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  1. We need to be a little bit less Listerine as well. Paul.
  2. Love the smiley, never seen that one before! It isn't in the dropdown!
  3. +1 Twinset, as I was reading the posts (I have been away for a few hours) I thought just the same, you beat me to it! P.
  4. I could have sworn I read an article about Tina Turner's tricked out Lambo Cheetah being sold a few years ago to a German collector.... Maybe I was just hallucinating I thought there was more than one. P.
  5. You know what really annoys me about the forums? People talking in code P.
  6. The forum is just like a woman : It leads you to buy expensive things you don't need and doesn't listen when you complain Paul.
  7. Very true about the starting with RTR, my very first car was a Nikko Hilux Winch! Take the Avante, I would rather build one of those than run almost any RTR car. Rob, do you mean Radio Shacks, Tandys and Maplin electronics? I know what you mean, there are fewer of these stores in the UK now I think. P.
  8. What makes anyone think this is a democracy? This website is privately owned and the moderators stick to the rules as much as they can. They can be quite tolerant as well sometimes. As has been stated many times, this is Chris's ball, he makes the rules, nothing stop anyone setting up another game somewhere else This seems to be where everyone wants to play though. Paul.
  9. Hey, you are in the Isle of Man, say hi to my money for me, please I know what you mean about the servos in the box, when I was rummaging through my first kit (after receiving my Nikko the year before) in the shop, I asked the question about the radio gear and felt a little silly when the guy started to explain and started stacking up the other boxes. I only ever bought one RTR to run and that was because at the time the Porsche Cayenne wasn't available in kit form. I stripped it, replaced the shocks (which actually were oil filled in this one) with alloy ones, ball diffs and bearings I think. P.
  10. It is one of those silly things. Obviously 99% of people don't agree with the rule and probably now even those people who wanted it instigated think it is silly, but it has been the most enforced rule for so long, they can't back down now, or they will look weak. It is like politicians who don't cave under pressure when they need to apologise for something, or someone who gets backed into a corner by a silly comment they make then refuse to refute it because of pride or vanity. Paul
  11. +1 Shodog For me, bad spelling doesn't matter so much, as I know we are dealing with foreigners here, however, there is no excuse for TXTSPK. Ever. It should be punishable by death. It annoys me even more than SHOUTING. Paul.
  12. Hey, pleased to see the momentum and enthusiasm is still there Regarding colour, the Dyna Storm (some might say a 2WD cousin) is PS16 (Metallic blue) and this is actually by far my favourite colour, so although I have suggested go original all the way with parts (preferably used as well, in a restoration job) I would go with the PS16, I have seen an Egress like this, it looks really great. I don't know if someone else said, but yes, there should be a bend in that wire going upwards. Have you made the part yet? Paul.
  13. I think the Hotshot looks better too, but the Boomerang is a better car in my opinion. Better shocks, lighter overall and with the Supershot upgrades and full ball racing (including thrusts) can perform as well as a Supershot. I have owned Boomerangs for 25 years, another member Kontemax is also another fanatic about them! A well known Japanese supplier now has them at $110! Paul.
  14. Just what the Lunchbox needs, a more powerful torquier motor to make it spin, wheelie and handle even worse I would love to see before and after shots, one built with that big heavy motor in the rear, the second with the pieces lying about your garden and the big grin on your face! Paul.
  15. It is one thing to have the twisted mind to dream up something like that, totally another thing to make the effort to put it all down and share it with the world! P.
  16. That is just it though, unfortunately. Every built car I have ever used, I have taken apart to the gearbox to ballrace and set up properly. Same with some of the bodies, the Mazda 787B, it was lazily put together and needed 30 minutes of careful re trimming decals etc to get it looking right. I don't really like ready built cars that are also available as kits, they often have lousy dampers as well! Paul.
  17. I can't ship that, it has 67%, it is very flammable Paul.
  18. If it is, then we are all screwed, 'cause you have a raging clap of cynicism running through you today Paul.
  19. loaded


    Hi guys :-) Yes the message box was full and I received an email and a TC enquiry as well, little boy was skiing with me in Italy! When I got back there were 814 emails lol! I haven't read them all yet. I packed it is a big strong box properly, someone must have sat on it or something lol! I have more, I will send out another tomorrow, I already have it packed. I though it might be fair to charge shipping again, since I did ship it properly and no insurance was paid for (not really worth it on small goods) but have decided against it, it isn't worth it! It will leave tomorrow morning most likely. Keep well and thanks for the nice comments guys! Paul.
  20. Well a third maybe :-) Tony is in my opinion the most knowledgeable Tamiya parts guy I know, plus he is a great chap on top, which is a bonus! He will have things back up and running soon Paul.
  21. I make 959 plated wheels, Teambluegroove make 959 bodyshells and loads of after market parts available for all sorts of cars from all sorts of sellers. This does not point to a reissue, more to weaknesses in original models, or imperfections in the aesthetic design that people wanted to change later on, as well as the expense of original vintage parts. I have never seen 1/10th on a box and I must have 20 boxes. A ban on cigarette advertising in certain markets decided the fate of the Rothmans logos in those markets, although in Japan it continued until the end of the production. All the best, Paul.
  22. Am I drunk? The last post was 2008 This isn't the last one, I have two, one in shrink wrap. Still looking to sell then? P.
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