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  1. i just filled the indent holes on the back of my grand hauler except for the trailer plug one using this stuff https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=delux+perfect+plastic+putty&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=rc+hard+shell+filler if you have made the holes already then just stick a piece of hard plastic to the inside of the shell where you have made the holes and just fill away
  2. made a start on the original manta ray resto today got the front and rear gearbox's ... a and b parts tree deliverd this week ordered a tun of screws will need to order more ordered ball race set for it ordered tamiya hop-up hex's ordered 3mm o rings need to order uprights d parts and e parts when they come available gonna keep the bath tub chassis made a start on the metal parts with the autosol cleaned and re greased the front gear diff
  3. yep and what looks like a spoiler instead a diff rear wing aswell as soon as these come up for sale they sell out
  4. got this beaut of a shell today a diff kind of top-force shell can any one tell the diff
  5. yeah i agree atm we are down to ever 2nd or 3rd day for royal mail
  6. i just swop'd over the stock rear hubs for alloy ones of the same design as i was sick of them cracking the fronts are just ball race fitted
  7. i put a set on my lunch box a fair few years back they go straight on even with the alloy wheel hubs that i have on mine
  8. don't know if they are home made but i think he does comment on them in another if his videos why not message him and ask
  9. watch this at 6.30 and you will see how he displays his motors
  10. well today i finally finished the resto of my 58100 top-force that has been with me since new and used in anger many many times. as any one that own's one if these or a manta -ray the plastics are the first to go and that is what has been done here both gear box's changed new front bumper new all j parts fitted new threaded shafts swoped for same or used turnbuckle where cant get replacement shaft plus new ajusters all new screws fitted either stainless for metal and tamiya plastic screws swoped also all brass and metal either swoped or autosol'd ball diffs are original plus gears also drive shaft original and original hop-up wheel hex's plus ball race still same from 1992 original shocks still working perfectly original shell/wing/undercowl plus stickers original wheels and tyres original steering servo the original novac receiver and tekin 410 if about somewhere and i have to find them i do have a mri motor for it but i really dont want to put it in as it is nip
  11. the last 2 parts to finish the top-force rebuild arrived today can not get the 38mm threaded shaft anymore so took a punt on the 35mm and they seem to fit fine.
  12. iv'e never sold on ebay i only buy and i don't have a pay-pal account anyway so use card to pay straight away the way i see it if you cant pay starigt away then don't bid or buy . ebay will always stick for the buyer if their is problem with the item/listing so i am surprised they have not done this a long time ago and get rid of the pay-pal a long time ago.
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