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  1. i think you have a potential little buisness there. it looks fantastic
  2. i know how you feel as my little bundle of fur deceided to upchuck all over the bed yesterday
  3. fantastic looking "mancave" your setting up there i my self prefere my shed but since some theiving pikie scum bags broke into it a few years back i dont keep anything rc related in their anymore.
  4. them are beaut's. they would look nice on my grand hauler
  5. yeah i love it also i wanted something to store my growing collection of nip cassettes as i can see them instead of them being in a draw plus the sun wont discolour them this way also.
  6. yeah it was a shame. it look's like the one in the pic but it looks a bit different know as i have managed to save it
  7. there was a beaut of a rs2oo at the ford fair at silverstone yesterday
  8. well today i got my first smashed up item thanks to hermes and vintage 70s/80s cassette storage box. real shame as it lasted all this time then they get their hands on it and destroy it. the case can be re-glued but the lid is not so simple i may just cover it in 1.1 window tint mind on the other hand the great seller refunded me straight away.
  9. that has to be the best looking hornet i seen
  10. thats a beaut i started doing the same with my original manta-ray back in 1992 then like a fool i sold it luckly i still know where it isand hopefully one day it will come home
  11. i have not seen these product tbh or would i look for them either. i have a plethora of 1.1 cleaning stuff to use and have great results with them so tend to stick with what i have
  12. it looks like the vibration unit from a mfu kit
  13. for this truck i used the mfc-03 but make sure if you buy more leds they are specially for the mfc-03 as others wont work with it. But as its been said their are other light and sound kits out their and tbh are a lot cheaper but then again i have never used other light sets so cant comment on them either.
  14. as you can see this is what i got to light up using the kit mfu leds their is one that doesn't work on the front and thats the high beam in the headlights as i used the leds for the roof lights by the roof bar the yellows ones are meant for the side of the truck but i wanted the roof spots to work instead but if you want the side one to work them i would say you will need more kit leds 1
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