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  1. On this topics of TF Evo upgrades am curious to understand what TRF / Hop Up options there are for this car. Been looking on the site but can’t seem to find a specific list. Any pointers would be great. 

    I see that Yeah Racing have aluminium blue upgrades. Regarding this car are there any worthwhile upgrades and ones to steer clear from?

  2. Just picking up on this old thread.

    Am currently in a similar situation and it's been a while since i had a RC car, by the sounds of things the tech has seriously evolved.

    I have a fully bullraced Wild Willy 2 with Alu shocks. Just purchsed a Tamiya TBLE-02S (ESC) and would like recomendations on batteries and motors. Like the idea of brushless but unsure if i go for a costly Tamiya or branded aftermarket, or do i just get a Tamiya Sport Tuned motor. Regarding batteries would like decent power with long longevity, not keen on LiPo for this build. 

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


  3. Thanks for the reply, that is the main problem that I currently have. How do I become a full member, can anyone advise me, if not does anyone have this manual that could be mailed to me????

    Please someone help.

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