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  1. well if you can make this stuff to order i think you will sell some on here
  2. agreed they are awesome where about in the world are you
  3. tony does sell kits also as i have brought a few from him at good prices also plus i get to collect when i do buy kits
  4. very nice love the strips design and the sparkle purple also the fenders are real nice touch
  5. yeah its a nice custom job you have done i like the windows in the doors and the sleeper cab the finish looks superb
  6. i remember when the hobby company took over from the previous owners/supplyers and the owner of my lhs shop said back then they was a waist of time even the ref was a waist of time also i cant believe in this day and age that it takes this long for a company to get this issue sorted out in my eyes at the most a few days to get back up and running but this just shows how its run by a bunch of idiots that dont care about the hobby
  7. ta-08 pro ....all plastic and a list as long as you arm of the hop-ups to make it ............what ??????? better than pro looks like the upper frame on the top-force evo as stickers you have to put on instead of printed on and no cv's either but i did see ajustable rods i did'nt see the calibra though on display
  8. this right hand drive dash for my merc truck arrived today i was gonna buy a kit dash and convert my self but along with the sticker kit it would have cost more than what i payed for this real nice quality has drawers that open and 2 illuminated panels so the dash lights up (gotta find a way on how to connect/solder these as i have never done anything like this before) next on the list is right hand drive dash's is the bruiser
  9. red if you paint them same as the wheels then it will all blend and will cancel out the fenders appearance on the shell but if you paint the wheels a diff colour then why not gun metal for the fenders
  10. the wheels look great and the needle glue idea is a great one but i could never have them in the house as the wife has got a proper phobia with needles i see you have also been watching teri's recent truck build i ordered that grease he uses to try out and i did order the spring hangers as was gonna copy his steering mod but i ordered a cranked rod and used the cranked ends also and tbh i have not need to trim the spring hangers or notch the axle either i orderd the same rod again for my merc and will be doing the same on that but i am waiting on a right hand drive dash to turn up yet before i make a start on that also have a rear bumper and 3d printed wheel hub caps for the truck and trailer also to paint along with the dash oh and btw traxxas def is not a dirty word to me my first nitro was a t-maxx and i still own my revo from new when they was first released
  11. ive tryed to pm you but it says you cant receive messages
  12. arrr ok you may not be able to do what i want then (witch is a full size decal to fit on the side of a reefa trailer)
  13. wow that's a beaut you say that for buisness purpose cause if so i could give you a order
  14. you could always try a plating company close to you but it may be expensive plus if the plastic is old it could be brittle and may get damaged in the process but try and find a platers that do small stuff
  15. agreed she looks amazing well done if you can do the steering mod as i have jut done on my grand hauler and will do on my merc when the other rod turn's up
  16. swoped out the rear damper cylinders with nos on the hornet after the originals leaked the oil out when i serviced them last month changed the front uprights on the manta ray deceided to have another go at the grand hauler steering mod swoped the rod ends for offset ones to give even better angle and seems to have done the trick. swoped the servo saver for a alloy one also that just happened to fly through the letter box while i was doing the steering mod gonna order the same parts for the merc truck
  17. you could also get hop-up 84365 cw-01 short shock unit set 2 yellow style i got a set from tony a coupe of years back when i went to his place to collect a order seeing this i remember i have still yet to build and fit them
  18. swoped out the stock steering arm for a cranked one on my grand hauler also added a hop-up alloy air tank i brought last year. it's not where i wanted to put it but i aint taking it apart to put it half way up the chassis so its on the rear part know.
  19. that is one thing i dont spake is the "queens engish" if i was talking to you you prob would not under stand me they do look great i may have a go at doing this in my merc when i get a right hand drive dash. i did manage to convert the dash in my grand hauler to right hand drive and installed a fibre optic system its not pretty as them dash's but it does serve a purpose and it cant be seen that much anyway as i have tinted the windows
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Manta-Ray-2018-Hard-Prop-Shaft-Motor-Mount-Set-RC-Cars-4WD-Buggy-47373-/132609769264 thats one
  21. decals.... deckals it the same with aluminium and jaguar .... mike from wheeler dealers tryed to get some guys from the lowrider scene to pronounce aluminium the english way in a program the other day the dash is looking great can't wait to see it lit up
  22. just a pair of uprights from tony for my manta ray but they are black and not the red as the black are the first pair to come up for sale for a while when the red finally crop up i may get them but for me the black look better than the red
  23. look at tit this way what ever is not in the re re kit compared to the original i recon they will get released as hop-ups witch if this happens then at least we will still be able to have it close to the original
  24. your all cancelling orders just because it don't come with blister packs you will regret doing it i aint happy either but i certainly aint gonna cancel my order as i have been waiting for this re-re since the 90's the re-re top force does not come with blisters either and that dont make it a useless rc this may a new trend with tamiya or it may be them cheaping out on the packaging who knows but it will still be a collectable kit nether the less
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