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  1. Don't waste your time with these crooks!! These are totally dishonest. I ordered parts from them and wrote them to update my order (I wanted to change a part for another). No answer from seller. A few emails later (with still no answer), I get an email saying that the order has been shipped. I write once more to the seller to ask if my order was updated. Still no answer from seller. Package arrives with the wrong part (of course....) and I have to open a claim with Paypal (always use those paying services for China). From then on, my seller answers me right away to offer discounts after discounts to keep the wron part. It ended with a refund and shipping the parts back to these thieves.
  2. Hi all, I'm upgrading my vintage 19990 Astute with new parts and read the great tutos on this forum. So I'm looking for that G4 brace @kontemax is recommending in his articles. I know Shapeways sells it but the shipping price to Europe is really a joke so I'm checking to see if I can get it somewhere else. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hey @Sgt.Speirs Thanks for your quick answer. No, my differential is still fine and yes, I would like to upgrade my gearbox with better parts if the cost is not too high :-) Guess we're the only ones interested in my case, lol. I'll order all the gearbox parts soon and will let you know.
  4. Another question for the experts: I read somewhere (but not too sure...) that the Super Astute wheel axles were the same as the Saint Dragon, Manta Ray and other models, and that it could upgrade the Astute. I found these parts and would like to have confirmation from you guys that it would fit my chassis. By the way, I bought a carbon chassis back in the 90s (see pic below) in case anyone is interested in commenting or re-issuing it (not sure if it is still easy to find): https://www.jazrider.com/tamiya-df01-top-force-manta-ray-aluminum-rear-suspension-arms-black-p-30563.html?ref=cart https://www.jazrider.com/tamiya-df01-top-force-manta-ray-aluminum-front-suspension-arms-black-p-30559.html?ref=cart Thinking of getting the Astute aluminum C parts and the ball bearing set from them too. And the modified trans from @Sgt.Speirs or @Muso31, not sure which one yet. Have to do my homework... Any comments welcome as to modifying the Astute with Super Astute or Madcap parts. I know it's been discussed everywhere but I'm not sure I found a good comparison (except for @kontemax tutos). Also interested in your comments on the trans modification. Thanks in advance.
  5. @jonboy1 Thanks so much for your quick answer and great links. Gonna study these and rush to my attic. Take care. Btw, how did you like the mods and did it really make a difference in driving or just durability?
  6. Hi all, Up for this thread. I'm actually getting my vintage Astute out of the cellar (my first buy in the 90's and always loved it) and saw that you could easily upgrade it with Madcap B and C parts. I will probably make a new thread to discuss it but if I could be sure of the compatibility of these other parts for my project, would be easier to look for those. Anxiously waiting for your advice and expertise. 😎
  7. Hi all, Up for this thread too. Found my vintage Astute in the cellar and want to try those. @Muso31 Already contacted you on ebay and waiting for a quote.
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