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  1. i thought that that just happened to me when i try edit a post it must be a problem with the site
  2. for me i never changed anything in the gearbox from kit standard even when running stuff as hot as 11 turn brushed motors apart from bring the pinion down to as low as 16 and nothing ever broke and the original top-force is still running the kit gears
  3. tryed the 1/14 trucks on the stands i had delivered last week and tbh they are great i plan on getting a bruiser stand made from the same seller plus he is selling other stuff i am interested in.
  4. postman delivered these little beauts today a little something from IBIFTKH to go on the seat of my bruiser and a alloy air tank for one of my 1/14 trucks
  5. yeah you can go but as long as you arrange with him first as he does have heath issues you may remember from when he posted on here he was gonna finish due to health issues i think the few times i have been i go on a sunday morning but as i say i pre-arrange with him first its not a shop it is based in the rear of his premise like a extension but he has every thing set out and yes his name really is tony i always end up their for around a hour or so chatting to him. he did give me a card with his details on it the first time i went so i could bypass e-bay if req like i did for the top-force the manta-ray and the reefer trailer kits i brought of him plus a lot of other stuff also i think the only stuff i brought of his e-bay shop is a grand hauler window and a mfu unit he really is a great chap and always polite and really is knowledgeable and never cocky or arrogant for me it is just a 1/2 hour drive so no more far away from my lhs
  6. not today but yesterday orderd a little something from of ibiftkh from e-bay
  7. hey dont worrie about it run the car where ever you want and if you break it the the parts are readly available for it that is part and parcel of this hobby if you come back with out a breakage then your lucky but the main thing is have fun with it if you break it hey so what .... replace the broken parts i did the same thing with my revo years back i ran into a gutter at full chat but it just bounced of and carried on so it happend again but the second it ended up replacing the complete front end plus wheels at a cost of £160 the faster/heaver the car/truck/buggy the more damage comes from i. you can buy stronger parts but they tend to break what ever they attach to esp if it is plastic. if you are just going to bash it then leave it standard
  8. yeah it should be fine just think if you wanted it for the bumper for a smart repair. what i would say is it is best to ring and speak to them as they will put you in the right direction. you can order and pay over the phone also the first time i rang them they was really helpful and polite but looking at that link the size says 12oz so make sure you say you want it in a rattle can and just explain what you are gonna use it for i did the first time also ask them what kinda base colour you will req for the colour finish as i may be a black but they will tell what to use i think the can size is 400ml let me know how you get on with them
  9. i got mine from tony tamiya at the same time i brought top-force and manta-ray of him as he gave me a great deal i could not refuse tbh plus as i was at his place collecting i sorta went a bit mad buying stuff i hope to be going to him again in a month or so. i could not say how bad the re-re manta ray shaft is as i have not built it yet but my original manta ray did vibrate a bit esp when i was running 11 turn motors in it so my mates dad made a better on for me but that was back in the early 90's
  10. yep it seems to good to true tbh esp being tamiya hop-up
  11. they do their paint in rattle cans they are called kustom canz they come as a single can or you can buy as "what they call a kit" base coat colour coat and clear coat " i brought the kits from them with the paint i used on my truck they are pearls so a black base is req "witch come in the kit" for pearl finish i used tamiya fine surface primer on my first shell witch ended up cracking so on the merc shel i think i would have used wilco,s white primer. https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-white-primer-spray-paint-400ml/p/0413848. as i have used a few times and found to have no problems. and the colour was the sparkle pearl purple on the merc truck this is a link to the caz "kits" https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-white-primer-spray-paint-400ml/p/0413848 this link is for the single can on its own just the colour coat. https://www.specialistpaints.com/collections/kustom-canz-custom-aerosol-cans to veiw the individual items click on the description not the picture and then you can choose the colour from the list on the right side where it says colour next to the size but the grand hauler was painted used a diff supplier and that was house of colour paint i could not tell you what it was as it was mixed specially. this is what it looks like in the sun. is looks dark blue normally but when in the sun the rainbow effect comes out as you. as you can see on the diff angles. the pontiac shell below is another from specialist paint also that one is purple to green/blue
  12. when i brought my 2017 re-re from tony tamiya i got him to get the manta-ray Hard Propeller Shaft and Aluminum Motor Mount from him at the same time and it only cost around £19. not bad for a tamiya hop-up tbh https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/273451407663?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=273451407663&targetid=910044633967&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1007167&poi=&campaignid=1669190336&mkgroupid=88374263757&rlsatarget=pla-910044633967&abcId=578896&merchantid=10048844&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInvWEicKN5wIVFuDtCh1KIQrkEAQYAiABEgJ6avD_BwE
  13. ha ha i wish i could say the same about my local that has the post office in their when you walk in it smells like a drug den with the owners kids that run it smoking drugs or one of the employees that has a real bad "b.o." problem or being told the machines aint working cause they cant be bothered. and i know where your comming from jenny. my last job was minimum wage and working with 2 others that was on more than me and i did a far superior job to them for a good 8 years until i got sick of being treated like s**t by the management while they got away with everything and in the end a person can take so much so i took the i cant be bothered attitude unti i had enough and left my attitude these days is treat how you are treated
  14. i had stuff lost by them rare items also stuff smashed by them and when i see a item on ebay i ask the seller to send via royal mail. if i sell anything i will only sent via royal mail its like the saying you get what you pay for they prob pay their employees peanuts and treat them like s**t so they dont care about anything
  15. yep the last time i painted by the kitchen back door some how the wife managed to find over spray over the tumble dryer and the motor way and she still reminds me every time i come to do a shell and then still proceeds to have a moan about the smell of the paint but she seems to forget that she does her nails every couple of days in the living room and the stink of that is a lot worse than paint. i would say that is a great double standard there
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