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  1. Messaged the guy and he said it's sold
  2. aynar

    Project clear out (UK)

  3. I think there's one for sale in one of the fb groups I'm in - do you want me to track it down? I think it's full car (chassis and bodyshell)
  4. aynar

    For sale, egress parts

  5. Bymco, but i think it's just a relabelled futaba
  6. I have a receiver if you fancy it
  7. aynar

    Wanted Clear dt-01 parts

    It's more of a transparent smokey-brown rather than 'proper' clear :)
  8. I can't remember which type is which (futaba, JR and sanwa come to mind) , but the servo/esc to receiver plastic plug housings usually come as either tabbed or untabbed. The absima receiver seems to have tabbed holes, so either type of plug should fit it, unless the esc plug has totally different dimensions to the 'standard'. You could always just trim the plastic to fit if it doesn't, or remove the pins from the plastic and plug each of the 3 pins into the receiver directly. To transform it into a touring car, you'd also need shorter suspension arms (along with associated drive parts like dogbones/universals, upper arms, etc), unless you want a really wide-tracked, open-wheeled touring car
  9. aynar

    Novak Cyclone

    i thought it looked familiar bosscat is the only schumie I own
  10. aynar

    Novak Cyclone

    I know it's not for sale, but is that a Schumacher buggy?
  11. Hi guys, Does anyone have a Honda City Turbo body/kit available? A used, cheap one would be ideal (scratches, chips, cracks and breaks are fine) as it's for a project. Please send me a message with your asking price (posted to the UK) and a pic or two Cheers!
  12. aynar

    wanted: Honda City Turbo

    thanks jon, but it would be a shame for me to mess with a mint one
  13. aynar

    Mini & Short Hi Cap Dampers NOW SOLD

    Lots of folk are after them to upgrade the standard top force dampers
  14. aynar

    Wtd Mitsubishi evo wheels

    which ones? (IV, V, VI, etc)
  15. aynar

    Konghead... build thread and mod thread

    any update on this? looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  16. aynar

    Wanted - White Touring Car Springs

    i remember getting good results with stock springs painted white with an automotive spray paint i got from the pound shop a few years back
  17. aynar

    lightbar query

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if the mode sequence on a lightbar can be changed? My 4-LED lightbar goes "off>strobe>alternating>full on" and I'd rather that it go "off>full on>strobe>alternating". If it can be changed, how do I go about it? Thanks in advance!
  18. there's a white receiver for sale over on iconic rc sales (fb group)
  19. aynar

    RC junk for sale

    How much would UK postage be for the lancer body/wheels?
  20. aynar

    WTB Volkswagen Beetle bodyshell

    Cheers, GS, I'll keep it in mind but I'm still hoping I can get something for a bit less.
  21. Hi folks, Looking for a cheap vw bodyshell -- beaten up is fine as it is prolly what I can afford Let me know your posted price (I'm in the UK) and pics would be appreciated. Cheers!
  22. aynar

    WTD Tamiya brand batteries

    I'll have a dig -- fairly sure it's brand new/unused