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  1. Hey mr nice, My only breakage of the day and you managed to get it on video ( 28 seconds into the first video ) - nice work! Just a lost wheel nut from the Stadium Gator - looks impressive to see the wheel bouncing away, but it was soon back on track and in among the action again. I wouldn't show your insurance company the second video though - your premium may go up! Raffle was won by Simon - Smitchos - lucky boy walked away with the brand new Wild One kit.
  2. Yes - also had a great day at the Tamiyaclub meet myself today. Been there - got the T-shirt! Great to put a face to many of the names which are familiar from the Tamiyaclub site and forum. Big thank you to Chris and his team of merry helpers - they've done a wonderful job today keeping us fed and watered. Thoroughly enjoyed putting in a lot of laps with various vehicles - the Lunchbox / Pumpkin race particularly was an epic!! If your hesitating about going over tomorrow then just grab a few cars and get over there - you'll have a great time. I know many of the guys racing today were coming back for the second day so you're bound to be in good company. Oh - and a big thanks to JWeston for reuniting Willy with his welly!!
  3. The Blackfoot III chassis is effectively just a 2WD Wild Dagger chassis. The front gearbox assembly having been replaced with a "dummy" unit to presumably cheapen the the kit price. The bodyshell will fit just fine and look just like a Blackfoot III does. There's no issues there.
  4. Do you know we've totally overlooked the TT-01 chassis as being ideal for this situation. There's an absolutely huge number of them out there, often as cheap as chips and ideal as a 4WD car park racer.
  5. Try searching ebay for Tamiya Mini Cooper - I just tried that on ebay.com as I'm guessing you're in the USA and got at least one second hand M-05 Rover Mini. I personally prefer the looks of the genuine British Rover Mini to the later BMW Mini but if you have no preference there seems more of the BMW body shelled version about. Avoid the M-01 though - not nearly as tough as the M-03 ( I've never owned an M-05 to comment ). Your $100 very nearly pushes to a new kit too. Checking out the completed auctions shows quite a few Tamiya Minis have been sold through ebay recently - you may just have to wait a bit longer for the right one for you to come along.
  6. You only have to pay a Royal Mail handling fee if there is a customs charge to be collected. No customs charge then no fee regardless of the size of the order.
  7. You would be hard pushed to beat a Tamiya M-Chassis Rover Mini Cooper as an on road fun vehicle. Loads and loads of them on ebay at any time usually. Best avoid the M-01 chassis as it's too old now but you should be able to pick up a decent secondhand M-03 or M-05 chassis version for your money.
  8. Correct - if there are no customs / VAT charges to collect then there is no Royal Mail handling fees to pay either. You shouldn't have any extra to pay on your small order. And Mr Crispy - if you've been incorrectly charged import fees then get in contact with the customs office that dealt with the import - contact details will be on the customs charge sticker attached to the parcel. It's not unknown for them to confuse currencies, particularly where customs declarations have been handwritten, but once supplied with a copy of the sales details to prove purchase price and currency they will correct their error and refund any monies paid.
  9. For purchases of less than £15 in value there is no import VAT or customs duty to pay. Go HK and save the money if you can wait a few days longer for delivery. If you need it quick support Modelsport. reference the HMRC website guide for international post users, section 2.2 / 2.3: http://customs.hmrc....=HMCE_CL_000014
  10. Thread-jack away mate - It's interesting stuff. Think I've found the wheels in use on a G.V. Predator truck as suggested so great information - cheers.
  11. Nobody else recognises them either eh?! I'm beginning to feel better about my ignorance now!! Size and tread pattern is similar to Lunchbox tyres if that's any help. It's a proper mystery!!
  12. Can anybody ID these wheels / tyres for me. No hub markings - no tyre lettering - nothing to give me a clue. Blackfoot sized, all with 12mm hex hubs. Do you recognise them? What are they off? I'm tidying and they need to go !! Cheers Richard
  13. Is that Shakespeare's Stratford in the heart of England? Did you find this place modelRCshop almost in the centre of town. You can practically see it from the Shakespeare theatre, behind British Home Stores ( BHS ).
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