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  1. I paid way more for mine. P. PS : At the risk of sounding redundant or starting an argument, just wishing an item to be cheap when it is desirable and rare isn't going to be enough! I would like a Gulfstream V, I wish they didn't cost $40M, but they do
  2. Your favourite seller, eh Lars I am actually looking for a bagged set myself, but the price is very expensive in my opinion and not worth it. He hasn't used the Tamiya misprint name from the side of the box 'Ligire' at least! Paul.
  3. 666, I thought you already answered this a couple of pages back? Might be wrong about it, I didn't check P.
  4. I owned every single 'Oink' comic from release for the first couple of years or so. All in mint condition, complete and the lot got chucked days after I moved out. Although the collection isn't worth much now, it may be in the future. It partly spawned Viz publishing's success. My parents are good people, they just don't understand the value, sentimental or otherwise, of these things. Paul
  5. Willy, are you intentionall pulling our chain ? Jamaica is in New York State US lol!
  6. Not sure why an old eBay plug can't be automatically deleted, after all the dates are there to be checked. I have loads of cars in my showroom that are part of others' showrooms too, but this has also happened the other way. I don't have a lot of my stock listed either. Paul.
  7. There is one Wild 4WD bag of parts 15021, I just found at the back of a drawer, otherwise all of them are Dangun Racer parts. Shipping to Italy was included at 50 Euros (which is almost cost of the shipping) but to Japan will cost way more, as I said, it would be cheaper to recycle them! If you want the parts I sent you a list of sent to Japan and the Wild 4WD part sent to you in Italy, including shipping, it will all cost you 75 Euros. Thanks, Paul.
  8. My inbox isn't full and I sold you all my parts for the mini 4WD last year. I think you are confused. Maybe you are thinking I am the other guy. All I have were the Dangun Racer parts and you continued to ask more and more for discounts, shipping everywhere and freebies for yourself. It got too complicated and long winded for me Paul.
  9. Dear sir, I get tired with your constant changing the situation and asking for more and more. Now you want free shipping that costs more than the goods, shipment to a much more expensive country and more free goods shipped to yourself. It is too tiring for me, I would rather recycle them! Paul.
  10. I couldn't say, but it is a few Tricky to keep tabs on my showroom, it is a little out of control. P.
  11. Greetings from the Czech Republic, Ostrava, just on the border of Poland (I am perhaps 10-20km as the crow flies, if that!) I have a bunch of 300ZXs, I guess there are enough to go around! I even have one signed by Steve Millen. P.
  12. Classic At least you didn't tell the TV repairman the TV didn't work and you had the video remote control in your hand... P.
  13. Hi there For some reason the message didn't get through, but someone kindly alerted me to this post, which I might have seen later when I planned to log on and read new posts. How can I help, or do you want to PM me? Best wishes, Paul. PS : I might not respond for a little while, as I am off to dinner. PPS : Thanks guys for letting me know and keeping the fires burning!
  14. Nice examples of nice cars, if I didn't have way too much of everything as it is, I would certainly bid. Come to think of it, that hasn't stopped me before! P.
  15. I think Willy may have been being sarcastic, although it is unusual for him to be so Paul.
  16. Hi, Yes, there were two wheelbases for the 1/24th series of Tamtechs and then the F-1 1/14th scale Tamtechs as well. They were described as type 1 and type 2, each was available in a car only, or complete kit form (which included small radio gear, battery/charger) and were split into LeMans style cars (Lancia LC2, BMW, Ford probe and Porsche 962 C - if I have the numbers/letters right...) and road cars (Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari Testarossa and Porsche 961, which is almost identical to the 959 in shape) There are actually many differences in the chassis, from the main chassis frame itself, to the parts and screw bags, with surprisingly few parts interchangeable, including bodes. Wheel, motors, some metal parts remained the same. The type 1 LeMans cars were longer than the type 2 cars.
  17. I have the same wheelstuds, 67,000 KM and counting. I did replace all air filters, oil filters, ignition coils, spark plugs, brakes, oil and a load of things I didn't understand. Now now SteelRat, you are just trying to goad me, aren't you? Paul.
  18. Was he dressed like Mrs Doubtfire? OK, well sorry 'Ben' or 'Irene' as you like to be called on weekends.... Seriously, I thought he/she was a lady. Paul. PS : Know what you mean about the 'Porsche dealer', my local one couldn't even get rid of the words 'Service Now' from the cockpit without telephoning Prague. Even then he couldn't do it.
  19. I have 1xNo.21 bagged in great condition. I will look for kits also. Kind regards, Paul.
  20. Probably, but it is worth noting that I didn't make this slang word up, I heard it on a fruit and veg market in Bow (I kid you not!) P.
  21. Hey SteelRat, I wasn't even thinking of you I was thinking of some older threads. P.
  22. Sorry, I wasn't being intentionally 'aloof' I was just sleeping (**** Australians wide awake whilst I am tucked up!) I was kind of poking fun at myself with my comment about talking in code. For a long time I lived in East London, home of Cockney rhyming slang. Listerine means anti American, it was a term introduced after the Iraq war. I will explain (note : I am not being clever, just poking fun at myself...) Rhyming slang takes a pair of words with the second rhyming with a single noun, example: Apples and pears = Stairs. Although real Cockneys never use the second rhyming word, they would just say apples. Another example : Trouble and strife = wife. You would just say trouble. Cockney rhyming slang was started to confuse the police (Cockneys for the most part are involved in something dodgy, even if it is just minicabbing!) The origins of the rhymes and which ones are original etc are the stuff of the kind of legend that would involve even more bile and arguing that even Tamiyaclub.com members are able to muster. Without going into too much (boring detail) Listerine is abstract Cockney rhyming slang, thus: Septic Tank = Yank (Sorry guys) which means that a Cockney would say 'Septic', as in, my mate is living with a Septic (American girl). Listerine is an 'Anti-Septic', hence my comment about us being a little less Listerine. We should be less Anti American. As I said, I was poking fun at myself with my previous comment about talking in code. But I have seen a few Anti American (Listerine) posts before... P.
  23. There is a Porsche 961 from Tamiya in the 1/24th Tamtech series of mini radio controlled cars. It has the short wheelbase type 2 chassis. Paul.
  24. What about irenL, who I am sure is a lady? I sold some stuff to Rabied Mushroom, clod gears if I remember... P.
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