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  1. So I have been into RC for a little over a year now and own 3 Tamiyas. I have 2X TT-02 and one TT02b. I really enjoy building them and driving them around with my son. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time justifying their cost. After ball bearing upgrades, brushless paint receiver and transmitter shocks and CV axles, PLUS PLUS PLUS. I feel like the value is not there. Especially with the TT02b I've had to upgrade to metal CV axles and GPM gears and diff just to keep it drivable and not self-destruct after going 3650 brushless power. After all the upgrades paint etc... I feel like I could just get an Arrma rc etc... for less money and more performance. Is Tamiya just for looking at and driving around slowly? My tt02b broke after crashing and parts cost more than a new one. Need U-shaped pin and A parts plus control arms. A brushless typhon from Arrma costs 330 which would be cheaper than a tt02b plus upgrades. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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