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  1. i recon we should all go on our door steps and shout " i'm am the nighrider ....i'm a fuel injected suiside machine"
  2. same here since that first storm we had last month my aerial cable broke and i dont have the cash to replace it so i dont have the use of the tv witch is good in a way. and i wonder'd what the racket was out side while i was cooking the tea for my wife and the family as she was just finishing another 12 hour shift at her work. they should do the same for every one else working still.
  3. well i just herd on the news on the radio that the pm and the health minister has the virus know what does this tell you.... that either of them are following their own advice but they expect the rest of the country to follow rules. and i like that the test kits have been made available for these 2 man this gov is a joke could not organise a p-ss up in a brewery
  4. luckly my kids are grown up so i don't have to sit through recent(last 30 years of rubbish) and what they call cartoon know are cgi and i am sorry but they should never be allowed to be put in that catagory. i got all my kids and grandson onto propper cartoons the same as what i watched back in the 70's and 80's esp and they loved them perhapes the only one i would accept from the 90's would be beavis & butthead and ed edd and eddy but i will sit and watch a studio ghibli one as they are truely something else its a shame that this and any generation from the 90's on would not know propper cartoons as they don't get shown on tv anymore
  5. i painted my flat bed trailer with ts paint useing tamiya fine surface primer and it does chip of easy tbh
  6. well lets put it this way from how many people are still going out i would say in 3 weeks the country will be on complete lockdown as he said last night if people dont listen to what is being said to stay in and the news just said the the police have been inundated with calls from people grassing on them who are still out so i would say in 3 weeks we wont be allowed out for excerise walk the dog or anything he has allowed us to do atm. even some of the non essential shops are still staying open and not listerning and it is these idiots that are gonna smeg it up for everyone in 3 weeks time. until then i recon the police will get rich with all the £30 fines they will be handing out. i only have to go out to walk with the wife to work ( she works in asda) as i is not safe to walk alone where the route she has to go to get to her work other than that i wont go out esp as i fall in the health bracket and i do not want to get this virus but my wifes safety/security means more to me and to me she and all the other shop workrs are just as much of a key worker than the others as with out food and as we all know bog roll the world prob would come to a end. and we are in the same boat as the key workers with not geting anything as she is not allowed while at work and the staff dont get that privilege as the nhs and police. she even had a police woman come in last week and have a right moan at her for nothing being on the shelf and she said she was in the same boat as her was then she walked off moaning still but the shop staff dont get any praise for being in more of a front line any anyone else as they can deal with hundreds if not thousands of customers every day 7 day a week and for 12 hours a day as my wife is doing atm. i hope these company owners will not forget what the shop staff are doing for them and the public atm just so they can panic buy everything for no reason sorry for the rant guys .
  7. death penalty is to good for these scum douch's
  8. if pet food was good enough for mad max then its good for every one
  9. i think i have that same motor nocking about somewhere i brought for my sons hpi rs4 mt.
  10. if that is on e-bay you can report them esp as their is a task force been set up to tackle robbing gits like the "little shops" that are doing it i know that at least one has been reported near me for doing it and his shop was empty of customers "but full shelfs" the other day when i went in their to try and get a bag of potatoes
  11. ahhhhhhhhh panic buyer quick everyone get him
  12. well it may come to that i a few weeks here as there has been no "bog roll" on the shelf for nearly a week i may have to douse it in some kind of sauce first though
  13. it is what us brits call toilet roll or butt fodder is another word for it
  14. well it is getting worse every day my wife has know to be in work at the opening witch is 7am and until closeing and there are many many people waiting at that time to get what ever is on the shelf from the night delivery and i saw it for the for my self it was like a stamped when the door was open'd and i say it is gonna get worse with evrey new day. and all she and her collegues are getting is customers moaning at then i wish i could stand by her when they do this i really do as i would prob cause a riot with these idiots. i really cant thank all these people who are there in the front line at the moment they are really hero's and in my eyes deserve a bit thank you from the companys when this is over if that will happen. at least my mother who is 80 as had a few neighbours nock the door and ask her if she needs anything getting or doing but at the mo i have it covered it does show there is a few good folk left out their.
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