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  1. if you can't find any why not try 3d printed this guy will make what you want https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3D-Printed-RC-Wheels-and-Other-Parts-Any-Style-Any-Design-Send-Me-Your-Sketch/182976912300?hash=item2a9a461bac:g:-VIAAOSwf~Jakgmj
  2. i have disconected the the vibration unit in both of my trucks and removed them completly as i am not a fan tbh it sounds pretty much the same as the mfu but that is one of the good points of these yank trucks as thier is plenty of room to hide stuff. my merc 3363 was and still is a nightmare as i still have to propperly clean the wires up in that but the cab only tilts and dont give any room to get your hands in there so it is easyer to remove the cab completly but i cor be bothered atm i really have to bee in the mood to do it i spose that day will come eventually. but yours seems to be working ok and seeing as it as the dogs approval you can carry on with the build
  3. you could always put a bit of black material behind the seat to hide everything from the cab view i used some thin metal sheet i brought from my lhs on my grand hauler
  4. ha ha i know how you feel i used to be able to get down hot stuff but like you my middle aged interior aint what it used to be pus with "IBS" it not a good idea to go down that root any more a simple bombay bad boy pot noodle kills me know a days i though the ghost chilly was suposed to be the baddest boy on the block what i would say is watch the original series of man vrs food with adam rickman as he did a fair amount of challenges with bad *** chillies and he explaines about them also normally the extract is more dangerous than the chilly itself
  5. well i did the best of both world on my gh the extra ones i added i colour coded as i had to modify them to fit and the kit ones left chrome
  6. finally found a set of wheels i like orderd 24th dec arrived yesterday not bad from china can't deceide weather to keep them black or paint the centre's gold order'd these for the camero shell i painted a couple of months back witch is done in ford impact blue
  7. tbh i would never use that dreaded smoke spray it just the worst i used 1.1 tint on my truck
  8. while up in my loft looking for something i came across my 20 year old mini hi-fi i put up there about 10 years back so i thought i would take it out and try to see if it would work as i could not remember why i put it up there in the first place. the first thing i did was take the case of to check the belts on the cd mech and the cassette decks and to my surprise every one had done so at that point i just plugged it in and turned it on and it lit up like a christmas tree except for the display nothing so all i managed to get working was the radio by pure luck and while cleaning the dust from inside it i managed to open up my finger a good un (i think it may be pay back for being put up in the loft ) with claret leaking all over the show surprisingly i managed to find the belts req and a display board but at the cost of £50 for the board alone it got put back where it came from i think what i have learned here is let sleeping dogs lie when you are bored and looking for something to do
  9. for me it was my aquarium until my daughter moved into her house and robbed it of me so since then i have been buying hi-fi and speakers much to the wife's dismay and also i got into buying sealed cassette tapes and that collection is rapidly growing i did collect hotwheels but since last year i have not brought any due to the shops by me stopped getting them in stock for a good 6 months so i gave up on buying them as i have missed so much so i will be putting them up for sale in the new year (all 3 massive storage box's) tbh i dont think i have brought a new tamiya kit in over a year
  10. this shop on e-bay does a fare amount of alloy parts for the yank rigs you may find what your looking for there https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/logisticsshop/m.html?item=322891078337&hash=item4b2dcedac1%3Ag%3AYiwAAOSwEetWBIsI&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  11. thats great glad you got sorted
  12. i think that would be rcsparks channel not a real fan of him tbh and you aint lived until you build a 1/14 truck or a bruiser/pickup truck
  13. yep it looks that way but white is not my fav colour that would only be good for a jam sandwich car to me the only shell i have in white is my honda turbo
  14. for me it would be the trailer that was my last build the cab came a while before and that has been a couple of years back and i have not brought another kit since hopefully that will change next year i have sprayed a new shell a month back but am waiting on wheels before i show pics
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