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  1. I took it as such Hence the smile. I am sure he isn't too offended, by his comments it seems he took it well. Paul.
  2. That was a little cruel Wandy, he put a lot of work into it! I do like this quote from the website though: "WARNING! This site contains some opinions and comments that you may not agree with. We encourage discussion and sharing of opinion and it would appear that some people find this difficult to deal with. My advice to persons of this persuasion is to close your browser window and view a different web site. If on the other hand you like a good giggle and can accept opinions other than your own then please read on .... " How many times have I felt like this.... Nice work, I remember making 'ugly' alu bumpers for my Boomerang and adding extra shocks to it, live the childhood dream, just with a bigger wallet and your mum not yelling in your ear... P.
  3. For now it would seem mine is still the 'BO' Paul.
  4. Ironically (for Tamiya collectors) it has to do with the similarity between the real XR311 and Cheetah from M.T.I. by Lamborghini (which was copied from the XR311) and the legal wranglings surrounding it. more here: Throwing toys out of their pram... Paul.
  5. That is a beautiful car, really nice take on the Alpine Paul.
  6. Fox? You lost me! There was a Mk1 Fox too? P
  7. Hi there, Yes, I have one left only, quick, as it is first come first served. I may have another batch in 1-2 weeks. Best wishes, Paul.
  8. Looks like I will have to do it though Note : The pictures on the side of the box I just checked clearly show the three holes in the bumper. P.
  9. Due to popular demand, I have decided to do a few Scorcher Bodysets in chrome. These will contain stinger exhausts in chrome as well. I haven't been able to gauge interest in just the chrome stinger exhaust, but if you two want them, perhaps there would be more interest? Best wishes, Paul.
  10. No, in the UK I had access to a kind of scanner thing one of my customers used. Not sure exactly what its purpose was, but not in an airport. Since coming to Czech, I haven't got access to anything like this any more. P
  11. We can admit it was me Honestly, I didn't notice the decal mistake, but it is s curiosity. I might be able to swap it for you, I have an incomplete Cheetah body parts set somewhere and there would be a good one in there most likely. P.
  12. 90% of my shrink wrapped kits for sure I know contain the correct kits. I haven't had the others scanned since I got to Czech. Paul.
  13. I have been meaning to go through my kits for years, I have at least 4 original NIB Hotshots, with another one on the way as well, one of them is shrink wrapped (should I , shouldn' I?) to see if I have an original bumper version. Is there a way to tell from the outside of the box? I guess there isn't... P.
  14. Hmm, sounds like perhaps there was non standard paint on it. Have you any photos, it might be salvageable, but from what you said probably not. Paul.
  15. Shame to hear about the body, what has happened? Is it opaque, or warped, or just messy? Paul.
  16. Hi there It is only just coming up to the 2 year anniversary of the start of this thread. P.
  17. Great selection of models and nice upgrades You will need some special wheels for that re issue Scorcher though! Paul.
  18. Hi there, For one the price would be £12 Sterling, for two the price would be £22 Sterling. I can let go maximum 2 units. The price includes shipping to Australia. Best wishes, Paul.
  19. I will offer 600 Australian Dollars including shipping for it. Cash waiting. Shipping should cost about $70AU or so. Best of luck Paul
  20. It is a long way to swim, how about I post them instead Just kidding with you! Of course, I will post them using registered mail. I can accept Paypal. Paul.
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