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  1. both shells are painted using automotive paint the first is deep impact ford blue that i got mixed by a supplyers and the second was mixed by specialist paint the same that edd from wheeler dealers used on the ford pop they did and they have not chip'ed or cracked if you think that then try what you have on a scrap piece
  2. You will be able to get that custom mixed if you go to a automotive paint supplier or if you live in the UK try halfords
  3. i feel sorry for you haveing to go to londump i could think of worse place's but none come to mind atm
  4. i have used the plastic bearings that come in the kits to pack out the back of a couple of plug sockets to make them flush with the others in the same line and i do tend to use the tamiya num 1 and 2 screwdrivers when i take any hi-fi stuff apart esp vintage as they do fit the screws perfectly
  5. yeah also tryed them plus all the other ones on ebay also
  6. you could see that with edd before they even went to the states but you can't blame him tbh as he did all the work while brewer just showed up every know and then. in theory they never really made money on the car they did/do cause if you factor in the labour cost and how long it takes to do a car they buy their is no way they make money i would say they make a huge loss tbh but hey tv company's don't car about that cause if they did it would have been canned a long time ago i was watching one the other day where brewer went to con a car from some one and as soon as he got their he was picking faults on it to the owner (baring in mind the car was from the 80's) and one was the wheels will need refurbing the engine bay looked a little ruff ...know when he got back to the garage edd came out and as he did started pointing out the obvious to mike and one was the wheels and brewer just shut edd down for the exact same thing he done when pointing out stuff to the seller i mean come on brewer off all people know a car esp from the 80's will need attention seeing he has'had a car dealership when i worked a a valeter/detailer we had cars come in less than a year old that looked 30 years old. when he buys a car and moans about this needs doing that needs doing to the seller they should say well thats why your here to buy ......to fix the problems with it and sell it on i wished he would know on my door to buy a car and then precede to knock it he would not last 10 seconds before he would be booted of and told where to go
  7. yeah that's a great question as i have asked a fare few rc decal/stickers company's in the uk for bespoke one offs and every one don't want to know i even asked mci and got the same reply
  8. i cant understand why they called it a vectra esp as it was a btcc car and it was actually called a cavalier in the uk the vectra was what replaced the cavalier
  9. not being funny here but if he was that good then why isn't he still in the f1 we all now if you dont cut it then your out of f1 from what ive seen of him on that series iv'e already mention'd he looks the same as mike and i can't think whats going throught his head when he deceided to make a mogy travelier his daily i remember seeing a video on u-tube a few months back with the title wheller dealers end'd because of this then a sort series came on quest with ant making his own first f1 car while they was supposably taking a holiday and i saw him advertised in a new series the other day on discovery ch i think called "Celebrity IOU: Joy Ride" as i have not watched any of the new series of wd yet i dont know if motor trend still own the rights to it either i am surprised they hav'nt tryed going into europe or aus instead of comming back to the uk
  10. he's already done a series with him where they get a viewer their dream car through trading up from what they give them
  11. yeah the same i drove past 2 stations when takeing the wife to work and both were queueing onto the road and the best was the supermarket that was around a 1/4 mile long someone working for the petrol stations should walk past the cars and check gauge's if they have more than a 1/4 tank of fuel then send them on there way these idiots are just dahm well idiots and you can blame the stupid press for putting it out there to start with and then say not to panic buy ....... i mean its like sitting down to a big red button and being told DONT press it its this supidity that sends the country into caos as it has the knock on effect
  12. same here mine was the zx 48+ that my parents brought me for a christmas present but luckly they had offers on at the time so mine came complete with tape for loading games and a games package plus for me the best part was the flat screen tv oh and a joystick plus interface and i still have it all to this day i did have to replace the keyboard membrain a couple of years back plus the foot springs all due to age related i was thinking of doing a rf conversion but it will work on a led/lcd tv all you have to do is select anologue tv instead if digital tv. when they come up for sale the zx81 and the zx80 fetch silly money mind saying that if they come complete with original packagein any specky will comand good money
  13. yeah boyce has gone r.i.p i am dreeding the day i hear that we loose david white
  14. around the schools is worse parents are just plain idol they live 2 mins away and drive their kids to school block everywhere up park on the pavement park on junctions on bends and quite often nearly hits kids and parents that do walk there kids whilst trying to squeeze into a spot a micro car would have trouble parking plus in the road i live in their is a school plus also to add a twist to the plot it has a bus route also now the road is only wide enough for 2 cars to drive so when they get going its decends into chaos. i am glad i dont have to do the school run anymore. everyone used to say the "white"van/truck driver was the worst on the road but from what i have seen in the past few weeks that def is not the case to me it just simply biols down to the incompetent driving instructors/examiners that are to blame as they are far worse to start and have no idea on how to learn/train a new driver. for me women make the best driving instructor's as my wife and me and also my sun have learned with them and i will find another for my other sun when his licence finally turn's up
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