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  1. Facebook was/is useful to find a few mates from the old days. The whole 'wall' and 'poke me' nonsense is just that. Couldn't care less what someone knows about me, all they know is what I have said (the same goes here) and who knows what is really true, warped, plain lies etc? My age, name etc? Common knowledge. I have nothing to hide that I would ever admit to in public forum, so I am not that concerned myself! Personally i think the young owner should have taken the billion bucks and run a mile. Paul.
  2. Hmm, far as I am concerned, the scratched Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD wouldn't have bothered me... P.
  3. Yeah, but no one has better service than the upper Amexs, so many features etc. They can charge upto 7%, but this is only for small merchants, most bigger merchants pay ony 3.4 and less for the really big boys. Even M&S and J&L started to take them. For a while surcharges weren't allowed, but some companies levy them now. The truth is, I feel a bit sorry for credit cards in one respect. People have become very angry with them for making charges, which take money from the merchants, but the fact is, those merchants now have access to clients they would have never had access to before, because they can pay for larger items over time. Admittedly this system has been abused of late, but in principle it isn't a bad idea, properly managed. Paul.
  4. I have never known UK banks to surcharge on the credit cards I use, in fact the rates on Visa are superb in my experience (close to middle rares), Amex not so good (but the perks are unbelievable) and Paypal the worse, but not by much against Amex. P.
  5. It just occured to me, the most stupid thing I have ever done is join Tamiyaclub.com Paul.
  6. Yes, I have a Super Champ chassis with a Sand Rover shell, I imagine the Sand Scorcher re issue chassis could easily be fitted, but I haven't tried to be truthful. Paul.
  7. Yes, I agree, that is why I don't do it. The amount of non buyers I get is very small though. P.
  8. Some have stated (Wandy, for one!) that the Ranger and Super Champ will never be re issued, because Tamiya have: 1) used up all interest in the new chassis with the Scorcher and Buggy Champ 2) stick to maximum 2 cars per chassis re issue program. Paul.
  9. I am not sure that means he is, maybe that he cut and paste from their website for Malakite's benefit, however, if he is in the company, only the better, as he is a good chap P.
  10. That is a good question and cost was often what put people off the idea of a Scorcher/Rough Rider re issue. In fact the item turned out half as expensive as the estimates, Terry suggested, as did I, that it would have to retail for around $1000 and sell for around $500 online to be possible, as it turned out, they managed it for half that, but there were loads of quality and moulding compromises made (there are loads of people complaining about the blister glue, the shape of the Scorcher body etc, but I don't really want to turn this thread into an argument about that!). The Bruiser kit is twice the size easily, so if they were to remake it in the same vein as the Scorcher (in other words, using the old metal chassis and a very close body, rather than the new 3 speed chassis and a very close body) it would have a box more than twice the size in volume, 3 times the weight (at least, both of which add to international shipping costs for freight) and be way more expensive to make than the new Sand Scorcher. The Mountaineer retailed at 39000 YEN and the Scorcher at 19000 YEN, so the Bruiser we could extrapolate could easily cost more than twice as much to make nowadays than the new Scorcher, hence a retail price of $1000 and actual selling price of closer to $600. This pure idle speculation is wonderful Paul.
  11. Wow, what a choice, well that would certainly make a lot of people very happy! Aren't there more likely choices though? Paul.
  12. I am curious, do they charge a premium for 'sets'? Paul.
  13. Oh I agree, I hadn't used Russ's company before and haven't used Walawala in a year at least (I am all stocked up, it seems ) but the prices and the fact that they are in Europe seem to be a clincher for me. Paul.
  14. One thing I do is cruise the forums for info on bad buyers. One thing a seller can still do is ban bad buyers and they go straight on my blocked bidders list. You can have upto 1000 there Paul.
  15. I hold over ten thousand bearings in stock for my own use, so I like to know where they come from and get consistent quality Joaquim Assis is probably the best known seller for bearings, although there are other big concerns as well. Paul.
  16. Single cask Malts are great, but whilst they can be complex, blends are often superb drinks and surprisingly consistent over the years. Grand Marque Champagnes are almost always a blend of grapes, some of the best Cognacs are a blend of casks from the same house over many years, giving 100 year old barrels the chance to exist in a bottle that is affordable (well, at least one that doesn't need Christies or Sotherby's to sell it) OK, well I have really derailed this thread now... P.
  17. Hi guys, Firstly, if moderators want to move this, or don't like it, then please move or remove as required I get a lot of money each year from Paypal users, much of it through direct sales on this site. Whilst all payments through eBay using Paypal need to go through their merchandise/services system a fee applies (upto 3.9% for cross border transactions) because a lot of these are backed by credit cards (which charge Paypal) but there is a way to save fees for you and friends by using the Paypal gift option when buying things privately. I don't recommend doing this for large amouts of money, or to people who are unknown to you and even with some friends money can be tricky. Gifts are not backed by Paypal clawback (the ability for buyers to get their money back from sellers - for what it's worth anyway!) and some have small fees applied (maximum 1%, usually much less, or even nothing) and can be made in any currency. If you have a credit card Paypal account only and drain the account, you can't use this function. Paypal originally started it to keep the money in the system, because people were draining the accounts and frankly it costs paypal nothing to send money between their accounts, it only costs them if the money comes from a credit card in the first place. If you have money in the account or have it attached to a bank account (like the direct debit system in the UK, similar ones abroad) then you can use the Paypal gift function anywhere in the world. Most people pay me this way and you can receive other currencies with it. If you trust your seller, or want to send money to friends, for gifts, personal payments etc, use it, it is a very good way of saving money for yourself as well, as mosy sellers build this into their costs (I know I charge more on eBay, I have to, plus my Paypal fees at the end of the year are in the thousands). Cross border transactions between certain countries are charged at tiny rates, I know that it costs me a few YEN to send YEN to Japan and Dollars upto 1%. UK to UK and Euro to Euro for all countries I have tried have been virtually fee free, if not completely fee free. I must point out again, Paypal does not protect you as a buyer using this method, so only use it if sure. if you have money in your account or a bank account, then you can send money in the usual way, just look for this tab in the fields for payment: By the way, when browsing eBay for items abroad you will often see the cost quoted in your local currency by the item (lets say it is $100, they will show, lets say £70 on ebay.co.uk). Don't believe this for a second. This is not the rate that Paypal will give you, theirs isn't as good as even the credit card companies (even Amex is better) but a 'market rate', but since eBay have made Paypal the defacto method of payment for their site, this trick (making you think items are cheaper) is quite devious.
  18. Some bearings are still made in Japan, I have some, but the vast majority come from China, that is true. The Czech Republic also makes bearings, but high quality large ones usually for machinery, not smaller ones for RC applications. If you can wait, there is a chap in Macau who has good bearings and extremely cheap, but they take a couple of weeks to deliver because of the distance and he is busy. Very nice chap. Joaquim Assis is his name, he used to be the owner of Walawala, but that changed its name, I don't know why and I forgot the new shop name. If you search you will find them, the seller is prolific, by far the biggest seller on eBay from recollection. He himself states that the benefit of the shield on the rubber ones is minimal. Incidently, I just looked at the website Russ recommended and the prices look superb. All the best, Pau.
  19. BTW, you can just use the bodyshell and the parts from the tree you want in chrome, like the roof, which is a must in my opinion, then the rest you can easily strip like all Tamiya plated plastics to brand new and finish in your own way. Dishwasher not recommended by me, although others like it, but you can use caustic soda, which whips it off in seconds. Paul. PS : Looking at the whole set picture, I would certainly use the body, the roof, the dash and both sides of the spots, which would look great, as spots can be in chrome. The driver and the wheel you can leave, but I did the whole tree, as it is easy to strip if you want to and gives people the option to have a T-1000 driving their Buggy Champ
  20. I am not much of a photographer, some of the other photos came out grainy, so using macro which doesn't come out badly, I did this close up. It is good to have some detail in there, this was close at hand. It could have easily been a Cognac which I prefer I make my own now though, so no brand name on it! Paul.
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