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  1. These two cars are the least of my worries. There will be much more work with the 70 Matchboxes and a hundred other toy cars (Corgi, Schuco,...) which were in the box right next to it. I hope so. My wife doesn't ,,fully understand" my new hobby yet, but it just requires a little time and a few completed household works.
  2. That was super fast. Many thanks for the identification. Now I have a base that I can lean on when thinking about whether to sell the models or try to finish them or just clean and preserve them as a memento.
  3. Greetings to the community here, I came to this forum to ask for help: While cleaning out the attic of an old house, I found a plastic bag with these two cars. Unfortunately, the original owner has already died and I could not find any other information (boxes, manuals,...) about both cars anywhere in the house. Can anyone help me with what I actually found? I will be very grateful for any help.
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