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  1. Thanks, GP, but I was hoping for something under retail... In any case, I would've thought that the CVAs that came with the comical series would be short ones, not mini. But I guess the bigger wheels and tyres would help with ground clearance.
  2. I'm UK-based, looking for a set of CVAs - black or white preferred The cheaper, the better
  3. I was going to suggest manta or top force (DF01 chassis). You can prolly find a good deal on used ones but if you're wanting brand new, DF01 and TT02B price differences aren't too big a gap now.
  4. I think so @Juhunio sling me a message...
  5. That's the idea -- I never really thought that people would think that they all had to go to one recepient 👍
  6. Vintage receivers, anyone?
  7. If no one else wants 'em, I'd be interested in about half the lot if you're splitting or somebody else wants the other bits.
  8. Good clean condition, and working (tested via a little drive indoors in a tl01) Looking for £60 before postage, but open to offers. Can provide more photos on request.
  9. Ah! I looked it up an didn't even realise Ford had an F1 team...
  10. Love the livery! Were they all from one sheet, or just an assortment you had?
  11. There's one listed in the 'Tamiya Spare Parts' facebook group but I think the seller is in the US.
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