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  1. Oh man the short course bodies! I have one in the cart but the website is so clunky... dont know if i want to put my credit card info in there. Lol.
  2. I think a better question is what is your favorite runner. I dont know how many runners i have but its like 20+ and about that many projects. Cars we actually drive often is more like 10 or so. My favorite runners are exc torment 2wd trophy trucks. I have 2 and me and my son bash the living snot out of them. They are brushless and very fast and extreamly robust so we dont be carefull at all. Parts are cheap and plentiful. Here is Alex's. This is a rare site, Its usually flying through the air end over end at my face. The wife and dog run from us when we pull them out to "play" 🤣 the wife usually runs the mad van when she is brave enough to play. Me and the boy dont get to play with the mad van very often, the wife has that one pretty much claimed. She calls it her "raper van". The koysho mad van is an amazing runner in total stock form. (The brushless version) the consistent tamiya we run all the time is the DT03. They are robust and hard to break as well. We live in the desert so most of what we do involves sand rocks and dirt. Touring cars are shelfers here. Even our asphalt is too rought for them sadly.
  3. I choose orange because i dreamed about this car when i was a kid and this is the way it looked in my head. Pick what ever moves you! That being said, the "A" striped pattern looks classy but the wider stripes look cool and give a bigger splash of color to the white canvas. The stripes would also look good in British racing green or blue as well.
  4. This model is my sons primary driver. I am amazed how well it has held up. These are pretty good buggys. They dont steer well because there is no weight up front but once you get used to that and embrace it they are pretty perdictable and easy to drive. Has been good for teaching the boy to slow down before the turn. I Love the tires youve tried. They really make the buggy look unique. I just put taller buggy tires in the rear and it gave a little more ground clearance and was a major improvement. Then i put the half knobbie half groove tamiya tires in the front for more steering bite. Ours is stock otherwise with a mild brushed motor. 17t i think. Looks like you have really had alot of fun trying to improve this buggy. Been fun to read through. Thanks... ryan
  5. Yeah i agree. I dont hate old things or people who use them or i wouldnt be here. I also dont work for a battery company or feel the need to defend lipo honor- i just dont use those old batteries anymore. I think the car analogy with the 73 nova was a good one. Driving a 73 nova with a carb and breaker points today is pretty hardcore too. Its cool, but it is hardcore. 😂 most people today couldnt start that car and when the points went wrong they would need a tow truck. Anyway, i think its the same with real cars and rc cars... some people want to improve them over the factory and some want to keep them pure. A lipo is a cheap and easy upgrade any rc car would benefit from but if you want to keep it pure you need that old style battery. Im sure they still store enough chemical potential enegry to move your motor and servo at the same time so there isnt really a big deal and anyone who is looking for that best available technology, or all competitive edge isn't into old tamiya cars anyway. Lets be honest, thats not what brought us together. There is plenty of room for both batteries as long as we can all agree that NiCd batteries suck! Just kidding.
  6. With all the better options, Its pretty hard core to still run NiMH batterys in my opinion. I threw all mine away years ago. I can honestly say i dont wish i still had them. I hated them even when that was all we had (back in the 90's). Especially hated those bump packs that didnt fit and those leads that always pulled out of the pack. Ive had them leak on my hands, burn my eyes. burn holes in my new school shirt. lol... ive had them pop open and damage my rc, i had a wall charger catch on fire... (dad yelled at me for that one). So, im not too sad they are gone. Also Im fairly efficient at cutting off tamiya plugs and soldering on deans plugs by now. Seems like ive done it a thousand times. I build a pile of solder work then bang it all out when i feel like it. Love dean connectors. I would never use a tamiya plug on anything anymore and I take great joy in cutting them off new stuff. I should save all the tamiya plugs and make some sort of trophy necklace. But hey, i think its cool if you want to run those old batteries... Btw, want to race? 😂 (i mean with our battery chargers, first one to charge a battey gets a necklace!) Now thats 4-6 hours of fun you'll never get back. Oh, all the waiting.
  7. Love the m240 brovo just laying in the back window... im sure its there just in case some busy body tells the driver to get his hair back into regulation.
  8. I wonder why no one has done a 1/10 scale RC of the Aztec 🤔. Its all about sales... I love my original JRX-2 but dude, its a flat piece of plastic with some holes drilled in it. I could go out to my garage right now and build my self a re-release clear/cc version of that car from a left over polycarbonate window pane i have in about 10 minutes 😂. I dont think people would pay $300 for a re-release of that super simple car when they shop the other options on the market. Too many RCs so few $300. I love the idea of the losi mini t. I never bought one, but ive had one in my "save for later" bucket ever since they came out. Again, so many RCs out there. It's more competitive now than its probably ever been for these manufacturers but Losi still makes some really good stuff. Check their full scale line up...they make way better stuff now than that clunky 2wd buggy with a brushed motor mounted behind the rear axle.
  9. Wow! Ive looked at this model a few times and didnt really think that much of it until i saw this thread- That is fantastic! Very cool build, love all the metal parts, it really looks awesome... ryan
  10. I actually didnt expect that result. I figured the Tamiya spec was good. Also, i noted the original brushes were matched to the rotor from the factory well. So, its not a break-in issue. 4000 rpm at 7.2v is quite a lot in my opinion. The sport tuned motors ive had test out at about 16,000-16500rpm. (as i recall)... ryan
  11. And... nailed it! 20,000rpm @ 7.2v for 2777.77777 (infinity) Kv. Now we have a very special egress infinity motor.
  12. Now we have to run the brushes in to match seat them... These brushes are so hard... Come on, come on... Oh, so boring... motor sounds good and runs nice and cool! Want to rev it up... Cant. Wait. Much. Longer... 🤪
  13. Case bearings... New 17turn rotor all shimmed nicely... And case locked at... 0° timing.
  14. Check fitment of brush slots and brushes... End bell built with new roller bearing...
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