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  1. All good stuff.. I didn't get many laps in last time out, so couldn't tweak much. A night plagued with problems and a crash that has caused more damage than first thought. Still, track layout changes this week and it looks to be much tighter which I'm not looking forward to. My turning circle is that of a bus.
  2. I have the spacers inside the front but I still have the same springs on all corners. A very helpful chap said he'll bring some springs for me to try out next week. On another note, I came very close to drink purchasing a TA08 Pro
  3. Some progress! No traction roll, just masses of under steer. I have a set of Contact A30s, might give them a try next time out. *edit: Also recently got a new body shell but I'm dreading painting the thing. Looks to be a nightmare for my basic painting skills, the Mclaren Senna
  4. Traction rolling. The first night it was rolling in every corner, smashing up the track in the process. Felt like a clown and wanted to go home. Glue was then, rather liberally, applied to my tyres which worked to a point, but brought on so much under steer I couldn't get around the tighter technical section of the track. I do not really want to rely on glue though in the long run.
  5. Right, update. I have put the 3mm spacers and added the biggest tension collars to try stiffen up the front end. It's sitting well now imo. Also added some more putty to the front diff and re-glued the tyre walls. Oh, and added a cheap motor cooler, it was burning hot after each race. Hopefully I'll see improvements tomorrow or I'll be back here asking what model next? With the TT02 in the bin
  6. Ride height looks to be approx 8mm. If i bought aftermarket, say Yeah Racing, would I want 55mm? I like that they come with a range of spring stiffness. I'll get that little tool ordered. Would love to let it loose for tuning and setup trial and error but the carpet is rolled out and setup each race night. It's a multi use community hall.
  7. This is actually my second TT02. The first being totally bog standard which had a total of 2 race evenings.. quickly realised it was extremely limited, to got the type S. My reasoning being i'll have spares for everything. The ride height is as low as i could make it with stock dampers but still doesn't feel low enough or stiff enough. Camber is quite neutral as is the toe at the front. EPA was a lesson learnt on my first night when the standard TT02 kept dropping dog bones all over the track. My tyres got sidewall glue that night too. Never seen the trucks roll and they seemed to be able to have better turning on the tight sections. I know racing experience will be a big big factor.. but my car feels very understeery and yet rolly.
  8. First off, hi all. New member and new to racing. Always had Tamiya kits when i was younger so naturally stuck with what i knew.. And what I know now is almost everyone at my local club is running Xray! However, there is a few running TT01 trucks that I'm allowed to play with Anyway! I now have a TT02 type S and i cant fathom how others are running anything other than the stock torque tune motor. My car just rolls for fun as if it's a Reliant Robin. I've watched countless Youtube videos without much success in race setup. Is there a secret? Do I need TRF dampers? Any help much appreciated! (Track is indoor carpet)
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