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  1. Thanks, Mark - that's good to know as well. I've just put some new wheels on the grasshopper and I've experimented with a Saturn 550 12 turn brushed motor, although I'm not sure it's any nippier than the sport tuned. It certainly hops around like a crazy thing with either motor. I'm just trying to decide what to build next. Maybe The Frog but I like the look of The Hornet too.
  2. Hi Aerobert, thanks very much for coming back to me. I haven't actually tested the Jumpshot outside yet. I stood it on some books and tested the throttle and noticed the rear left wheel was wobbling when I went to full throttle, and it was then that I noticed the dog bone was popping out. I think I'm going to take it to the local shop today and see if they have the part that you suggested or if the O ring solution would be best. Thanks again for the advice - I really appreciate it 🙂
  3. Hi all, I purchased a HPI Jumpshot MT v2.0 online and it had £50 knocked off the price due to it needing 'rear shocks to be tightened and a loose dog bone'. I'm a noob and just getting into the hobby really and after inspecting the car with my very limited knowledge, plus researching online, it seems that the rear left dog bone is popping out of the housing (sorry, I don't know what this part is called). I'm not sure what I should be tightening but is this common with RCs generally? Does anyone know how to resolve this type of issue? If it's easier I can take it to the local RC shop but I just thought I'd ask in case it's a simple fix. Thanks very much in advance.
  4. Thanks, Twinfan and you're right - there are so many options out there so I'll have to give some proper thought to what my next kit build will be. I swapped the 540 Torque Tuned for a 540 Sport Tuned in The G/H yesterday and it is noticeably faster now. I'm tempted to put some oil filled shocks on it as well but I'm not sure how much difference it would make.
  5. I've got a Tamiya 540 Sport tuned motor coming today as well to replace the 540 torque tuned. That will be it for The Grasshopper for a while now hopefully and I can start saving my pennies for my next kit to build. I love The Grasshopper with it's little quirks and the fact that it rolls over if you corner a bit too fast. I want something faster that handles better for my next build. Any recommendations from anyone would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  6. Ahh we got there about 1:15. The very nice gentleman behind the counter came outside with me and had a go with my Grasshopper which seemed to be behaving ok, which is usually how these things go! I ended up buying a Radiolink RC4GS V3. I've just tested it and it's fantastic - range is brilliant and obviously I can connect more than one to it as and when I get more kits to build, which is perfect.
  7. I was still having issues after setting the throttle endpoints. I would use the Grasshopper for a short while and then it would start crawling forwards so I kept having to constantly adjust the trim. I'm not sure how common that is with a cheaper set up. I bought a Hobbywing 1060 ESC for £22 and installed it yesterday and it seems to be more stable now. I also put fresh batteries in the Etronix Pulse transmitter and charged my Nimh batteries fully. I tested it last night and it seemed to be going further without cutting out then all of a sudden it would go about 30 feet and just stop dead. It would then jump forward a short distance then stop again. I'm going to take it to Wheelspin Models in Cannock today and see if they can maybe swap the receiver I bought and if not I can buy another one. I have considered buying a new transmitter but I've got a £50 limit really which will only get me a lower end budget model, which is fine for the Grasshopper I think. My previous Etronix receiver is damaged as the antenna broke after a nasty crash so I can't really test it with that unfortunately. I will hang onto the tble-04s and try it in my next build but I have to say the 1060 seems to be a more stable ESC so far. I'm certainly a noob at all this but I'm slowly learning. Twinfan has been most helpful and I'm very grateful 🙂
  8. Hmmm that's a good point. I can certainly give it a go. I will try fresh batteries In the transmitter tomorrow as well and take it from there. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out. I really appreciate it 🙂
  9. Right, so, I set the transmitter throttle trim to 0 and followed a YouTube video of a lad setting the endpoints, which has stopped it crawling forwards / backwards (thanks for that - most helpful). I'm just at the park trying it out now and it is still going out of range after what I would estimate is about 20 / 30 feet. As I walk towards the grasshopper and pull the throttle it still doesn't work I think I'm very close. The receiver was brand new from a reputable RC shop in Cannock. The only other thing I can think of if it isn't the receiver is maybe the batteries in the transmitter. It takes 8 x AA and I've ordered some rechargeable ones from Amazon. I put new ones in about 2 months ago and have used it moderately. Do you think it could be a faulty receiver? Thanks again.
  10. Hi Twinfan, that's great - thanks. I will try all that and then test it again tomorrow. That's good to know about the esc too as I have spent a fair bit getting it working again, I didn't really want to have to buy any more parts of possible. I must admit though part of the fun is tweaking things and tinkering. I really appreciate you coming back to me
  11. Hi All, I bought the Grasshopper Re-Re kit a few years ago and the bundle I got had the tble-02S ESC and it came with a cheap Etronix Pulse EX2 Sport 2-channel 2.4ghz with Etronix Pulse Receiver. I let my 16 year old lad use it with his mates (big mistake) and then didn't use it for a year and I decided to get it working again a couple of months ago. Fast forward to now and I have replaced the dead ESC with the updated tble-04S. I bought a new receiver as the antenna had split & broken and new gearbox plus some screws here and there. I am having issues with it going out of range after 20-30 feet and then it behaves erratically without me touching anything. As I walk towards it it jumps back to life but it's frustrating. When I ran it with the tble-02s, it worked perfectly so I'm considering swapping this for a hobbywing esc as I've heard they're better generally than Tamiya ones. Also the trim button behaves different at times. Sometimes when I turn the knob to the right, the car starts moving forward so I trim it, then use the car for a bit and then it will start moving forward slowly on it's own, then when I turn the trim to the left the car starts reversing slowly, then it reverts back to how it was initially without the turning left and it reversing! Frustrating. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Do you think it could possibly be the ESC? I really appreciate anyone taking the time to respond and I'm sorry if I haven't included enough information. This is the only kit I've ever assembled and I'm hoping to do some more when the wallet will allow it! Thanks so much.
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