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  1. i got talk'd into one of these at my lhs around 5 year back and tbh i thought its to technical for me as i have a prob remembering stuff but i have not gone wrong with it yet
  2. looking great it did the same with all the alloy on mine plus the brass also but i used autosol luckly the part are plenty full of evo kits being broken and sold in bits have you came across any cracks in the plastics yet as i had to change a lot on my top force recently when i restored it. you gonna change the screws also i am currently restoring my original manta ray also and am just waiting on e parts tree to finish
  3. The postie bought yesterday some fantastic stickers i have been trying to get for a long time and johann (yogi-bear) kindly made for me i want to put this on the side of my reffa trailer but its to big to make without it getting blurry so i compromised and had them for another rc instead
  4. wilst cleaning my lunchbox shelfa i noticed the wheelie bar mount was cracked/split on the gearbox,, so order'd a new one the the other day and turned up yesterday so swoped it over today and back on the shelf
  5. nice ...that j12 part looks like it seen better days def need change'in
  6. where about in the uk are you as i am interested but i dont have paypall
  7. A trip to the lhs to collect opel calibra v6 Plus manta ray d parts and heat shrink a spool of wire and clips
  8. i pre-ordered mine with tony but got no conformation or any other message of him even after a couple of months so gave my lhs the order and i was the first to get one from them. i think there are some on e-bay at around the rrp price so go and have a look and at the same time have a look at the price's the 2017 top-force's plus the mant=rays are going for
  9. if thats the eddie stobart livery i looked at that last week on e-bay and it was cheap at the time i hope you got it for a good deal in the end plus did you get the trailer to suit that was for sale also
  10. it's your orientation on the camera if you look to the side you will see a little icon rotate when you rotate the phone just make sure its facing the direction you have the camera
  11. nice. i had a thing for hotwheels until last year when the 2 place by me stopped stocking them for some reason so i got out of buying them and they have started stocking them again but i have missed that many so i don't go anywhere near them any more plus i have ran out of room to keep them as i they are in 3 huge storage box's but i did manage to get some real nice 50th anniversary ones. i even watched the unboxing and hunting videos on u-tube(yes i know sad) lamley group was the main one i watched i will be putting them up for sale as soon as i get chance
  12. if you chuckled over that imagine what i did over this one and the best thing is the seller wants £8.99 p&p https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384185510596?hash=item59733daac4:g:~fwAAOSwM6VfRBkC
  13. for me they are to much money the plastics only really need changing when they crack/split i recently replaced all the plastic on my top-force with plastic parts apart from j12 witch i have brought 3 of this chap one for my original and the others for the re-re and the evo. if it is for a shelfa then ok use them but if for track/bashing then i wouldn't tbh as alloy dont brake but it does transfer damage to other items it attached to https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353373674260
  14. you can download it and print it
  15. the manual is here https://www.tamiyaclub.com/manuals.asp?cm=421 but i don't think you will get a box and if you do it won't be cheap
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