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  1. its electric but your in the usa so the postage will be a joke from the uk
  2. i have a hpi rs4 mt for sale only used once with a few very light marks to the chassis complete with box and spare shell if thats any good to you. where about are you
  3. i came home last friday to my letter box on the floor thanks to yodel delivery smeggers waiting for reply from littlewoods to see whats happening. then 2 days later my wife sees the same 2 smeggers not far me my house at it again she could hear them going at it with the letter box of a house and she was at least 400 yards away and then later saw them again at another house going at the letter box again then the driver shouted at the other one just leave it on the floor so he did. i tell ya these smeggers dont deserve work treating peoples post like that.
  4. i dont have to talk you into it but let this video do the job
  5. i have managed to find the grand hauler mug i had him make for me at the same time i had the bruiser on made so i am using that one at the mo but i have sent him a couple of pics and he is gonna do me a special order. plus i ahve just saw he is doing the 5 set of escorts witch i think i will order them as well
  6. i like the 5 turbo but i don't like the m chassis
  7. i have the same dilema with my gold lunchbox and metalic pumkin i brought them both from my lhs when they was first released. i remember with the lunchbox i first brought 2 kits when they was first re/re and built one and then put one away but when the gold version came out i asked my lhs if they would order the gold and swop it for the other lunchbox i had and he said not probs. at the time i got it i did not know if i was gonna build it so i put it away to decide and still to this day i get it out every couple of months and slobber over it for a while then put it away again i think the only metalic on i would build if i could get my hands on one would be the king hauler chrome edition
  8. Well today is a sad day as i lost on of my most used tamiya items. Totally and utterly gutted guys. My morning coffee won't be the same......
  9. yeah on it side in a ditch with him trying to dig it out
  10. i am surprised you did not go for this instead. www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-hard-prop-shaft-and-aluminium-motor-mount-manta-ray-2018/rc-car-products/427769
  11. i hate to paint the 1/14 truck and trailer even in my case it is just one colour but it their is a lot to do when useing rattle cans and the pearls i use and concidering on how many pieces need to be done and trying to get the match also. my grand hauler came a cropper when the paint on the shell and wheel fenders cracked and i ended up buying all new witch cost me nearly £90. as for the poly shells i dont really enjoy the masking when i make a intricate design my worst for decals was my yokomo drift shell it took me 3 hours to cut the decals out and they was layered on top of each other that was my nightmare one for me
  12. iv'e just had a idea that might work on your scale idea. you could use them white thingies that are used for when you have a bath what you would use instead of a sponge. take it apart and use as a template
  13. Here are s couple of pics unfortunately it has the factory holes in it. It has the unopened sticker sheets snd the instruction book for the shell.
  14. right oh i'll dig it out and have a look for you
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