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  1. Long shot prolly, but I'm looking for a few driver figs - a cheapo joblot would be ideal :)

    The closed-helmet type heads (ones where the driver's mouth is covered by the helmet) and the base fig with arms like in the pic or the ones that came with the avante or similar would be preferred. I'm based in the UK.



  2. My first kit was the original bigwig  -- loved it, gave it to a friend when I moved away. Dunno why, but I now have no desire to get the rere. Used to lust after the avante as well, but not anymore...

    Conversely, I wasn't too fussed about the terra scorcher and dirt thrasher back in the day, but I now rank the bodyshell style as one of my favourites (I prefer the df01 chassis so DT edges out TS a bit). Same with the egress, bear hawk/mad fighter and super sabre :)

  3. I can't remember which type is which (futaba, JR and sanwa come to mind) , but the servo/esc to receiver plastic plug housings usually come as either tabbed or untabbed. The absima receiver seems to have tabbed holes, so either type of plug should fit it, unless the esc plug has totally different dimensions to the 'standard'. You could always just trim the plastic to fit if it doesn't, or remove the pins from the plastic and plug each of the 3 pins into the receiver directly.

    To transform it into a touring car, you'd also need shorter suspension arms (along with associated drive parts like dogbones/universals, upper arms, etc), unless you want a really wide-tracked, open-wheeled touring car :D

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