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  1. It is tricky the Chile bit, as with the exception of France (where parcels haven't been delivered, but have ended up returned to me) South America, including Chile, Mexico and Argentina are the three countries I have had difficulty shipping to. It might have even been to you (not accusing, by the way, it isn't an accusation!) The trouble is partly my fault regarding recognition. You see I deal with so many people, some I would define as good buyers who are polite and pleasant, but they don't want to enter into a 'friendship' so to speak, just maintain good terms. Others are frothing at the mouth to talk about Tamiya (I won't name any names Badboy...!) and others just want an arms length community, which is also fine, we can't be friends with every single person when there are 10s of thousands. Others are good mates I have met, or chat to regularly about this and that and occasionally Tamiya. The problem with recognition is some people have one Tamiyaclub.com sig, another eBay one, an email address that is similar to neither and a normal human person name and connecting the dots is sometimes hard - for example, someone I have known for years, I only recently joined the dots and realised what his eBay username was. You see, I knew his first name (he signs off this way) and I knew someone with that name buys loads of stuff from me on eBay (but lots of people have that first name) and his email address had nothing to do with his TC sig or eBay nick for that matter (does this make sense?) I am sure I know all the peeps on my list (by the way, you MUST ALWAYS RECIPROCATE, it doesn't automatically do both lists) and even more sure there are loads of great chaps I know who aren't on it, which doesn't mean I am not happy to be associated with them When they were thinking of implementing it, the powers (OK, well, close enough, Andy!) told me that it was an attempt at a sort of 'backdoor eBay feedback system' if memory serves, so the idea is that you should only add those you have good relations/dealings with and not just try and get a big long list! Over all the time and all the people I have annoyed over the years (!) I am pleased to say I have only had one major falling out and although I am sure the other chap feels differently, that was all a misunderstanding and I felt I sorted it out. Paul.
  2. Hi, I rarely do auctions anymore, but I do BIN items which have been bought and then not paid for. It is quite irritating, as I relist the item then get floods of questions from people asking why I relisted it, what happened, is it the same etc (despite having this text in the advert) There isn't much that can be done about people doing it, but I have been told after buying something that I live somewhere where they don't ship, for example and although I have a network set up to handle this freight in the US and UK for example, some won't even allow that, so they might end up relisting if they won't budge on shipping here. That said, I never check up to see! P.
  3. HOTSHOT SUPERSHOT GOLD PLATED WHEELS ABSOLUTELY LAST REMAINING STOCK (SECONDS) Brand new gold plated Tamiya Hotshot/Supershot/Boomerang/Super Sabre wheels, still on the tree (seconds) Very similar to original Tamiya vintage part number 50266 which sells for over $100, I have for the last three years been plating Hotshot re issue wheels in gold for display models. I have completely sold out of this stock and have no intention of making any more of these, the last few sets sold in the last few days. However, during production, some wheels came out imperfect (those in the photograph are very representative of the sort of imperfections) or got damaged during transport etc (only chips in the finish, not grazes, cracks in the plastic etc) and I couldn't sell them as first condition. Now that I have sold all my perfect wheels, I am clearing all my stock at a ridiculous price, less than the cost price of the material plastic, let alone the cost of plating. You can buy as many as you want, pricing is as low as it will ever be and shipping is at cost. Items will be shipped wrapped properly to prevent further damage. They are imperfect, but in great condition for a runner, you may even be lucky and get a couple of good ones (one front, one rear) for display - but I can't select wheels for each individual customer, at this price, I will just pick the next one in the batch. As stated, however, this is the very last stock and the photo is very representative of the imperfections, which can include light edge chipping, faint crazing, dark/light patches. Note : These wheels are plated on the tree and the tree is included and attached to the wheels, unlike all more recent stock. You can buy from me directly, I have 14 sets at the time of writing, or buy from eBay on the link below. For Tamiyaclub.com members the price is £8.95 including delivery worldwide. eBay shop link (Hotshot Gold Wheels)
  4. It could go on the SRB chassis.... Plus yes, I would buy them It has gotten so bad, Mr Tamiya is on my list of second credit card holders. he gets a new one of mine everytime mine runs out, along with the wife etc. P
  5. I read this thread with a Super Sabre in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. The Super Sabre is half assembled and the recently defiled box is to my right. The model is greased, oiled and will soon be ready to run, but I have 3 more Super Sabres which are used, so I guess this all answers a few questions: Yes people build cars from boxed kits (I am doing one now, although I needed to put down both the car and the screwdriver to type this!), some people fully lube their models even when they know they are unlikely to be run (well, I can't see me selling this and I have 3 working used models, so I can't see a good reason...) You can't clear coat lexan bodies, however, what I have done when restoring older 'new builds' when the decals are peeling is using very carefully cut clear sheet decal from the edges to 'tape' down the edges of the decals that are peeling. It is invisible even to a very picky modeller unless you get extremely close. My good friend Radek (Rad22Rad - The Alloy wheel chap and builder of the Tamiyaclub.com community Scorcher) has every single model with batteries and radio ready to go at a moments notice and he is not afraid to run any of his models! He is very brave! Paul.
  6. China has nothing to do with it. Time to start backpedalling... P.
  7. Wandy, you are usually a source of reason in this world, but I can't let the comment about the Sand Rover and Holiday buggy go by unchallenged The chassis was great, except the front shocks, rear gearbox and openness that allowed every bit of the road to get into the electrics It was as if they didn't want them to last the weekend! My information tells me this will not be reissued, but as the Scorcher and Buggy Champ told us, never say never. Regarding the Porsche 959, you are quite right, this is my information too, that they would struggle, but lets be frank, myself and another chap called Terry who was hitherto infallible (I am not suggesting we are in the same infallible league, simply that we both made the same mistake) said they would never re issue the SRB and until I heard the news I believed it would never happen. It has been hinted that I know a little about the re issue plans. I do actually know there will be some startling news this year, but I have to say that I haven't even told my wife, so sorry guys, keep guessing The truth is, however, anyone could make the comment above, it could be discounted as pure speculation, or an attempt to get some glory if some exciting news happened to also come out, so draw your own conclusions. Now I said ruomours were dangerous! Now if that isn't worse than Chris's Scorcher re issue hoax, I don't know what is! Paul.
  8. It is better to grind it down with paper. Even normal wood sandpaper will do the job Paul.
  9. One thing I should point about those is that during the long run of production of the SRB and Super Champ chassis, the very small gap between the very front screw holes and the front edge of the plate changed ever so slightly. I make my plates as long as they can be, with these holes in the right position (they fit on my chassis) but for some chassis they need 30 seconds of rubbing down just at the very front to fit in. I could make them very slightly shorter to accommodate all chassis, but then they would be weaker for the others. We are talking about a tiny amount here and I have only had experience with a small percentage of people having to grind it down ever so slightly. Paul.
  10. Very insightful, Willy. Most of that is 100% true. There is never an end. Most collectors won't admit this to even their own wives, but believe me. it is true. Let me put it this way, I am considering the purchase of a house next door just for the storage (of course it is an investment as well, but in reality, I don't need the house for anything other than its size and proximity to me) Paul.
  11. Great Incidently, I commend what you are doing, it is a good idea, especially for newcomers, plus it is hard to get to grips with it if you haven't been around for a while. I may sound churlish, sometimes I do, sorry if you felt hurt! It is difficult to get the right tenor on emails/internet forums sometimes... I had a smile (not a smirk or grin) on my face when I wrote it! P.
  12. Rumours are dangerous I started to go through the list, the first 3 are all wrong (I didn't bother going further) clearly more work needed Neither of those have the original chassis, or something even closely resembling it. Any TTG is never going to be a re issue / re release. The 935 and 935 share no common parts, even on the body, etc. etc. Paul.
  13. He sold the lot. He had a shop in New Jersey, which he closed and sold all his cars. The last contact I had with him was about a week ago. I have quite a few of his cars in my collection. Paul.
  14. I have loads of Countach original chassis, if you want one, I can discuss a nice price for you including shipping to where you are based. Sorry if mentioned before, but 92200/92201 (XBTT01/DF03-RA) Castrol Celica '93 and 92203/92204 (XBTT01/DF03-RA) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Iv Monte Carlo both re issue bodies on the TT01 XB or DF03-RA assembly platform.
  15. Hi I have shipped at least a week ago and also emailed you! Looking for more parts for you on Mini 4WD. Best wishes, Paul.
  16. As well as space to store them. There are urban legends for all types of hobby, personally I think 10,000 is a stretch. The volume alone would be incredible. Paul.
  17. It seems I would be rude not to answer this one! I considerably slowed down/stopped listing my models about a year or so ago. This coincided with my collection getting rather large to manage, personal time constraints, the implementation of a rule on the showrooms which I didn't like at the time (which I have later grown to understand) and rather a lot of hate mail (which has also gone down considerably). My current showroom stats don't really show the true extent of my collection, this is the case for other big collectors as well. I know many of the big collectors out there, including a few who don't participate in this forum or the showrooms on the main website for varied reasons. Regarding the real stats, I am not aware of anyone who has a collection anywhere close to 5 figures (in terms of quantity of cars, not value), my general understanding from the large collectors I know is collections in this field range between 1000 and 2000 models in single, privately owned collections (by this I mean one person, not a company, more on this later). I know one chap currently renovating a 1700 square foot warehouse to make a private museum and I myself have a 550 square foot hobby room, which is more storage than display at the moment. As for myself? The quantity of models is, as you say, unimportant, but I have a varied collection (NIB, used, display and rare/unusual) of many manufacturers (mostly Tamiya however, as they are the most prolific manufacturer) and I have well over 1500 models in total. My online showroom represents less than 1/5th, or 20% of my actual collection and isn't really upto date either (I need to work on this when I have more time). There are many models still missing from my showroom and sometimes when you come across a single entry of mine, there are 3,4,or even 8 cars hiding behind that single listing. I haven't listed my NIB BMW Brabham BT50s for instance, but if I did, I would instantly double the number on Tamiyaclub.com. Olivier, for example (a private man, so I will only state here what is known publicly by his own choice) has converted a large garage to store his models and with a bit of guesswork you could come up with a figure of models that might be close to the number in his collection by looking at the photos and extrapolating a figure. We also need to be wary of collections that look large because someone has owned all those models, but not at the same time, or amalgamated collections (there are at least 2 of these I know of on Tamiyaclub.com), or those with distributor/trade access which make certain collections look much larger than they are. Equally, there are collections which include models which have been sold many times since listing (at one time, the same NIB Avante appeared 3 times in the stats, although I owned it when I listed it myself. I can be unintentionally guilty of this also, as some models I have sold are still in my showroom, as well as models missing that I haven't listed yet) I decided some time ago to become part of the community and whilst I respect some of the large collection owners wish to remain anonymous (I know some of the reasons also) I think someone should represent this part of the community, even if it is me! Envy is one of the deadly sins but so is Pride, which can easily be attributed to someone who has a exceptional example of anything, be it wealth, collection size etc. I have always respected certain collectors' desire to own perfect examples of kit boxes, for example, but I have never seen it my goal to own only perfect examples of kits, after all, patina is one of the things that can distinguish a re issued kit from the original in the first place. There are plenty of re issue kits if you want a perfect box and colour. In terms of costs for certain models? I know of single models changing hands for figures in excess of $10K, which makes a NIB Toyota Hilux look like a bargain by comparison. Collecting is also rarely limited to just one thing, for example, I also collect antique pianos, natural fancy coloured diamonds and automatic watches (something I share coincidentally, but not surprisingly with at least one other big well known collector). Enjoy collecting and as with everything in life, don't be envious, there is always someone with more/better, but their life may lack in other areas. Be thankful for what you do have. Always. I am. Paul PS : Edit, thanks Jerome, I type very fast and make many mistakes, I should proof read better
  18. Or as Jimmy Wales should have said: "Imagine a world in which every single fool on the planet is given free access to the sum of all moronic rantings."
  19. That is the problem with wikipedia, the whole point is now the whole world has a soap box. Unfortunately that means everyone. "They made a new series from XB calld XB Gravel Hound. It has big suspension so it can handle the roughest territories!" Yep, that is dedication
  20. Welcome It has been said many times, leave your wallet at the door! You can start a showroom, just go to www.tamiyaclub.com and in the top right hand corner there will be a 'join/log in' button. Paul.
  21. OK, now it makes sense. That bag doesn't belong in any of the kits, including the Egress itself, although it contains Egress parts. It is part of the Avante - Egress conversion kit. Includes Carbon Fibre Chassis, etc etc. Paul.
  22. This is very true, if it was built ages ago the greases could be really bad, so it is better to strip it, clean and lubricate it again. Also it is worth checking the shock oil as well. Paul.
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