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  1. I know you what you mean, touring cars got me hooked on Tamiya cars in the mid '90's (have plenty of Tamiyas & HPIs) but then the re-re Frog got me started on re-releases...I still need a Hotshot, Blackfoot/Monster Beetle, & Wild One/FAV before they are gone too 😳
  2. After ordering a 40th Anniversary Porsche 934 & pre-ordering a BigWig, my last re-release request is for a Porsche 959. For me the mid '80s-mid '90s was the golden age of Tamiay RC, and through their recent re-res I'm able to go back in time, so to speak, and pick up some kits that I could only drool over in their catalogs. Please keep it up Mr. Tamiya!
  3. How is the Krylon paint holding up? I use Testors' Model Masters Lacquer rattle can (Flat Black) on my vintage HPI bodies (on the outside). It adheres well and they also produce manufacturer authentic colors such as Dodge Panther Pink, Chevrolet Hugger Orange, & Ford Grabber Green just to name a few. Just make sure you get the Lacquer, not Enamel. It's all I use on my HPI vintage bodies.
  4. Nevermind, I saw your earlier post with color info. I've always been a fan of the late '60s-eary '70s muscle cars, and HPI has done a great job with their recent vintage releases. Once again, your Challenger looks great!!!
  5. Love the Challenger!!! What color/brand of blue is that?
  6. Thanks Shodog! I'll give it a try and post my results []
  7. Finally got around to putting together a re-re of my childhood dream car, the Frog. In my haste I inadvertantly painted the front windshield the same color as the body (white). I masked off the side & rear windows, but somehow overlooked the front 1/2 windshield. Do any of you have any recomendations for removing the paint? I know it may never look crystal clear, but if I can remove the paint and give it a 'dusty' look I will be satisfied. Also, the car itself doesn't look bad now just the front windshield looks more like something you'd see on a military vehicle. If the paint removal is too involved, I'll just get a new shell & use it for display purposes only. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the advice WillyChang. I will give the car a thorough cleaning & check the bearings this weekend. Who (manufacturers) other than Tamiya would you recommend for the METRIC 0.6m pinions?
  9. I was lucky enough to find a pinion gear set @ the LHS. They only had a 18 & 19 set in stock. It still doesn't appear to mesh perfectly, however the clerk did suggest that I also try a 14/15 set. He also suggested I stick with Tamiya as they use metric pinions. Also, I'm going to tear down both differentials/gearboxes as there is too much resistance when spinning the wheels manually. Its nowhere near as smooth as my newly built TL-01. The car was set up for rally duty, and was plenty dirty when I received it. I cleaned it externally as best I could without dissassembling everything (no manual). A thorough cleaning will do it some good. When its all said & done, this may very well be my last belt-driven car [:|]
  10. Just a mildly modified TL-01 (oil shocks, tuned springs, ball-bearings, adjustable turnbuckles, & stabilizer set) & a NIB re-re Frog that I have yet to start on (was planning on using the radio gear from the TA-03R). BTW, I tried loosening the mesh-point(?) of the pinion last night, but I think therein lies the problem. It didn't seem to mesh properly. I tried the car in hand (it was raining outside) & it didn't seem quite as noisy...who knows how it would've sounded on the pavement. If I need a new pinion, will any brand work? Genuine Tamiya parts are hard to come by around here w/o having to order them online or from the LHS.
  11. Thanks Mr. Pushrod. I'll check when I get home. Not having the car in front of me currently, how will I know if the pinion pitch is correct/incorrect (worn teeth, is it numbered,..etc.)? Needless to say, the car came with a HPI Subaru shell, HPI wheels, and HPI rally-type tires [:@] I swapped those out for a newly painted Calsonic Skyline GT-R 2001 (metallic green instead of blue), set of 58304 wheels (painted silver), and a set of racing radial tires (62). Can't wait to get it running properly []
  12. I bought a used TA-03R last year online complete with all associated radio gear & 17t modified motor. I bought it mainly for the radio gear, but decided to give it a go last night. The car appeared to run fine, but the noise it made was enough to wake the neighbors. BTW, this is my 1st belt-driven car. Is this normal for belt-drive cars? [8-)] If not, where/what do I need to look/replace? Thanks!
  13. I know where you're coming from...I left the hobby in 2000 when I sold my 1st two Tamiyas (TA-02 Mustang Cobra & Blitz Supra, both moderatley modified) and all associated hardware (including an extra BMW 318i shell) to use the cash to help upgrade the wheels/tires on my full-size 5.0 Mustang. Needless to say, I sold the car (including the 'extra' wheels/tires) for next to nothing a couple of years later. What I would give to have the box-art Mustang Cobra (stars & stripes), Blitz Supra, and 'street' painted BMW 318i shells I had then to use on my current TA-03R & TL-01 chassis, not too mention the TA-02 chassis themselves... [:'(]
  14. My top 5, in no particular order... Frog (IMO, the coolest looking buggy of all time) Porsche 959 4WD (Porsche, 4WD, rally...what more could you ask for?) Blackfoot (my favorite R/C montser truck) Castrol Celica 93' Monte-Carlo (TAO2 chassis was my 1st tamiya kit purchase. I love the Castrol shell & cockpit) Wild One (perfect balance between realism & cool) Another car is the Hornet, but I'll have one of those as soon as Tower Hobbies re-stocks []
  15. Thanks for the suggestions!!! I may have to make due with the stock front suspension for now, and concentrate on picking up a pair of more pavement friendly rear tires.
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