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  1. Good clean condition, and working (tested via a little drive indoors in a tl01) Looking for £60 before postage, but open to offers. Can provide more photos on request.
  2. Ah! I looked it up an didn't even realise Ford had an F1 team...
  3. Love the livery! Were they all from one sheet, or just an assortment you had?
  4. There's one listed in the 'Tamiya Spare Parts' facebook group but I think the seller is in the US.
  5. In case you didn't know, a lot of those parts also fit TL01 👍
  6. i may have some saddlepacks if they're any use to you?
  7. I thought as much! I have the yeah racing chassis set, but the fact that the tamiya set also has the damper stays now is what made me think of it I guess purists will still want an frp set of towers when building an 'accurate' TFE...
  8. Am I right in thinking that the TFE had frp damper stays/shock towers? If so, did tamiya release a carbon fibre upgrade? Can't seem to recall ever seeing any...
  9. Terra scorcher bodysets will prolly be available when the rere kits come out
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