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  1. Nice. I picked up an almost new first release T-Maxx last year as a birthday present to myself. Still haven't decided what to do with it as it is unpainted, undriven, and almost new. It had one tank of fuel run through it in and then packed back up. Never got through break in. Seems like too much of a survivor to drive. Rebuilt my Nitro Rustler over winter... A lot has changed since it was last driven. 2.2" tyres aren't even a thing anymore.
  2. Halfords have empty paint chip pens at the paint mixing station. These have both an extremely fine brush as well as a syringe type point. All intended for filling paint chips but perfect for tyre lettering. They don't sell them but I'm sure asking nicely you could blag a couple free empties Look identical to these; https://www.elitecarcare.co.uk/product/elite-stone-chip-paint-touch-up-pen-12ml-single
  3. Not sure if this is any use to you, but I saw a NIB 58029 Blazing Blazer sell for €2700 last week on Yahoo Auctions. Box was a bit scuffed and sun bleached in that case.
  4. Bump, still available and no interest at all :/ Have times changed this much Bump
  5. Have the follow for sale, From what I can I am correct in say the Frog and Brat are vintage while the Grasshopper and Hornet are Re-re's. Vintage: - Frog €65 - MSC/No servos - Brat Rolling Chassis - SOLD Re-Re's - Grasshopper - SOLD - Hornet - €50 - has steering servo Also have a couple Tamiya Hump Battery Packs and a couple of unpainted drivers if any one is interested Paypal Only, Postage at buyers cost. Buyer pays PayPal fees I will let the pictures do all the talking for these. More are availalbe on request. Frog: Brat - SOLD Grasshopper: Hornet
  6. So after the car I have wanted to buy for the past god knows how many years has come up for sale, I have decided to make the hard decision of selling my Vintage Tamiya Mountaineer. I have had this Mountaineer for over 10 years now, but have never done anything with it other than buy all the re-re parts required to put a shell on it, but they haven't even moved since they were bough 5 years ago The model itself is good condition and has probably only been used a few times in it's life, one of those being me testing it in the living room to see that all works as it should. (Which it does). The battery tray does have some visible scratching which is a let down. Overall the model could use a clean to get all the dust off properly and some of the dirt from handling over the years. I will not sell the re-re parts separate from the chassis. No Radio gear or servos are included. I will ship anywhere in the World at sellers cost Price is €450 excluding Postage, Payment by PayPal Please excuse the poor quality of the images, my SLR is acting up at the moment so I have to use my phone. The pictures below give a general idea of the condition of the chassis and shell parts included. If anyone wants more detailed images, just ask. #
  7. Debating whether to paint up the new shell I have for my mountaineer..............and most importantly finish my ranger prerunner project (I made a decision that I could not buy another rc model until this was finished..... That was two years ago :'( )
  8. Broms referring to the Group and not the Page itself, caught me out too at first. https://www.facebook.com/groups/iconicrc/?fref=ts
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