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  1. am the same if i see it i believe it if the base of the bottle was out of shape then perhapes it could fall off but you can see the bottle move as if it is being shoved and they do say that the camera pics up the light in night mode
  2. the flahlight at the end is in the entrance to the room and it is most likely other stalkers that may have trashed the flat we will see in the next video
  3. ok so i have been watching u-tube videos from these guys for a while know as they do a lot from pripyat/chernobyl "they are called stalkers" they have done a flat up and even got the lights to work as well as they stay there for what we would call a long time the latest one was they went back to pripyat to see if the flat had been vandelalised by other stalkers it had in a way as they stole all the stuff they left from their last visit so any way they settled down for the night and at around 13.58 into the video see what happens with a bottle of pop that sits on the table.
  4. yes the cans will work fine as you can see from the 2 shells i have painted. their site can be a bit hard to navigate but if it is that oem ford colour you want find the paint code plus the name of the paint and give it to them and they will sort it out for you when i asked them for the mallard green they told me their was a fair few variants of it so i just choose one they are very helpful (they have supplied paint to wheeler dealers for the ford pop they did) the colour on the truck is this https://www.specialistpaints.com/collections/kustom-canz-custom-aerosol-cans/products/sparkle-pearl-canz?variant=14244996231. but is is not a racing truck it is a 1/14 truck where you paint the outside of the shell this is the page for the canz https://www.specialistpaints.com/collections/kustom-canz-custom-aerosol-cans if you click on a pic then the page will com up and you can choose you colour from the drop down part on the right hand side dont click on the quick view bit. the best thing to do is phone them and tell them what you want it for "ie" rc poly shell as i have said they are very helpful plus they deliver via courier as royal mail wont accept aerosols but if you have a automotive paint suppliers near you then go visit them and ask them if they can do that colour in a can for you.as long as it is acrylic the same as tamiya paint. and i think you will need to back that kind of colour with black but ask them when you ring them.
  5. you will get that colour mixed easy i had mallard green made up for me from these guys https://www.specialistpaints.com/ you will either get it for air brush or in a rattle can and it will be fine for rc shells as i have know painted many useing their paint the escort rs cossy model is a burago 1/43 scale one i can't get a good enought pic to show the paint propperly and that was airbrushed on and tbh if i had of seen that colour i would have gone for that aswell its fantastic both the shells below are painted useing paint from them and in rattle can
  6. managed to find the pioneer subs i got brought new back around 1991/2 they have been in every car i have had except for my current one the box they are in is a sealled one as i managed to get the specs from pioneer as of yet i don't remember where the amp is that i got at the same time for them they are ts-w251 10"
  7. ive been there and done that and got a def left ear to prove it aswell thank to my bros chevy astro van installe of 4 "DD" 18's back around 15 years back. funally enough my wife has just aquired my alpine head unit for her car today witch i brought back in 2003 i dont bother with installes these days but i do still have my first amp and pioneer 10" subs i brought back in 1992. i will have to dig them out the cupboard and get a pic of them i am more into my home hi-fi these days tbh
  8. you will need to delete old pics from the my attachments and free up space click on your forum name and you will see a drop down and its in there i don't have or can be bothered for a external photo host so i just delete old photos
  9. for what it represented jps has to be the best livery ever and it looks fantastic on that well done
  10. i have used the hair dryer on ps paint(i nearly always tend to use the hairdryer when painting lexan shells as i have no patience for the end result) and auto motive paint also but only on a roof spoiler for my grand hauler but thats about it and dont bother to rush the drying on automotive paint as sometimes it will dry fast and then it will take longer it depends on the weather when you paint you wont need to bother with the lamp or the bakeoven idea as the paint will dry fast enough with out help you will see infrared lamp to dry automotive paint these days when doing a small repair. the key with paint is clean/wipe in between coats you should only need a both if you intend to spray indoors to keep the wife/girlfriend happy i always tend to spray in my back garden when the weather permits but on the other hand if you mean to use a hair dryer to warm a can up before just put it in a sink of warm to hot water for a couple of mins
  11. well for me its just pure and simple i buy what i like i know i will never get from num 1 onwards as funds/space/storage will never allow
  12. i still have the same set-up i brought when i was 17 (49 know) and i made my first brew to be ready for my 18th i remember putting in twice the amount of sugar to make it strung and i managed to get it ready for my 18th .....but stupid me and my mate decided to lace it with blow you head of cider(as you do ) and we got good and drunk the next thing i remember is being in the toilet of my brother and sister in laws house and up came the deadly concoction all over the walls the bath mainly every where tbh and left with out knowing what i had done until the next day i did apologise for a few days after mind i did have a hang over for about 2 days after. i have made many brews over the years mainly larger but the last few i have tryed ipa and bitter as well. i dont make many these days as i cant really drink due to health probs i do have a home brew shop about 20 mins drive fro me witch is really the only place to get home brew supplys
  13. never used rc-core paint and wont as its cheap but on the other hand i have had plenty of problems with tamiya paint and had a few shells ruined with the dearest one being a grand hauler shell and fenders so i wont use tamiya ever again
  14. sorry but for me the decal dont suit the shell colour so no or minimal stickers its what i did to mine
  15. it looks to me like the plating as got pitted and has gone so you prob wont get them any batter apart from prep them and paint them autosol or any other kind of chroem cleaner wont remove rust you could try wire wool but again it wont return them to looking new replace them with new this is what i had to do on my revo
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