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  1. I think they are, but it depends on your criteria. Mine doesn't have any pinprick marks that you've described on your kamtec body (I also have a penguin manta, optima pro, optima mid lwb and none of them have any marks). Any repro will likely be dimensionally smaller (as they create a mould from an existing body, so there will usually be some shrinkage that hasn't/can't be accounted for). The details will never be as crisp as an og tamiya one. I like that the penguin body appears to be made of thicker polycarbonate.
  2. This was an attempt to recreate the 3rd party shells that were available when the top force was discontinued (before the first rere). There were at least 2 types - one without an airscoop, another with a small airscoop + less side flare detail in the mould.
  3. 3rd party company (UK) which makes replica polycarbonate buggy bodyshells (tamiya, kyosho, schumacher, etc) and such. Not sure if they have a website, but they sell via ebay and through facebook. Ebay seller ID is penguinbodyshells
  4. There's a recent post on an FB group about one ordered from a US company; I'll have a dig if you'd like...
  5. Looking for a pair of the step screw pictured (part no. 50882) in the UK. It's for the DF03 steering assembly. I also have other parts if you prefer to trade instead of sell 👍 Cheers!
  6. If you're not bothered if it's a genuine Tamiya part, there's a guy on a TL01 group (Facebook) who sells carbon shafts (and fiberglass too)
  7. And yeah, they both have rear bumpers but only one screw needed in the centre hole -- the extra holes on the side are for the pegs that are built into the bumper. The top force didn't come with a rear bumper (even though it uses the same rear gearbox and cover) which makes it look too 'flat' for me, so I still put one on despite it not being 'accurate'
  8. The E3 on my manta and dirt thrasher are identical 🤔
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