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  1. Sure is a QD Monster Beetle. One of the first cars i bought. Upgraded with oildampers it runs good on uneven ground now.

  2. Is that a QD monter beetle for your avatar?

  3. Really looking forward to building mine. I´m of for a vacation for a month or so. So it´ll have to wait though.
  4. I dont think any Swedish shop carries the HB, or any Tamiya actually now. We had one who went belly up some time ago. Correct me Badboy, or anyone else from Sweden here. I surely could buy from a UK dealer, since i´d not have to worry about taxes at least. I actually just didnt think about that.
  5. I have old unused 934 tires, still NIB that are soft and have no cracks. Also a pair of original XR311 tyres, they are soft also. Actually, all my vintage tyres, are crack free(that sounded wrong somehow), after some 15-20 years. Except my Bush Devil, and when i come to think of my Monster Beetle. Those tyres are badly worn and also has cracks in the wall. But the rubber Tamiya uses must be of very high quality. Keeping them out of direct sun helps also i guess.
  6. Darn it´s fast. It looked like it almost wheelied when you floored it. And only a Sporttuned!!!
  7. Ok, i think i´ll stick with the "store discharged" and charge full each time. Discharge before charging. Basically what i´ve been doing with my old pack, and it seems to have worked fine. Thanks guys!
  8. I had to cut into the Grasshopper shell, to make room for the dampers. Not that much though. Perhpas they´ll could fit anyway, but the instructions said to trim the shell somewhat.
  9. Best pack i have is an old Tamiya 1700SCR Racing Pack, that came with a used F102 FW14 i bought. It has been great. Excellent punch and runtimes. So even though there are monster Ni-Mh pack at 5000Mah or more out there, i scored 2new 1700MP Ni-Cd packs, the short ones that fits the Tyrell 6-wheeler. I also got a new Tamiya 1200 Racing pack for 10$, new in box and all, never charged. Anyway, i read alot online about Ni-Cd care, and some say this and some say that. What do you guys think is the best way to take care of these packs. 1: First charge. Fast, slow 2: Should i leave the pack partially charged when in storage, or charge it up, and then recharge it once a month or so. The 1700pack i have, has had a lot of "abuse". But it has allways come back for more.
  10. I´ll give it a try with a freshly charged pack out in the open soon. If it fails, i´ll leave it on the shelf for this season. Sure is annoying though. All of the search results online that came up with similar problems, was people with brushless systems. They seemed to experience this cogging, or stutter in some cases. Now i´ll focus on my newly arrived Holiday Buggy!
  11. Tried a good pack, but basically the same. Perhaps i had to hold it down a bit harder before the stutter began. Well, must be something with the ESC...
  12. Just some clarification. I think "cogging" is the right term. I used a NI-Mh 3300Mah that i havent used for 2 years. I have very occasionally chared it, once a year perhaps. I think i charged it a while ago. Dont remember if i got it fully charged at that time. I did get the SS moving pretty good with the pack, in the beginning at least. So it wasnt all empty. The other pack i switched to was a 1500Mah Ni-Cd that didnt take charge at all with my Piranha Peak Charger. "Open Circuit" came up after a little while. Tried with a more "dumb" charger, and there it took charge, after a while. So that battery cant be trusted, yet at least. I hope to get it going after a while. But the TEU101 doesent have a low woltage cut off, i think. if the battery is the problem.
  13. Weve all been there! I´ve been on a real streak on the Bay lately, been a couple of years though.
  14. Have rebuilt my SS and everything seemed fine. First testdrive on tarmac was ok. Didnt push it to much though. On lightly wet packed sand, it began to stutter when giving throttle, and the throttle sometimes hangs for a couple of seconds if max throttle is given. Going slow works ok mostly. With wheels in the air theres never any problems, just smooth gas witout any interruptions. Have tried from a distance and no problems, as long as the wheels is in the air. If i hold the car down and give throttle, it stutter continously. So somehow gentle load makes the ESC cutout. It´s a new TEU101, i guess it could be faulty anyway. Ideas?
  15. I have a fully hopped up Hopper with the original "HP-Supension kit", or what it was called. Basically it upgrades it to Hornet specs. Made a big difference. I have Super Stock in it now, and though it sure still can be unstable going fast, its clearly is better than before. Still, i think i´m getting another Hopper with the original 380 and stock supension, just for the fun of it...
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