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  1. Slapped this thing together this week to support another local racing class in addition to the TT-02 class I run and 1/10th buggy indoors on Thursdays. Body isn't "perfect" but it is just going to get beat up racing anyways. Looks "good enough" for the purpose. Got the electronics installed the past couple days, added in Yeah racing front universals, bearings and threw 30K grease in the front diff like I run in the TT-02.....
  2. My "dark" period was from 1989 until 2024.....so a bit of a gap..... But not due to anything "dark" per se, just life, career, million other hobbies, etc.
  3. Depends on the car and purpose. All my race platforms are brushless for obvious reasons but they also aren't Tamiya BUT I race the heck out of my TT-02 and I am building a Euro truck and the torque tuned and 1060 combo on 2S for an indoor carpet course is a blast. TLRs and Schumacher are all brushless and come with higher expectations of course.
  4. Five cars, five runners.....race 4 of 5 of them and probably soon to race the 5th as well. Only been back in the hobby since March 2024....so call it 3 months. 2 TLRs (carpet and clay) 1 Schumacher L1R (clay) TT-02R (Carpet) AE TC4 (probably carpet)
  5. Today......fixed a couple simple issues with my TT-02R for this Thursday's club race on carpet......the front shaft bearing was a 10mm not 11mm and had too much play....pulled the diff cover and replaced it with the proper size. Also pulled apart one half of the steering rack to remove some additional play and tighten things up. I also added a ProTek motor fan as I noticed we were running a bit hot after the last couple races even with a heat sink etc. Then I turned my attention to my old AE TC4 and pulled all the old and worn 27mHz electronics modified the motor mount to handle a Tamiya Torque Tuned front bearing (I have another spare NOS motor mount for regular sized bearings), I have a 1060, new servo and receiver on order to run it in our "tub chassis" class when I feel like something different to my TT-02. Might as well for <$120 in additional new parts....
  6. Most likely. I have an extra set of bearings for the TT-02 so it should be a simple swap. Of course it makes me wonder where the 1150 is in the car lol
  7. The more I race my TT-02 (carpet) the more I am convinced it is primarily a tire game once you get the suspension dialed to be consistent and predictable for whatever the driving style is being applied to it. I have been pretty darn competitive in our little "tub chassis" spec class (Tamiya canned brushed Torque Tuned or Sport Tuned, spec tires, etc.) and while the number of entrants in the class is only 5-6 per week in this local club racing the competition is pretty solid. As I probably mentioned earlier in this thread I am running about 5mm up front and closer to 7-8mm in rear and that seems to work for me, of course I have very little to no vertical travel up front but some lateral suspension action. The two things that cropped up this past week and/or I just realized needed to be addressed are my front steering pivots for the linkage......one side has too much vertical slop, no big deal add a washer or two BUT the screw won't go in or out any more than it is. So I will need to deal with that as I think that adds some random "wander" and un predictable "turn in" as it moves around. One option is to try and get the screw out and leverage the small recessed space below to add a longer screw with a lock nut. We will see...... The second issue is the front shaft bearing is clearly too small/not the right size as the shaft has WAY too much flex up and down there when braking etc. and I know the bearing cover is down tight. Still wouldn't mind playing with rear sway bars and going for a touch more rear traction (I only sauce the inner half half of the rear tires). What's the latest on the CanyonCarver Special?
  8. Lots of memories there for me.......was my first "real" car when I was 13 in 1988......remember the build and it seems so simple to me now looking at it. Nice build, really looks good.
  9. Interesting on the sway bars. I had my best result with the TT-02 the other night. Took a 3rd in our relaxed but competitive "Tamiya Tub Chassis" class. The two best drivers were both driving their M chassis FWD cars that corner on rails so I was the best TT finisher with 23 laps to their 24......the car was handling "fine"......clearly completely drivable, still a little "darty" but not bad. I have no intention at this point of anything TCS after some of the weekly guys ran the local TCS race last week and it was a disappointing experience for many reasons out of their control. So that leaves me open to some Yeah upgrades..... their shocks might be on the list. I might look into the rear sway and pair it with the softest springs/oil at some point...... Of course a Euro truck is probably coming for me soon.......
  10. We're talking racing toy cars so there is no "bad" per se...... :-) It depends on the car, driving style and goals. 24mm may be kinda high assuming a high level of grip on the carpet as it raises the roll center of the car. The anti-roll bars are a great idea and I was going to mention those but I didn't know if they were available for the car or not. Once you address the things you can it just comes down to driving what you have. While a great car setup is ideal, driving skills are the biggest element. I have spent several "practice" sessions at the tracks on off days when there is crappy weather and it makes sense to be indoors.......all in the name of improving my driving as that is the limiting factor in results not the car setup. Even when I finish dead last, I still have fun.
  11. Cool stuff. I race carpet off road weekly along with clay with 2 different cars of the same model (TLRs) and the guys at the track have you headed in the right direction on the diff....geared is standard for high traction carpet. The steering slop.....are you using any sort of Tamiya "servo saver"? If so......I would consider ditching that for a direct solid arm ASAP. Suspension.....start with oils or piston changes (the internal disks in the shock).....perhaps some pistons with additional holes for good flow might help. You could also think about springs. What is your ride height set at? Usually we are running 15-18mm ride height F/R, lower if we can get away with it depending on the jumps etc. How was traction? Usually traction is very high and if anything you are trying to avoid traction rolling in higher speed corners.
  12. Heck of a great thread. Well done @canyoncarver. I also went down the TT-02 rabbit hole racing on indoor carpet as well in a Tamiya tub-chassis class on spec tires. I started with a TT-02R kit however and that was a nice starting point....upgraded the steering and driveshafts right away along with a metal fixed servo horn as even the nice spendy blue Tamiya servo saver is a wild piece of crap and lasted maybe 3 laps. For me, the oversteer was wild.....and rear traction initially could not be bought for any $ amount. I somewhat mistakenly followed the internet advice of getting my car to ~5mm ride height and in the rear that was a recipe for disaster as throughout a 5min heat my car had a multiple personality disorder with the first 2mins being drivable, then the last 3 being a mess once the sauce wore off. I had already stiffened up the front CVAs previously in search for control, but finally the solution was soft springs and raising the rear shock mount locations back to the top hole in the rear and with it the ride height......and boom..... Drivable and predictable car. The TT-02 is such an addictive POS that we almost cannot help but throw money down the hole you KNOW is a bad idea as an $800 TT-02 still isn't as good as an $800 purpose-built kit but the enjoyment of the TT-02 is getting it to run well...... And they can take a BEATING.....I have hit so many PVC track curbs, taken head on collisions with Euro trucks at almost full speed etc. Keep up the awesome informative posts, they are great and helpful.
  13. Took the day off.....after 18holes of golf hit the track for some practice with one of my TLRs....wasn't happy with my results Sunday, so practice was needed. Ran 4 battery packs over 3 hours. In between I walked the shop waiting for the next project to jump out at me.....might be a Euro Truck as we can race them locally but I already have a TT-02.....so..... Was and still kinda am contemplating building an Optima Mid reissue and trying to campaign it in the 13.5T 4wd classes just to be different than the typical TLR 22X-4 and B7s but.......I can't get any firm grip on whether parts will be available for the common breakables......
  14. Today? Joined this forum......cleaned up the TT-02R from Thursday night racing and got my dirt TLR ready for racing tomorrow....... Further contemplated getting an Optima Mid reissue and slapping a 13.5T in it and campaigning it at the local track against modern buggies just because......but I'm not sure if there is enough parts support for the breakables to make it realistic.
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