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  1. Yeah, that is probably a better way to put it :-) What I really meant is that in my experience, they have been mostly hopeless, but there are notable exceptions! Flying a plane is a reach for most people, even some pilots apparently... Paul. TOPIC CLOSED - the original psts have been restored to make reading thru easier, let's just leave it there.
  2. No, that part isn't on the Blackfoot. Nice idea with the bumper sticker though
  3. That is an Egress stabiliser (Avante has a slightly different shape), but not sure what those other parts are doing in there, they don't belong, has the bag been opened? P.
  4. Amen to that, Willy It is like expecting the people in a travel shop to know how to fly the plane nowadays! Paul.
  5. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to predict this, so happily I managed to copy and paste all the text, so the curious amongst us can understand what everyone was one about I was in the middle of replying to remind Willy that he is an ex banker.... The following are not my words "Quite randomly at work today a bloke comes through the door carrying a Tamiya Toyota Hilux box. He drops it on the counter and asks if any of us (staff) were interested in buying it from him. I took a quick look over the car and said I probably wouldnt give him much more than a tenner. The bloke says is that alls its worth then and then says that if thats all he can get for it he'll just give it away so I happily agree and take it off his hands for no money at all. Took a look over it after he left and it seems to be in very good shape with all its original parts intact however covered in almost 20 years of grease and dirt. The shell has seen better days by the looks of things there are some very deep scratches all over it and looks to be painted with enamel paints in some areas. Also came with a handful of rear tyres, the ones fitted are Scumachers, there were some oversized padlatraks but they were almost bold and were perished so I tossed those into the bin. there are also some Tamiya branded tyres which look pretty much new. Had an overlander 1300mah nicad in the box which I also tossed into the bin. Box is rather tatty and crushed in many areas but thankfully it still comes with the original manual which is in readble condition. Anyway I dont know anything about this model so im hoping to get some info on how well it performs and if its worth restoring to runner condition. Also what body shells fit this apart from the Hilux and the Nissan king cab? So did I get a good deal and is it worth much if I strip and cleaned her up? " End of original first post by Alvarez. The following texts are chronological replies. Cheers. I was curious about those Tamiya tyres they did look very familiar to me. I'll certainly take note about not using them and instead just clean them all up. I will probably look at buying some different wheels and tyres to use for running, any ideas on what shells will fit this thing? Over the next couple of days im going to completely strip and clean every part and install a Tamiya ESC, the period Acoms radio gear looks like its working fine but I dont trust those old MSC so that will come out and go in the spares box. Also great to see a fellow Brighton resident :] --- I do work in a model shop :] I said a tenner as to be honest the guy looked half drunk and could barely get a full sentance out. Also I only glanced over the car and from a quick look it looked very poor being covered in filth and me also not knowing anything about this chassis. But after getting it home and giving it a thorough going over its in fantastic condition everything is almost new, the diff feels fine there are no cracks in any of the plastic. I did indeed get lucky, And im well chuffed he gave it to me for free as if he did want a tenner for it I wouldnt be able to pay him as I didnt have a tenner on me lol --- QUOTE(Olly_Lunchbox @ May 1 2010, 04:56 PM) * Back pedalling indeed. Either way you cut it Alvarez you ripped that guy off good and proper - you might as well have stolen it from him and you know it. You've been using this forum long enough to know an older Tamiya with box is worth more than a tenner. What are you looking for here - absolution for being a bad word? Is that the Modelzone code of practice or did you just decide to take him for a ride all by yourself? It's a shame because for some reason Modelzone doesn't seem to enjoy great patronage from TC members and stuff like this will not help. In fact the area manager for Modelzone in the south of England is a user of this forum and has, in the past, started his own thread to try to generate interest and discussion in Modelzone. It's stuff like this that I think keep people away from Modelzone. Some say it's the prices but to be honest I can live with high prices within reason but when the staff of said shop come on internet forums revealing themselves to be complete jerks then what can you say? Except - Don't go in Modelzone (particularly south coast ones) unless you want to be treated like a fool. Yeah, you keep telling yourself that and then if you ever do develop a conscience it won't intrude on your behaviour. Oh back off man dont start harping on about guff like that if you wasnt there at the time. I was also with other members of staff who also viewed the item, I was not however the one that consulted him with it I was just offered it as a free item when he knew that trying to sell it was to much of a hassle. I honestly had no knowledge on this car and neither did the guy that brought it in. He was hoping to off load it for anything he could get, he wasnt interested in selling it on Ebay as he didnt even own a computer, he was hoping to flog it to the local cash converter but they wouldnt accept it. He then said he'll just go down the local pub and swap it for a free pint with any of the chaps in there. At that point he turned to us (staff) and asked if we would take it of his hands for free. I said I would take it with the intentions of restoring it. So I would appreciate it if you would retract your statement as I have on many occations turned away many people like him in favor of them getting good money for their Bruiser or Scorcher on the internet. This particular chap just wanted it gone and he didnt care how or to who and if nobody would have taken he was going to just sling it into the nearest skip. Thank you. --- Thanks. I really didnt want it to turn out like that either. My intentions for taking off him were honest as I wanted it to go to someone that would look after it and restore it. I feared that it might end up in someones hands that would just destroy the thing by throwing it around a skatepark. I really want to tidy her up and get her into a fit running condition. The gentleman that gave it to me said he was given it by the local locksmith who found it in his shed. Given that it was given to a chap that had no clue what it was or what it did I feel I saved it from a horrible death. I really did want to give him some money for it, even when he was saying he would just take it down the pub to get rid of it in my head I was saying dont let this guy walk out with it! I had absolutely no money on me and if I did I would happily have given a tenner or two for the sake of it. But thankfully the chap reconsidered and said it would probably be best of in our hands with people that knew how to deal with it. He left very happy with himself and I said thank you. I ment no ill harm by taking off his hands and I dont intend to sell it to make any gain from it. I want to honestly restore it and have it in a great condition so I can use it along with the rest of my cars. I did as you said and did some backlog search on ebay and am glad to see some parts are still avaliable for it, Id really like a new shell as I dont think this ones in a restorable condition and is badly cracked along most of the edges and roof. It appears to be quite a good chassis as far as I can see by looking at the showrooms on TC. I apologise for offending any people on here I guess I should have worded it correctly in my original post. I didnt try to con the guy and I was about to let him walk away with it until he just handed it to me. I also apologise for Modelzones lack of interest in RC of coming years, unfortunately MZ as a company dosnt see RC as a profitable market as much as it used to, We are constantly competing with the internet and on a daily basis I turn away customers who ask for basic things like glow plugs or car parts because we just cant stock it anymore. I have sent requests to our buyer to stock a better range of Tamiya cars the other week (included cars like DB01, DT02, DF03, CC01) but I feel it was neglected. Sorry is all I can say, However if you want a static model plastic kit or a micro helicopter we have you covered. --- End of replies I am not sure he works for a model shop though, as anyone who works for a shop that deals with batteries knows they need to be disposed of properly, not tossed in the bin. Paul.
  6. The Blackfoot has a diff., just like the Monster Beetle, it has different tyres without the spikes (in one of your pictures the tyres are the wrong way round) and the Monster Beetle has gold plated wheels and yellow shocks. The Blackfoot wheels are not plated and it has black shocks. The front wheels in the first picture don't suit either car, they belong to something else, I forget which, another Blackfoot later model, Super Blackfoot, I think. You have alloy aftermarket shocks there and some kind of alloy aftermarket rear stabiliser... The white bumpers don't belong there either, as they are the wrong colour Overall it is a bit of a mish mash, but a nice one. I suspect it was put together from parts, but you can never be sure. There is no need to get everything 'box art' or as Tamiya intended, just get a motor plate, paint it properly, put the tyres on pointing in the right direction and have fun! Paul.
  7. Very nice that looks and fills a gap in the market now that Awesome alloys no longer make the Twinset type alloy chassis. How much does it weigh and how thick is the plate? Paul.
  8. My cars have specific wipers, I am not aware of any generic manufacturers for them
  9. I don't have a choice what windscreen wipers I put on my car!
  10. I agree, you have to replace wipers way more often than that, seeing out the windscreen isn't optional Paul.
  11. I have to +1 that, I love the look of the Boomerang bumpers and bought 2, I am eagerly anticipating their arrival! One for a Super Sabre and the other for a Boomerang I think... Paul.
  12. Delighted to hear it postal services! P.
  13. Hi there, I have loads of Blitzer Beetle bodies and sets left over from my chrome and gold plating work and they are just gathering dust (well not literally!) Plus, if they get smashed in the post (like the last one did) I send out another one... Hope that doesn't happen though! Takes about a week to Oz, or NZ.
  14. Not sure if this counts, as I didn't pay the bill, but here goes: I bought an off the shelf 996Cab2S a few years ago (not by order, technically second hand, demo model, but new to all intents and purposes) and keep it parked in my garage for a week, only pootling about a few miles for fun in London. I bought the car to take on a tour of Europe with my wife in the summer, maybe it was 2005 or thereabouts. Being a safety first kind of person, just the day or so before the trip, I took the car back to the garage, only 1 mile from my home in East London to get it the quick once over before the 1700km in a day trip to Czech, followed by a summer holiday (this was when I didn't live in Czech). Anyone who knows the roundabout where the A12/A102 intersects with the A11 knows there are lots of roads just before and just after the main roundabout exits and a van pulled out just after the Eastbound A11 exit and I had to brake hard. The £500 15 or so year old Nissan Micra behind me didn't. The rear end of my car was smashed and I insisted to my insurers, with the help of a solicitor, that I get given a Carrera for my 6 week holiday starting the very next day. The bill for the rental of the Carrera Cab4S (which is what I got) was £22,000 roughly, plus the insurer of the fault driver had to pay 10% depreciation on the value of my new car, because it had been in an accident, plus the £4,000 repairs, plus the repair of his own car. That was quite a lot of money, somewhat over £30K at the end of it all. Paul. Now just imagine what would happen if Hong Kong's garage burnt down?
  15. It would be great to work with both of you I came across .50 Calibre a couple of months ago when I dealt with the owner, a really nice feller. Thanks for recommending me, some of my chromies and the carbon fibre chassis plates should fit nicely there! P.
  16. Just came back from the Post Office, they wanted 70 Euros for 71 Euros worth of goods....so Back home, just split it into two parcels and am shipping again in 10 minutes. Oh what fun.... Paul.
  17. I understand. I have received payment, thank you. I had conjunctivitis for the last 3 days, could hardly open my eyes yesterday morning... Shipping would have happened today, but so busy with reallife, not elife, but it will be done tomorrow morning. Best wishes, Paul.
  18. They look fine, this is an international forum though, so you should offer some international shipping options. Go to www.royalmail.com to find out the prices, the weight is quite high, so don't shoot yourself in the foot, but airmail to Europe should be reasonable enough.
  19. Thanks for the link, found it!
  20. Hi and thanks for the effort, I would love to have a look! You need to use the link button, as there are over 1000 Tamiya trucks. Go to the page yourself, cut/copy the letters/words/numbers address in the top of the window and edit your post, or write another one with this in the memory. Click the button with a plus in it (the first one, just after the smiley drop down) and paste the address into there. That way we can find it much more easily Paul.
  21. 12 arrived on my doorstep this morning. Ordered them maybe 6 months ago P.
  22. Hi, As per the email I sent I am collating things for you :-) thanks, P.
  23. Anyone tested them yet on the old style SRBs and Super Champs? P.
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