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  1. i may have one i'll take a look tomm as my spare box is in the loft
  2. i do love the tamiya box art blue and when that happened i just had to put the truck to one side for a good year and just forget about it esp seeing on what it cost me for the paint i would say to get it how it looks know it has cost me more than a new kit but i have learned never to use tamiya ts paint again esp when it is compared to the cost of a 400ml made up can witch cost me £13 per can and the tamiya was £10 per can( and i used more than a case for the first shell)) and i am more than happy with how it has turned out.
  3. i had the same sort of problem with rc mart when i ordered a full set of alloys for my 1/14 truck and one of the centre nuts was missing so i contacted them and they asked for photo's so i sent them and they got back to me saying they will contact manufacture then a week later they emailed me back saying they would send a replacement then when they arrived they sent 2 caps so i think you will get a replacement from them
  4. i was the same i think i used nearly 2 cases for the truck and trailer only for the shell and fenders to crack and that was the last time i used tamiya paint that pic i put up is of said tamiya paint and has since been replaced with a new shell and fenders and paint'd with house of colour paintand finished with 2k clear the 2 pics show the house of colour paint on new shell and fenders but the trailer is still in tamiya paint
  5. i painted the the sides and chassis on my flat bed useing tamiya paint back when i was still useing the dahm stuff and even with the fine surface primer it does chip easy. i choose not to paint the chassis rails on the reefer trailer as most of it is covered.
  6. all the leads show have a label on them what i would do is look at the instructions for the mfu and check to see if they are all in the correct slots and the receiver and make sure the battery is fully charged trace the wires from all the leds to see if they are in the right places and also see if any of the reverse/trim switch's are in the correct position on the transmitter plus sometimes if the ajustment is not correct on the gear change servo that can throw of the gear changes
  7. if you take them on your phone you will see a arrow at the top of the screen and when you move direction the arrow should move to point in the same direction (its like that on my phone anyway and i dont know if it the same on others
  8. the colour looks fantastic and suit the truck really well i recently painted a shell in a similar blue but its a ford colour called "deep impact blue"
  9. i did the same thing on my revo a couple of months back lucky the rebuik for the shocks come as a complete kit for the revo. just gottachange the oil know in them i also had to replace the driveshaft boots aswell as the original ones had cracked plus the hub boots aswell as they crack in no time at all
  10. yeah i didn't until i was browesing tony's ebay ebay page and saw them so i brought them and they do come in pairs. i was gonna get another pair for the merc truck but to fit them i have to strip the cab of the chassis then take the roof pod off and i already did that for the metal air horns and its a bit of a ball ache tbh. i did get the both sets of air horns from tony the last time i went to his place and they look the part also as you can see on the grand hauler as every time i cleaned the roof the dahm things fall apart... i get the same with the roof lights and as soon as i see a set i like they will go aswell
  11. tbh i said the same thing about never buying a 1/14 truck but when that little beaut called the grand hauler was released i was sold. then when the merc actros 3363 was released i was again smitten and tbh i really want the globeliner aswell but as yet have not committed to one i see you got a couple of cb aerials .....did you not know tamiya do these now i put a set on my grand hauler a few weeks back and the look to scale as you would expect from tamiya
  12. thanks i love american muscle cars and i painted a camero z28 shell last week but i have to take a pic of it but i am putting it off yet as i dont have a set of wheel for it yet
  13. well for me what's not to like i like purple(as you can tell)and i like mustang's so it a winner for me
  14. thats a absolute beaut of a colour
  15. that looks beautiful i love the wheels where you get them from plus the stickers I have had this one on the back burner for a few years as the spoiler is missing What would you surest fir a replacement
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