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  1. topforcein

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    a great display unit with a great collection in their. as for another case just take the mrs out for a new pair of shoes and i recon you will get your new case after that
  2. dont worrie i have 2 trucks and i have only scratched the surface so far their is so much to learn and then the worst part is trying to remember it after . i have had my grand hauler built since it was first released and the same with the merc and they have both just sat on the shelf looking good as their is no where to use them by me
  3. topforcein

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    i think i have one of them in my loft somewhere that i brought for my son
  4. well its glue for sticking the tyres to the wheels you will come across it when you come to that part in your instructions as it tells you to stick the tyres on the wheels
  5. topforcein

    Where are all the Tamiya parts?

    when my car was on the road it was always my lhs but now it aint i tend t use tonys tamiya parts also but then get my son to take me to collect of him
  6. cant say on the scania as i dont have one but follow both the mfu and the kit instructions and use the tamiya red and orange for the lens it will take around 2 to 3 coats its really your call try what i said but if you aint happy then do it untill you cant see the bulb untill it is lit up as the leds are bright anyway. and if i remember i used tyre glue as that was what i had to hand
  7. topforcein

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    try this guy he uses spektrum on his mfu's his vid's are really helpfull i have used his dx6 vids and they work perfect
  8. i use the same 4ywd for my grand hauler but i will be swopping it for my spectrum dx6 when i get around to getting a receiver as i already run my bruiser and merc truck on that so it makes sence to swop over to that as well once set up the dx6 is easyer to use
  9. topforcein

    WTB Acoms MK2 Battery Holder & Switch

    Right oh here you go is that what your after its from a acoms ap-202 both are new and unused
  10. topforcein

    WTB Acoms MK2 Battery Holder & Switch

    ill dig it out later and post a pic for you so you can see if its the one you need
  11. topforcein

    WTB Acoms MK2 Battery Holder & Switch

    that is an original acoms battery holder i think i have the switch also as i got it out of the box this morning both will be unused
  12. topforcein

    WTB Acoms MK2 Battery Holder & Switch

    Would this be what your after
  13. topforcein

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    the wheels look great with the shell and will look great with the spokes painted white
  14. have you thought about a steering servo converstion to up front instead of the mec box
  15. yeah i agree with you matteo does make a video. and tbh he is to blame for my buying my bruiser after i saw hi bruiser in the mountins video. i use a bbq wooden skewer for the threadlock as you can get it into the holes/nut threads easy if not that then try a tooth pick. and when you come to paint the shell fix it together first that way you get the colour match perfect this is my gearbox with the slipper clutch and it is a work of art. i remember with my gearbox would not marry together when i put the gears in as the inside of the gearbox needed ajustment from the casting process