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  1. I have been in similar situations. When I used to work in London, I would frequently wander around inside the buildings I was involved in, either ones for development, or ones I owned and rented out etc and people do come and go during the day on building sites, as they are open. I am usually very shabbily dressed, as paint, silicone etc are in abundance. I once walked in to a nearly finished apartment on the ground floor of a Bath House conversion I did about 10 years ago and found a young man in an Estate Agent poly blend suit and a pretty young woman. He was quite annoyed that I was bothering his viewing and that he would be finished soon and that I could come back then. I pointed out that 1) I owned the building 2) That apartment had already been sold 3) He hadn't been instructed to sell any apartments 4) He was in contravention of certain regulations for taking a client onto a building site without hard hat, proper shoes and jacket. His face took on a crimson colour and I took the girls telephone number and sold her another apartment The other day in Czech an old man was angry for me parking in a spot clearly marked for parking, because he wanted to stand there. Just the very same day, I dropped my boy off at school and parked in a blue bordered parking spot (specifically in villages here for dropping off kids, popping into the post office etc) and an old woman came out and started shouting that she wanted to walk to the shops and that she liked to walk across the grass (which I was blocking with the car) as it was quicker. I pointed her in the direction of the pavement designed for such expeditions and showed her the sign instructing people to stay off the grass. Old people are to be respected to a certain degree, but there does appear to be quite a large number of incredibly annoying old farts just trying to spoil other people's days! I just remembered another one! My house in London is on a big road and I lit a small fire in the back garden, we are talking about a foot round and within minutes an old neighbour, one who lives 100 yards away was telling me that I can't light fires in London (true) and that her father had asthma and was choking. Not only did I point out that it might not be a good idea to live on a main road then in London, but also that the tiny fire had smoke blowing away from their house. I just remembered another one - but I won't bore you any more! Paul.
  2. There are two Farrah Fawcett posters I can remember, one is in a red swimsuit in almost fetal position and one next to a lake with a denim shirt wide open I think. Which one turns you one, because neither really interest me, but then I was never into blondes.... P.
  3. It is more of the 'Tupperware' lid sort of deal. It is actually polyethylene, which is plastic bag material. I have always thought that Tamiya recycled Tesco carrier bags. P. Holiday Fugly Body Material
  4. I can't recall if these shots have been provided in the thread already (too lazy to look through it again?) but for interest...
  5. I suspect now that this addition to the Tamiya stable will assist in rendering my collection incomplete. Paul.
  6. I think it is the holes in the original body and the wheels that get people worked up I don't think there will be a bodyset for such a cheap kit, perhaps it will be broken for spares. Paul.
  7. I have been on the fence for a while over this, not too far in any one direction, but now I feel that we are in Room 101 and this is a very poor effort by Tamiya and for no good reason. Paul.
  8. Hi I use without the steel plate, but other than weight there is little reason to leave it out. The plates are the same thickness and way stiffer than the FRP ones. I haven't had one back ever (3 years) and I have sold perhaps 200 in that time. Paul.
  9. I already make the Super Champ Mechanism Deck (the thinner upper one) in carbon fibre which kind of matches the new black FRP 2mm main chassis plate for the Buggy Champ. I also do the main chassis plate in Carbon Fibre in the Super Champ cut. The rear bumper should be easy to fabricate, the other bits I would need to have a look and determine. Paul.
  10. Falcon occured to me when I saw the mock up, which seemed to become the real article. Paul
  11. They could have re issued the original chassis and keep everyone happy including nostalgia people and not annoy those who spent a lot of time and money on original restorations by making a cover for the gear box and removing the front arms from the chassis moulding altogether and making them removable, thereby easy to replace. One of the big problems was that when they broke, you had to replace the chassis, which cost wise is bad enough, but in terms of time, you had to take all the radio gear, motor and gears out etc. They had some of the parts already re issued from the SRBs for the axles, so it would have just meant wheels/tyres (which don't have any special sponsorship problems I think?) the body (which they are doing anyway and wouldn't have needed to alter) and small mods to the chassis. Personally when I heard confirmation of the re issue, I thought they would do all those things and they haven't done any of them. Doesn't mean I won't have fun, but I have to do something about those wheels. I agree the 380 is a bit of an odd thing to add, it makes no sense except to reduce costs, very slightly. Paul.
  12. I will just get out the hot air gun then. Paul.
  13. Fun 80% Nostalgia 20% Bargain 100% Good for those who have invested time and effort in a nice period restoration already, not good for those who expect 30 year old plastic at 2010 mass production prices. Paul. PS : I am going to try to put the bodyshell on a Mad Bull and probably chrome plate some of those fugly yellow wheels. Some might say that will make it worse. If you want to fill in those holes, boil up some old Tesco carrier bags and drip the waxy residue into the holes. I am kidding of course
  14. That post made me laugh out loud! I don't necessarily agree with it 100%, but it sure was funny... Of course, they could also buy an original! Paul.
  15. I can chrome plate those ugly wheels Paul.
  16. Ooh, just noticed it is Wandy, I had better accept the offer before he changes his mind P. PS : Oh and thanks for taking the offer function seriously. Some people just don't understand it lol!
  17. Humans are funny creatures Some people made comments about the fact that I listed some Holiday Buggy/Sand Rover items on eBay, which I had been intending to do since the beginning of the year (long before any stiff of this re issue) and said I was profiteering. One of the things listed was a set of wheels and tyres, which have loads of watchers and not a sniff. That is, until just a few hours after the news came through about the re issue having different wheels and tyres. Hmm, so time to increase the prices on all items that are not being re issued then, methinks. Would that be OK ? Paul.
  18. I have had fun running Holiday Buggys and Sand Rovers, but those front shocks are a liability. With this new model at least those of you who want one, will have a diff and oil dampers and a more modern chassis. This also doesn't push the urban myth that Tamiya will always do two cars when they re issue an old chassis, as this isn't an old chassis, it is a newer one, so there is no guarantee that the Sand Rover will be done. They also sneaked in a JPS on a F104 platform, instead of the old chassis. It will have a polycarbonate body and no JPS decals by the looks of things. Paul.
  19. Forgive this perhaps brutal comment, but if you don't have the money, don't buy the fake goods either. Wanting something you can't afford (or won't pay for) doesn't give you the right to buy fake goods supporting illegal activities that only serve to dillute the value of the very thing you covet in the first place. Paul.
  20. I still don't know what that thing is Willy, am I missing something? I will never understand why someone would intentionally buy a fake. The main person you are cheating is yourself. It isn't the real thing, or the real quality, but you are trying to tell other people you can afford it when you can't, or won't part with the money. Doesn't make any sense to me! Paul.
  21. I am an insignificant speck on the landscape By all accounts, they didn't make truckloads of these either. They didn't do the Hotshot wheels in gold though. P.
  22. OK, I have found out a little information, they are 'special event' parts, which means extremely limited release just within the racing/distribution community. Well known Japanese sellers may well have bought a few, but they weren't cheap. The price on the packet isn't retail, it is the actual price, meaning YEN8000, or nearly $100 for the body and wheels. Stock limited, availability difficult, not to be sold in other markets than Japan (except of course direct sales through eBay etc). A few years ago, Tamiya did exactly the same limited release with the Mountaineer body and they ended up selling for nearly the price of old NIB Toyota Hilux bodysets (well, about 70% of the price, or $400+, which is a lot for new plastic, especially considering the printed price was 7000YEN, or about $80 for the items) I don't know more than this for now, except to say, Tamiya, come up with some original ideas already! Stop copying mine (Jeez, first my carbon plates, now this) My last comment is a joke, btw I suspect if they hit eBay some time, they will be priced about $200 including shipping or more, my reason for this is that is they cost nearly $100 to buy and they need to be shipped and are rare, with eBay fees and mark up, plus competition with mine, they will probably sell for a bit more, but truthfully I have no idea! Paul.
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