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  1. Hello all... How long does a typical NiMh battery hold it's charge? For instance, let's say I fully charge a battery on Monday, then I finally get around to using it on Saturday. Will the battery still have some charge in it, or will it need another charge? I'm using 7.2 Volt/3000 mAh batteries. Thanks!
  2. Great suggestions regarding the wheels, Andreas! I love the Egress mag rims. They are the coolest rims Tamiya ever made. I may have to get those!
  3. I really like the color scheme on the body. I think that's what I like about Tamiya's kits from this era -- their attention to detail. I love the proportions of the Hot Shot/Super Hot Shot/Hot Shot II series of cars. I've ordered some new tires/rims, and some aluminum shocks for it as well. I don't want to wear down the knobby tires it came with. Anthroxoid, I've actually been thinking about adding lights to the fog lamps. Any LEDs that you would recommend?
  4. I was finally able to take it out for its first run. The dirt was flying! I need to go back out soon with a friend to get some action shots and footage!
  5. I'm thinking it might be Tamiya Glass Tape #49306. https://www.hobbytown.com/tamiya-glass-tape-15mmx50-tam47306/p658910
  6. I've watched several Tamiya builds on Youtube and I've noticed similar tape being used to hold down antennas, wires, etc. I posted a screen grab. It doesn't look like electrical tape. I was just wondering what kind of tape people here use for their builds.
  7. Thanks! Yes, I will definitely drive it. But I still need to attach the on/off switch and seal off the hole. Right now, its just dangling outside the chassis because it doesn't fit the hole where I'm assuming a Tamiya ESC on/off switch would go.
  8. After being away from the hobby for so long, this brought back some nice memories. I wanted it to be pretty much box art accurate. I did put in the Sport Tuned motor (black version) 17T pinion, and a full set of bearings. I live in a small apartment, so I can't go crazy with painting, but it was fun to paint the driver and I learned a about applying decals. This car turned out well and is so nice looking, I almost don't want to run it. Almost...Ha ha
  9. Well, I did end up finding the tapping screws, but the pins were definitely missing. I just stole some from my Wild Willy 2.
  10. In general, how common is it for Tamiya RC kits to have missing parts? I'm building a Hot Shot 2 Blockhead, and I'm missing 4 screws so far. 2 (2x12mm) screw pins. Can't assemble the second fog lamp. 2 (3x32mm) tapping screws. Needed for the front suspension. I'm pretty sure the Hobby shop I go to will have them, but I can only go on weekends. :(
  11. Oh right, I was wondering how long it would last. I plan on driving my car, so maybe I'll hold off or find a cheap tire and test it out on that.
  12. What do you all think is the best method for detailing the lettering on tires? I have a set of Hot Shot Super Gripper tires that I'm thinking about detailing. I've seen some photos from other forum members' cars and they look great. What paint works best on rubber? Seems like a fine tip paint pen would be ideal control-wise, but not sure if the paint would hold on the rubber surface. Tamiya makes paint markers, but the tip doesn't look sharp enough for detailed work. How do you all do it?
  13. I personally like the black version. I always wondered how the driver would be able to see with those shock towers in the way. Ha ha.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I was having a hard time twisting it on there and really mangled that loop and I think I screwed the bar in too deep. I kind of reshaped it a little and it doesn't look too terrible, but I think the part may have been compromised. If I have to, I suppose a generic black part would would work. Twinfan--Yep, that's the part I'm looking for. That's a slightly better deal than what found. Its just frustrating that one tiny piece of plastic can cost so much.
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