myself on my computer. This is an image of Blue Thunder from Monster Jam. It incorporates Tamiya's reinforced propeller shaft, Eagle's friction damper, PMM's side plate and skid plate, and Kyosho 1/8 buggy big damper spring (the diameter is perfect). The tires were difficult to install, but I installed them using a hexagonal wheel adapter for Clad Buster, a 20mm extension hub, and a Tamiya long joint cup. It has a 25T pinion and brushless motor, but since it uses a NiMH battery, there were no problems during the indoor test run. I'm still in the process of trial and errorđź’¦
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