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  1. I have been plating these parts for over a year now (Blitzer beetle shells and just did a batch of Scorcher ones too) I am puzzled, because they look genuine and they definitely aren't mine repackaged. I don't know of anyone else doing them and have no idea who would decide to repackage something into Tamiya bags if they weren't original. Perhaps the work of a distributor with permission to use Tamiya tab tops? I really don't know. I would ask the folowing questions though: Why is there no box for the body? Why is it just the body? What is the point of a bodyshell with no nosecone and sunroof at the very least? $70 for the bodyshell alone seems steep considering they are Tamiya parts. Sure, my complete set costs around $150, but I make 5 at a time and I have to buy the parts and ship them in, this is not a large scale operation for me! Tamiya have the parts and the facilities for large scale mass production. This is my set (for comparison, you can see it isn't the same)
  2. I have a couple of Nokia 8800 Arte phones and they take a kind on mini USB connection, which I think is Nokia specific. They do an adaptor for it for regular chargers, so you just need a tiny 'dongle' on a regular Nokia charger if you want to take them on holiday. I have a dongle into dongle on mine. One standard Nokia charger with a reduction for a small Nokia and then that can plug into the slotted Nokia adaptor Paul.
  3. You would need an olympic sized pool to run something like these boats and even then not recommended at all. A little bit of mental arithmetic (please correct me if I am wrong) is that even a 30kmph radio controlled boat would cover 50 metres in 6 seconds flat. Pools are made of sharp hard substances, they tend to not be particularly flexible when hit by plastic toys. One would assume pool 1, boat 0 from every game. Paul.
  4. I have to agree with Rob here, Tamiya models are about the detail largely, especially the old ones. If you want performance only there are other cheaper, or possibly better manufacturers to go for. Although I like the Sand Scorcher tribute re issue, it isn't for me that close to the original. Frankly a Blitzer bodyset and a Buggy Champ, or old SRB would have done the same trick. Doesn't mean I haven't bought them and won't run them Paul.
  5. Tamiya USA are owned by Tamiya in Japan, there is a great deal of flow of information, but they are still theoretically the US distributor only. The information I have about the body is good, so I am surprised at the conflict of information (as one would expect Tamiya USA to be right on this), but I guess we will all just have to wait and see If the release date is really August as I have been told for some markets, then it is a bit late for any changes, I would suspect all design aspects have been set in stone and production is starting in some respects. Keep well! Paul.
  6. I have Philips items with spelling mistakes, even big companies rushing to get things to market make mistakes, although I don't doubt this is a fake item however. Paul.
  7. Shame, if you had waited 6 months, this thread would have been 5 years old There are two lengths of Ford Ranger body wheelarch two, one longer to accomodate the different offset. The Ford Ranger kits during production occured in both short and long wheelarch versions (although the wheelbase remains the same) and the wheels from the Brat are used in the later Ford Ranger version. Paul.
  8. Confirmed. Unfortunately I got the news on my way to Sicily a week ago, only just got back. Body redesigned in white plastic, chassis altered, packaging and pricing as described. I really didn't expect this Paul.
  9. I think it is negative if they have re issue SRBs on the shelves. Paul.
  10. They will do fine, unless you are an 'original' fetishist and want an original 'hard' hump battery from the correct era. My guess is if you are happy with a Re issue Scorcher (why wouldn't you be!) then this battery will be just fine. Make sure you have the correct charger rating for it. Note the seller is a well known poster here, Time Tunnel Models, or The Shop Keeper. Paul.
  11. I hope it isn't a rumour also It isn't good business practice to show your hand. Paul.
  12. It went cheap largely because it isn't actually a NIB FAV. Paul.
  13. I do, but I lost credibility when I said (as others did) way before the SRB re issues that they would never re issue the SRBs as it would be costly as they didn't have all the moulds. As it turned out, we were part right, they didn't have the moulds, hence the Scorcher body is actually a Blitzer/Monster Beetle one and almost all the metal parts have been recast, but they still re issued it anyway Also from the point of view of desirability. It really doesn't strike me as a car they would want to bring back in 2010, but Chris has made it clear he is not hoaxing (this time lol!) and that he has this from a good source. I wait with baited breath! Paul.
  14. +1 on the JB Weld. It is insanely strong. It is stronger than the sort of spot welds done on kitchen utensils, as I repaired a pair of tongs and when they broke again, it was in a different place. If applied correctly it is great stuff. Paul.
  15. Tamiya Extreme Truck, it is big and heavy! Paul.
  16. Unless you have a big heavy car, or super fast car requiring quick reactions (which most of us don't have) in other words a garden basher with regular sized wheels and regular speed, you can't go wrong with these servos. I have loads of them in regular cars and never had a problem. Some big wheeled heavy cars like the TXT need a high torque metal geared servo, but we aren't talking about those... P.
  17. Like trying to drink tea from a chocolate teacup? Just a difficult thing He sold a bunch of Sand Scorcher stuff as well, I reckon he was just offloading his toys. Paul.
  18. I sold 2 at £29.95, I doubt they are in the re issue if it comes, so I listed my last one at £29.95 as well Sand Rover Motor Mount Two Sand Rover Motor Mount One Paul.
  19. It is a cool head I hope this is true, because actually these do run pretty well because they are light and simple. Perhaps the closed gearbox if they do it will have a differential option. But this is pure speculation! Paul. PS : Note to my previous posting, many parts from the Holiday Buggy/Sand Rover are actually now quite desirable as a result of the re issue of the SRBs, for example, if you want an original Super Champ, a black bumper is no longer so coveted, so a Holiday Buggy bumper is needed, same with the brass UVs, rear axles and other parts. If you really are interested in originality, as I am, these parts are more and more useful, as Tamiya have significantly 'updated' them!
  20. It has nothing to do with money before or after the possible reissue for me. Frankly certain items are worth considerably more after the Scorcher re issue, like for example the correct colour chassis plate new, the correct Rough Rider front tyres, the correct brass UVs, the correct Scorcher main body, the list is frankly endless, as the re issue SRBs share few absolutely identical parts. As previously stated, all this thread reminded me to do was to sell some stuff cluttering up my garage, if I was really panicking, I would like the £10,000 value worth of Sand Rover and Holiday Buggy kits I have stashed in my hobby room lol! Don't state anything as worthless. For the record, not one of my sources in Far East (Japan or Hong Kong) has not been able to confirm this rumour. I realise this might make me look like a schmuck again if the re issue happens, however, I have no evidence of this re issue other than this thread and another one on RC10 with exactly the same text cut and paste. I am still waiting for a couple of chaps to get back to me outside Japan and Hong Kong, but they haven't yet. Paul.
  21. Hi Myles Since 50% of the listings are mine and were listed yesterday before your post, I did assume you meant me, yes! There isn't any more Holiday Buggy / Sand Rover stuff on than normal, in fact, if anything I am surprised there isn't more. These items have been sitting around since early this year, last year from when I parted out a Sand Rover for some mates who wanted various parts. Now is a good chance to buy original parts, as I have stated, before re issue parts flood the market and small, but in some cases distinct differences make them incompatible (as with both SRB re issues) There isn't anything 'stupid' about buying from one of the resellers, as they have become known. There are people who want the goods straight away from someone in their backyard, I can vouch for example that both of the Tony's ship the very same or latest next day, which many of the vintage sellers (myself included) don't. Time can be more important than money, plus there are many people I know that won't buy from certain vintage sellers, because they are either banned from them, or don't like their style, or packing techniques etc. I myself have bought from every seller out there, including yourself and often it comes down to who has it at that particular moment and can ship it to you quickly and you trust. Sometimes that means paying a little, or even a lot more. Really, in this world of impersonal ecommerce, price seems to be for many the deciding factor, but it isn't the only factor and certainly I like to buy from those I know and trust. All the best Paul.
  22. +1, Boomerang is a great car, I have loads of them You need 1150 and also thrust bearings. P.
  23. I can't think of the amount of times someone who knows about the possibility of a re issue has bought an original part from me, knwoing that in doing so they are doing exactly that. Buying an original. Shortly after the official announcement of the Buggy Champ, a well known member here bought from me a Rough Rider roof, which I had had listed at $85, which was about market price at the time, due to the lack of new spares. I asked him if he knew about the re issue. He said and I quote: "yeah, but I want an original and if I wait any longer, I will probably end up buying something from a muppet who doesn't know whether it is original or not after the re issue has been released onto the market." Brings up a good point. If you want originals for your buggy, now is the time to buy, as perhaps afterwards you can't be sure what you will get. There must be hundreds of disappointed Ford Ranger owners who bought rear bumpers from the re issue, only to find they don't fit, or those who waited for ball races, only to find they don't fit.... Things aren't always at first how they seem Paul.
  24. How is this possible, I mean, Tamiya only reissue'coffee lid' cars, not coffee cup cars! Paul.
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