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  1. Definitely nowhere near what I would've offered 👍
  2. It may be worth trying to see if M3 screws would work? They're bigger than the stock M2.6 screws so may 'bite' into the enlarged hole on the plate.
  3. There's a recent post on an FB group about one ordered from a US company; I'll have a dig if you'd like...
  4. Looking for a pair of the step screw pictured (part no. 50882) in the UK. It's for the DF03 steering assembly. I also have other parts if you prefer to trade instead of sell 👍 Cheers!
  5. If you're not bothered if it's a genuine Tamiya part, there's a guy on a TL01 group (Facebook) who sells carbon shafts (and fiberglass too)
  6. And yeah, they both have rear bumpers but only one screw needed in the centre hole -- the extra holes on the side are for the pegs that are built into the bumper. The top force didn't come with a rear bumper (even though it uses the same rear gearbox and cover) which makes it look too 'flat' for me, so I still put one on despite it not being 'accurate'
  7. The E3 on my manta and dirt thrasher are identical 🤔
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