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    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Now showing as 369 for preorder - still too expensive 😞
  2. thetamiyakid

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release! suggestion is end March, but £399.99 is pretty steep
  3. thetamiyakid

    M05 mk1 VW Golf Kamei

    Check out the latest Tamico offer, valid til end Sunday I think. Even with postage to UK still prob cheaper than a uk sourced kit.
  4. thetamiyakid

    58666 Comical Hornet

  5. thetamiyakid

    Vanquish Tyres + Wheels

    One set of those rere vanquish wheels are not shiny white anymore! I love ‘cooking’ with rit dye
  6. thetamiyakid

    Wanted - Neo Scorcher Pink Metallic body
  7. thetamiyakid

    Wanted - Neo Scorcher Pink Metallic body have one kit left in stock, item 84387
  8. thetamiyakid

    Super Stock foam covers

    Tamiyaclub new sponsor has two sets in stock. Part code can be either 9400480 or 19400480 will ship internationally but not sure they ship to every company
  9. thetamiyakid

    Welcome Tamico!

    Welcome Tamico, I am pleased to see a new sponsor. I have used Tamico for a number of years, on more occasions than I dare tell the wife. I have used them for small specific part orders, as well large kit orders. Packing and delivery times have always been excellent, and they are part of my daily list of 'goto sites', especially on a Monday when there is a new offer off the week!
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    Titanium screw swap!

    pm sent
  11. thetamiyakid


    Pm sent
  12. thetamiyakid

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    My Optima from Stella has arrived in the UK. It is currently at the National Hub so may well be with me tomorrow or Thursday
  13. thetamiyakid

    Upper and Lower Mounts Hi-Caps

    Brass long damper mounts came with the Astute, part no 3455246
  14. thetamiyakid

    Upper and Lower Mounts Hi-Caps

    Ah, Top Force (orig and rere) had the long damper mounts but in an alloy/silver metal rather than brass. I don't have the individual part number but they came in the ball connector bag 9405709
  15. thetamiyakid

    Upper and Lower Mounts Hi-Caps

    You can get some of the parts from an Egress rerelease which are correct. 9804552 Bushing Base, 9805385 Rubber bushing The long brass damper mounts are a little more difficult to locate. The ones included in a few models are the short mounts 3455176 but you are after the long ones. You could just use the short mount plus a spacer. I just checked my hardware cabinet and I have loads of short mounts but could only find one long. So not sure what model they came from. Perhaps they came with the Hi Caps 53036 and 53037.
  16. thetamiyakid

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Not sure of the difference between 'clear body' for Scorpion/Tomahawk and 'non-decorative body' for Optima (top page 4), I guess they are the same thing!
  17. thetamiyakid

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Vintage Series (including Optima 2016) spares and hopup details are now on Optima hop ups are on page 5 - fortunately there are English descriptions
  18. thetamiyakid

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Includes decals to help produce box art paint scheme!!
  19. thetamiyakid

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    ModelSportUK have the Optima listed as 'stock due 28 March' with a price of £299
  20. thetamiyakid

    FAV Aluminum Damper Set

    I am using part G11 from the Wild One kit over the top of the spring retainer on the front. It was used on the original Wild One to set the floating piston (I didn't know this I took a peek at the manual on the main site).
  21. One of the cardboard tabs that hold the chassis has come off completely but other than that no damage internally. Stella did pack it out quite a bit with bubble wrap and polystyrand. They also reinforced the corners of the outer box so the actual kit box was in percect order. All in all I am a very happy chappie, hope everyone else's come through as mine did. I imagine that I will start the build this week, maybe tomorrow
  22. Just had a quick look at the shipping box. Stella have cut out the Tamiya logos and product detail stickers so there is no reference as to what is inside - probably why it came through customs
  23. Its arrived!! No import charges (phew). Great packaging from Stellamodels as always. Photos going into my showroom on the main site shortly
  24. Not sure about charges yet, but it is coming express 24 and online it shows expected delivery is tomorrow. It only left customs at 8:30 this morning after arriving 20:30 Friday night. Hopefully that means there are none. I had mine sent EMS
  25. Looks like customs have finished with my Bruiser, expected delivery is tomorrow 😃