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    were all gonna die someday

    A story (true) The other day I was browsing through a toy store in an Eastern European country and I stumbled across a Tamiya Porsche 935, which has sat on the shelf in that store since about 1980. I bought it (in local currency, original price) and decided it was never going to be built. Now I have said before that I love to build my models, which is the main reason I came back into modelling, but it seems like such a shame that something has been there so long and was now going to be ripped out of its' packaging and assembled! There are plenty of assembled ones out there and chaps like Radek (rad22rad) can make more out of a restoration than Tamiya experts can out of a boxed example, so why not leave it as a rare example of a boxed mint model Porsche from when these things were the cutting edge? Mine is, of course, dusty, but the box is 9/10, almost as good as out of the factory! I am unlikely to sell it either, although I do sell my items occasionally. Paul.
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    Question about re-releases

    Hello :-) I have just checked a Grasshopper Sprue and it has the date of COPYRIGHT, as stated, but also in one corner you can see a twin wheel, with the year and date of manufacture. The copyright date needs to remain the same, however, as they manufacture many of them, the date of actual PRODUCTION is stamped in this way. It is a little hard to read for those not used to it, but it takes the form of two wheels, one with the year, the other with the month and two little lines point to the correct date. This is common in plastics manufacturing (in fact, once you know they are there, you will find them everywhere, inside your fridge, the battery cover of you television remote control! This brings up an interesting point, by way of discussing copyright. Although Tamiya keep their cards close to their chest, it is my belief that they are resurrecting certain models because of copyright timings. It would be VERY EASY for unscrupulous Far East manufacturers to remould of plastic parts and release models once the copyright has expired. These models would be LEGAL for distribution, provided the Tamiya logo and registered product name is removed. This is why you will often see intellectual property owners re release songs/videos on or before anniversaries of copyrights to get their last cash in before it goes public. It is remarkable how much is in the public domain. For example, as long as you don't take the remastered editions (remastering constitutes a recopyright in many countries) you can copy most any Elvis song and many others besides! Now I am WAAAAAAAY off topic and apologise to any moderators ;-) Paul.
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    Bigwig unlikely for re release in my opinion. Its nickname (big pig) suggests a handling and weight not suitable for modern fun radio controlling :-) It also was expensive and came with a Technigold motor, which is no longer in production and would anyway make it too expensive. Looks like Tamiya want to keep the re releases cheap. I reckon Boomerang is next! Paul.
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    Question about re-releases

    Hello fellow mad people :-) I think we can rule out most any metal chassis or early truck re releases, especially since the manufacturing costs are quite high in comparison to the fully plastic models. That counts out the 934,935 Countachs etc and I would say every buggy upto and including the Super Champ is pretty unlikely. I also think the frog is unlikely as a re release. In order to re release they are not considering the value of a Frog to a collector, because there are precious few of us. Granted they already have most of the tools, but in order to make distribution worth while, they would have to sell tens of thousands. A Frog with its metal parts, cute though it is, will not attract those other purchasers outside the collectable arena. There are licencing issues which also make re releases difficult. For example, I hear Porsche and Tamiya fell out for a while over the 959, which means they neither have mould nor licence for that body. Modern techniques aside, the cost of re making those moulds could easily make six figures. The 959 being so complicated and including a Technigold would also make it tricky to re release. I think the Hotshot is a little early to re release (yes I know it is later than the Hornet, but its construction is a little dated, although it is a great model), personally I see the Boomerang next as a 4WD, as that was a largely plastic 4WD based on Hotshot technology. It also fits nicely into a price bracket making distribution and potential customer quantity higher. Maybe then a Wild One. It is all just speculation!
  5. How about a couple of new forum titles, perhaps one for painting advice, another for restoration advice? If you think there would be too many forums, a couple of 'ambiguous' threads could be consolidated. Any thoughts? Paul.
  6. I have a Wild Dagger with the MTronics Super Truck (11 turn twin motor limit) running two Super Stock Motors, fully ballraced, alloy shocks and 20T pinions (the maximum for the Wild Dagger). Not much to look at, but the tyres don't seem to last very long for some reason ;-)
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    grasshopper re-release

    Lunchbox :-)
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    Fastest rc car on tc club

    Hello :-) My first post on tamiyaclub.com although I have been wandering around aimlessly for a while! Hello to you all, I have actually met quite a few guys here and everyone seems very nice. I would just like to point the finger of skepticism at that video of a boat doing 127 MPH. I can't imagine a drive train capable of taking the power required for that speed! It does look fast, but lets not forget this is a scale model! When you race cars, they appear to go much faster than they really are, 20-25 kmph is actually quite fast, especially for a beginner with an off road buggy bouncing all over the place! Perhaps we should have scale and engine classes and run competitions when the members meet. For example I have a GT1 Nitro (unbuild, but not for long! 44006) 1/8th which even from stock parts should blow away almost anything 1/10, especially electric. Also method of calculation is important. EG, driving next to the model in question is not a reliable way to calcluate speed. GPS (mentioned by someone else) also seems less than accurate. Shouldn't it really be radar or laser gun measured? Comments :-) ?