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  1. I hope you are right, Chris I haven't heard anything, but things get past everybody, it isn't an exact science! If it happens, we can run these buggies with impunity and the little front shock arms can break as often as they like! Paul.
  2. It occurs to me some might not know about the hoax, the thread is closed now, but it gets discussed regularly here. You can tell from the tenor of the thread that it wasn't an early re issue tip, but a joke/hoax which went a little wrong, although it was a fun idea The famous Scorcher hoax Paul.
  3. The Sand Rover on eBay was put there ages before (in fact way before, months before this recent news) and didn't sell, then the seller re listed it again more recently. Most of the rest of the stuff on there is mine, as I parted out some bits of a Sand Rover for friends late last year, like Wrecked (Jimmy) and others I have known for years, these were just the bits I didn't need anymore and other friends didn't ask for (you will note it is far from a complete Sand Rover kit - no box, no body, no B&C parts, A parts missing bits etc). As for panic? Don't jump to conclusions, if I wanted to panic, I would list one of the 13 NIB Sand Rover kits, or perhaps one of the 8 NIB Holiday Buggy kits. These parts aren't even the tip of the iceberg of my Sand Rover/Holiday Buggy parts and kits. In fact, some authentic original parts from these buggies may possibly become more valuable if Tamiya update them, which it is tipped here that they will do. So the chassis frame, FRP parts etc might change, for sure the decals will and so will things like the MSC and original motor, which are bound to also be updated. If indeed it happens, as I have heard nothing about a re issue myself. Not a sausage - it would be oh so easy to admit that this was the startling news I had heard, but it just isn't. Frankly I am a little shocked that Chris is making such a revelation, considering his reputation for mischief with the Scorcher hoax and the fact that he is unlikely to get any such inside information again if he lays it out for all to hear on Tamiyaclub.com. If anything this thread just reminded me I had them sitting in a box cluttering up my garage. Paul. PS : The Holiday Buggy or Sand Rover re issue idea is a nice one, as it should be simple for them to do, as they have some of the metal parts already in production for the re issue SRB cars, but I just don't think it has the interest out there, but we shall see. I have neither predicted this re issue, nor heard anything about it being considered. If it happens, does it end speculation about the Ford Ranger and Super Champ finally though?
  4. By the way, I always wanted to ask, is 30cm the length of your... buggy? Paul.
  5. Quite right! My bad... P.
  6. He wants a 4WD preferably and already has a Hornet If he takes a look at the Boomerang, they are selling a bit cheaper now than before too. Paul.
  7. My sealed Hotshot isn't an early issue Hotshot, but a regular one with regular bumper. Paul.
  8. Fleabay auction. Always a good idea to post a link. Paul.
  9. Hi, Nice car, couple of tips... 1) It is probably a bit of a high start price for a built one, nice though it is. 2) Consider shipping to other countries. Most Tamiya enthusiasts are outside the US. Paul.
  10. The first response is usually the correct one. Years ago (about 8) I had 50 or so Ford Focus painted bodysets from Tamiya. This was when they were doing them with no wing mirrors to break off, just the painted decalled shell. I figured out a way of shipping them for 80pence and dumped them on eBay for a fiver each. Everyone likes a cheapee, so my method was to fill the inside with 2 empty Volvic bottles and wrap the whole thing in that thick bubblewrap, still only came to about 200 grams or something ridiculous. The Volvic bottles fitted inside precisely and made sure the body couldn't be crushed and the bubble protected the outside. It wasn't ideal, might not have survived international shipping though I don't recall getting a single complaint, but I pack way better now, that was years ago and a different world... Paul.
  11. I just stick my email address in like this: soImanannoyingbloke at biteme dot com Exactly like that, with no symbols. All the bots can do is strip symbols, they don't speak English. As soon as they do, then we better get worried. Skynet time. Paul.
  12. No, not at all, that isn't the point I was trying to make. Would you recognise a diamond from a piece of CZ, or Moissanite? Probably not (no offence, unless you actually can, which statistically is very unlikely) but that isn't the point, is it? If it was, diamonds wouldn't get mined. Paul.
  13. I find keeping mine in a glass display case keeps mine very clean, unless one of my friends (read grubby handed slob) thinks it is a good idea (read drunken BBQ) to have a look at my toy (read.. OK well toy) cars and break it or otherwise spoil it with his smelly breath. Just for fun, not flippancy. Don't use a brush. However, very fine dust on display models can be cleaned with the type of brush some women use to put war paint on, the really fine bristled ones like a shaving brush, only finer and smaller. Just don't let her catch you doing it! Paul.
  14. I think this comment misses the mark so much it doesn't even bear consideration in this forum. Sorry, but I couldn't agree less Paul.
  15. The Buggy Champ has the same body, but the Scorcher body is way off Chassis plate is the wrong colour, Buggy Champ front tyres have only served to increase the value of original Rough Rider tyres, the list goes on.... Paul.
  16. I tried to PM first, but only got this: "Welcome to your messenger The following errors were found This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or they are in a member group not allowed to use the personal messenger. This personal message has not been sent" Don't beat yourself up, it happens, it would only be bad if you meant it, which you don't. P.
  17. I know you and know you wouldn't do it intentionally, hence the 'shame you can't edit titles' bit P.
  18. Oh, I know you didn't mean it, perhaps you should turn on the UK news... Paul.
  19. Shame you can't edit topic titles Paul.
  20. I love to tease! I can be an idiot though, it has been known! Paul.
  21. Or maybe everyone knows you have truckloads of them and are waiting for you to lower the price? Paul.
  22. Or maybe Myles, you have banned everyone from buying in your shop I will take two at £55. Paul.
  23. I am a net buyer and I buy carefully (despite what others may say!) and I must agree with Tamiyoman on this. I have seen BIN items up for months, then sell even at what I thought was a reasonable price, whilst in the meantime auctions of identical or very similar items came and went below and above the price shown. Human psyche is a funny thing. I sell also (hence the 'net' buyer quote above) but you would be shocked how many emails I get from watchers of BIN items of mine saying things like, 'oh I missed it, do you have another one'. Well, whilst I sometimes do, it is interesting that some folks don't want something until they can't have it! Good luck with the sale - my tuppence? The car is worth £80-£100. The market is a bit slow right now, largely due to the season and money going in the wrong direction. Paul.
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