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    Seven Random Models

    Great selection of models and nice upgrades You will need some special wheels for that re issue Scorcher though! Paul.
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    Differential Spur Gear

    Hi there, For one the price would be £12 Sterling, for two the price would be £22 Sterling. I can let go maximum 2 units. The price includes shipping to Australia. Best wishes, Paul.
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    For Sale - Bnib Fast Attack Vehicle (fav)

    I will offer 600 Australian Dollars including shipping for it. Cash waiting. Shipping should cost about $70AU or so. Best of luck Paul
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    Differential Spur Gear

    It is a long way to swim, how about I post them instead Just kidding with you! Of course, I will post them using registered mail. I can accept Paypal. Paul.
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    Rc V12 Engine

    This is the world's smallest V12 engine, it works and the makers plan to have them installed into 1/5th model cars. Manufacturer's website Now come on, how many of you want one? Paul.
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    Alu Bodies?

    Hi That just doesn't seem to add up... errmm? Paul.
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    Differential Spur Gear

    I have 4, I am not a shop, but a collector, however, I am reducing the number of duplicates I have. If you can't find them in Tony's store, and you still want a couple, please PM me. Best wishes, Paul.
  9. Great news One of the first things I did after checking the items for sale was go through the feedback and add all customers who gave you a neutral or negative rating to my own blocked bidders list People must learn not to throw their toys out of the pram and they don't deserve good sellers like Tony. I remember receiving a nice email straight away about the order cancellation and refund of payment, so I know Tony was being very decent with his customers and if they can't understand this, then I don't want them in my shop either. I recommend anyone who wants to use the last remaining tool for sellers to avoid bad buyers to do this! Paul
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    Carbon Fibre Srb Chassis For Sale

    Should be 8 in stock by the end of the week and those customers who have been able to pre order and pay have already bought 2 There still should be plenty for those who haven't paid yet! Paul.
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    Who's Head Is This ?

    That is my head, I had too much Vodka last night and I have a splitting head ache P.
  12. Now clearing last remaining The Falcon Stock, similar condition, all Hotshot gone and no intention to make again Will work on The Fox in place of plated wheels 50265. The Falcon Gold Plated Wheels
  13. HOTSHOT SUPERSHOT GOLD PLATED WHEELS ABSOLUTELY LAST REMAINING STOCK (SECONDS) Brand new gold plated Tamiya Hotshot/Supershot/Boomerang/Super Sabre wheels, still on the tree (seconds) Very similar to original Tamiya vintage part number 50266 which sells for over $100, I have for the last three years been plating Hotshot re issue wheels in gold for display models. I have completely sold out of this stock and have no intention of making any more of these, the last few sets sold in the last few days. However, during production, some wheels came out imperfect (those in the photograph are very representative of the sort of imperfections) or got damaged during transport etc (only chips in the finish, not grazes, cracks in the plastic etc) and I couldn't sell them as first condition. Now that I have sold all my perfect wheels, I am clearing all my stock at a ridiculous price, less than the cost price of the material plastic, let alone the cost of plating. You can buy as many as you want, pricing is as low as it will ever be and shipping is at cost. Items will be shipped wrapped properly to prevent further damage. They are imperfect, but in great condition for a runner, you may even be lucky and get a couple of good ones (one front, one rear) for display - but I can't select wheels for each individual customer, at this price, I will just pick the next one in the batch. As stated, however, this is the very last stock and the photo is very representative of the imperfections, which can include light edge chipping, faint crazing, dark/light patches. Note : These wheels are plated on the tree and the tree is included and attached to the wheels, unlike all more recent stock. You can buy from me directly, I have 14 sets at the time of writing, or buy from eBay on the link below. For Tamiyaclub.com members the price is £8.95 including delivery worldwide. eBay shop link (Hotshot Gold Wheels)
  14. That is wonderful Tony, I with you a quick return to business, you certainly have a lot of loyal customers. Send me a mail, I might be able to help you get stocked up with some parts as well. P.
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    Alu Bodies?

    Realism is important, it is nice to see these a little battered, but the expensive polished one would be a shame, after all, highly polished isn't realistic anyway for a runner, more of a show car really. You wouldn't want to bash that. But a nice painted one, a crawler, would look great with a few dings, after all, plastic scraps and cracks, but metal doesn't Incidently, 0.007" is only 0.2mm roughly, when 0.008" is the maximum gauge for aluminium foil. Are you sure about that dimension, because that sounds too thin to me! Paul.
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    Alu Bodies?

    I could try P.
  17. Yes, that is all I have. I haven't had any reports of any problems with my mail from anyone, has anyone out there had problems mailing me directly through private email (I don't mean PM!) Paul
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    Hilux Bodyset-exist?

    Hi there, If you mean the old bodyset, it is possible to still buy them vintage. Expect to pay $500 and above. Paul.
  19. Hi there, I emailed you recently, perhaps one of your old accounts, but I have found the mini kits, but they are made in Philippines, I think this is not what you want? Paul.
  20. @ SteelRat, I DEFINITELY don't want to see your car anywhere, as it is what the local Police use to chase me on the local racetracks (OK, well they call them roads) and I am used to seeing them in my rearview mirror. Keep that car out of the club On topic, I think the op has a point, this might be an RC forum, but the likelihood that members' interests cross with cars of normal scale is more likely than with, say, DJ equipment, or farm machinery (although there are some Belgians I know for whom that floats their boats.) The management seems to tolerate a certain amount of real car reference with personal vehicles and I think especially if you actually have a scale model for us to compare to your rig, it is a legitimate entry and I must sympathise with the annoyance of having people sending you unsolicited emails, as I used to get them all the time (until I stopped listing models, that is!) Paul.
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    Sinbin For Whats It Worth Threads?

    Actually I like this idea, a separate place for 'what it's worth' which can reduce problem in searching when looking for things of actual interest in the vintage forum. I suspect though, 'da management' like things how they are They aren't inflexible, but I guess things have been working and how many posts asking 'how much is this worth?' do we get anyway? P.
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    My First Restoration Avante 2001

    Very nice, I like the Avante colour/decal set too, but note that the Avante 2001 body is a little longer and perhaps this is why the problems with the decals? I still think the look of these cars are very Avant garde without being futuristic in say, the vein of the Saint Dragon, or Super Sabre, but in a more 'worldly' way (I can't put it better, maybe someone else can). What I mean is it looks human, not spacelike, but modern in a very appealing way. I used not to be a fan, way back (perhaps because I didn't have one?) but now I think it is one of the most beautiful buggies. I had better stop lest I soil myself Paul.
  23. Wow, that is a tough one for a bill that wasn't covered by insurance P.
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    Paypal Gift Function

    Hi guys, Firstly, if moderators want to move this, or don't like it, then please move or remove as required I get a lot of money each year from Paypal users, much of it through direct sales on this site. Whilst all payments through eBay using Paypal need to go through their merchandise/services system a fee applies (upto 3.9% for cross border transactions) because a lot of these are backed by credit cards (which charge Paypal) but there is a way to save fees for you and friends by using the Paypal gift option when buying things privately. I don't recommend doing this for large amouts of money, or to people who are unknown to you and even with some friends money can be tricky. Gifts are not backed by Paypal clawback (the ability for buyers to get their money back from sellers - for what it's worth anyway!) and some have small fees applied (maximum 1%, usually much less, or even nothing) and can be made in any currency. If you have a credit card Paypal account only and drain the account, you can't use this function. Paypal originally started it to keep the money in the system, because people were draining the accounts and frankly it costs paypal nothing to send money between their accounts, it only costs them if the money comes from a credit card in the first place. If you have money in the account or have it attached to a bank account (like the direct debit system in the UK, similar ones abroad) then you can use the Paypal gift function anywhere in the world. Most people pay me this way and you can receive other currencies with it. If you trust your seller, or want to send money to friends, for gifts, personal payments etc, use it, it is a very good way of saving money for yourself as well, as mosy sellers build this into their costs (I know I charge more on eBay, I have to, plus my Paypal fees at the end of the year are in the thousands). Cross border transactions between certain countries are charged at tiny rates, I know that it costs me a few YEN to send YEN to Japan and Dollars upto 1%. UK to UK and Euro to Euro for all countries I have tried have been virtually fee free, if not completely fee free. I must point out again, Paypal does not protect you as a buyer using this method, so only use it if sure. if you have money in your account or a bank account, then you can send money in the usual way, just look for this tab in the fields for payment: By the way, when browsing eBay for items abroad you will often see the cost quoted in your local currency by the item (lets say it is $100, they will show, lets say £70 on ebay.co.uk). Don't believe this for a second. This is not the rate that Paypal will give you, theirs isn't as good as even the credit card companies (even Amex is better) but a 'market rate', but since eBay have made Paypal the defacto method of payment for their site, this trick (making you think items are cheaper) is quite devious.