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  1. I'd be up for helping as well (if needed)
  2. Thanks, GP, but I was hoping for something under retail... In any case, I would've thought that the CVAs that came with the comical series would be short ones, not mini. But I guess the bigger wheels and tyres would help with ground clearance.
  3. I'm UK-based, looking for a set of CVAs - black or white preferred The cheaper, the better
  4. I was going to suggest manta or top force (DF01 chassis). You can prolly find a good deal on used ones but if you're wanting brand new, DF01 and TT02B price differences aren't too big a gap now.
  5. I think so @Juhunio sling me a message...
  6. That's the idea -- I never really thought that people would think that they all had to go to one recepient 👍
  7. If no one else wants 'em, I'd be interested in about half the lot if you're splitting or somebody else wants the other bits.
  8. Good clean condition, and working (tested via a little drive indoors in a tl01) Looking for £60 before postage, but open to offers. Can provide more photos on request.
  9. Ah! I looked it up an didn't even realise Ford had an F1 team...
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