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  1. topforcein

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Got the wire loom for the trailer lights installed in the truck on the mfu. Also got thr trailer to a roller stage no sides yet as i am trying to get nath at mci racing to make me a couple of decals for the side panels. All the paint is complete and the match between the truck n trailer is not that bad esp seing the truck was painted a couple of years back.
  2. topforcein

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    i think you'll end up like father jack and will have to be sent to saint clabbert's to converless on you actions
  3. topforcein

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Since the weather has took a turn for the better i managed to get the primer and base coat on some of the reefer trailer parts. I had to order a replacement wheel fender section after thread lock destroyed it hopefully that will be here tommorow.
  4. i think the big problem is with us is when we take our rc's out on our own we dont have much confidence seeing kids think they are kids toys and tbh they are but so what i did not get into rc's until i brought my first one at the tender age of 18 and when i took it out in the street then i would wait till it was empty. know at the age of 48 i still think of my self as that same age of 18 and tbh i really dont care what anyone thinks about what i enjoy doing every one has a hobbie and not every one like others hobbies like me i hate football and motorbike BUT i dont go on about it to people that like them i even used to machanic for my brother that does motorcross. for me this hobbie has to be the best think ever even though i dont get to use my rc's these days i have got a fair few into this hobbie over the years and always love a good natter face to face over rc's i didn't mind someone stopping me when i was out but like you guys i can tell if someone is interested or may be tryng to chat bubbles to ya self of worse trying to distract you while they try to rob your rc. i really enjoyed taking the our drifting rc's out with my 2 sons a couple of years back and they did also we would go every sunday and they still ask me still but their aint no where we can use drifting car by me even though my youngest is ready for leaving school and my other is in his early 20's we used to use either the local flicks carpark or a empty car park that is a 15 min drive for my house i will always try to find a secluded spot to use. the best thing is i do have a local club that runs every friday night in a school hall not far from me that i could join but i always think i aint good enough of i dont have good enough stuff so i dont bother to join but i have spectated at the club since the early 90's but i aint been in a couple of years and miss it tbh. its not good loving this hobbie and not have transport even more know since i got my trucks and i really want to visit the layland club
  5. i can't say i have ever had abuse throwed at me when using my rc's but tbh i am the kind of bloke that treats how he is treated so if i get respect i give it 2 fold but on the other hand i will give as good as i get. when you get these pikeys in a group that think they are i'm hard bruce lee i will just say to them their will be a time when they are on their own. know i'm comming up to my 50th and i have a a heart problem and have problems breathing so i can ill afford to get a little excited/upset so most of the time i will just ignore it and carry on but as with all if a person gets pushed to far its "open season" i spose being over 6ft tall helps a bit. i don't get the chance to take my rcs out know a days since my 1.1 car is off the road but wher i live i walk and collect my wife from work as we have to walk on a disused railway to get to my wife's work and the section is used by the local bike/pikey/scum bag theif's and its like a motocross track their most days and me and my wife have many a time had to jump for our life when they come blazing past us. know this railway would be the best place to take rc's but it just is never quiet long enough witch is a shame. i do a a local huge park about 5 mins walk from me but the grass don't get cut that often plus you get a load of dog walkers over their also so i dont fancy blazing throw dog cronk with my rc so i don't use that. but ultimately the parents are to blame for these mouthy kids weather they are drug users dole dosers what ever that in my eyes dont come into it. you would be surprised on how many kids not far from me do and sell drugs esp them bike thei'fs it just come down to the parents just wanting them out of their hair and never bother to bring them up in a respectfull way. i have 3 kids with my oldest being 28 and they wont treat any one with disrespect and if they do then i will have them over it unless the disrepect is warrented as i have said i a frim beleiver in treaded the same how i am treaded
  6. topforcein

    King Hauler Drag Truck

    i dont surpose you have a couple of trailer wheels and tyres lying around you aint gonna use do you
  7. topforcein

    Matchbox cars

    yeah i agree that does look real mint to say it aint got the box. is the rivit the original one under neath.
  8. topforcein

    Matchbox cars

    my hotwheels collection that i started about 15 years back is getting out of hand know tbh
  9. topforcein

    Matchbox cars

    the first 3 i remember buying from a independant diy shop back in the early 80's with my pocket money i did use them but not that much as you can see from the condition. the tesco set i had brought me around the same time time. it does convert to a service station and this set was used a lot as you can see but was never abused the plastic car inlay doulbles up as the roof
  10. topforcein

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Made a start on the reefer trailer. I cant beleive how many hardware bags their are plus they are all mixed up so you have have to open all the bags to build it even though they are still lettered like the car kits. Plus this thing is huge.
  11. topforcein

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    its a tt-01 chassis. i think the rear wheels are 9mm offset and the front are 6mm i would have to check to be sure
  12. topforcein

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    now thats just wheel porn right there
  13. topforcein

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    my first set are mst ajustable rims i do like deep dish wheels my second set are on the purple manta ray 5 spoke running foams i still have them and 3rd mini lites i think they are hpi wheels paired with hpi slicks again deep dish jobies
  14. topforcein

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread click on where it says more info and the colours are on the right hand side you can click on them and they will apear or click where it say colour with the little pionty black arrow next to it and a list will drop down then click the desired colour and it will show up to the right and then you can click the picture to enlarge it tot see it better
  15. topforcein

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    candy /pearl or base colour