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  1. Thank you, @JimBear! I didn't quite believe the "aluminium pinions are cheese" talk before, but now I do. My hexes look fine (compared to pictures online), but I realised the hex support in the rims is slightly worn (no longer being perfect hexagons). Having failed to bend the drive shafts into shape manually, I suppose I have to replace them as well. Best, Rookie Rabbit
  2. UPDATE: To save on postage, I decided to do a full rebuild as both the rear tyres and the aluminium spur gear is now worn. It appears that every single reason why the car's rear wheels may wobble is present in one form or another: the drive shafts are very slightly bend (there's a clearance of less than 1/2 mm visible between them and a flat surface), and there is some play between the wheel hubs and both the drive shafts or the rims (neither parts showing any visible wear when compared to pictures online). Neither element seems sufficient to explain the wheel wobble visible, and this may explain why the issue is hard to replicate (for me even), and worsens or betters without any clear explanation. For that reason, I am now inclined to not purchase any replacement part beyond tyres and a metal spur gear, considering the price and lack of more robust replacements available. Best, Rookie Rabbit
  3. Thank you, @JimBear, I'll take a closer look at the wheelhubs. I doubt that I ran it that hard, to be honest. I will take a look at the Carson wheel set, as I German as well
  4. Tamiyaclub community, earlier this year I finally built my first Tamiya kit, a Fighter Buggy RX Memorial, having lusted after Tamiya cars in toy stores as a kit. After quite a lot of fun, the rear tyres are worn and some questions have arisen: a) what are your recommendations for replacement tyres? I use the car to run around my garden and the countryside, i.e. usually on grass, often on gravel, sometimes on dirt and rarely on asphalt. The default rear tyres appear to wear rather quickly. I even consider putting Mad Bull front axles, wheels and tyres on the car. b) after a while my left rear wheel started to work itself loose multiple times during one run. With softer rear springs the issue happens less frequently. However, both the left and the right (to a lesser degree) wobble when spinning freely (lifted from the ground). From a quick inspection, the drive shafts seem straight. Switching wheels from left to right slightly changes the intensity, but not the tendency of the left wheel to wobble more intensely than the right one. My car is running Carson bearings. I suspect the wheels are slightly out of balance, but perhaps those drive shafts are the real cause Are the improved, more durable drive shafts available for this chassis? Thank you very much! Best, "Rookie Rabbit"
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