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  1. Big Squid RC has a weekly monster truck column on their website. Plenty of good info on racing and bashing setups. https://www.bigsquidrc.com/category/columns/monster-truck-madness/
  2. I've wondered about this conversion with a Landfreeder shell
  3. How about Jim's Trucking or Jim's Monster Trucking.....
  4. I used to have a m03 that I drove everywhere you shouldn't ie skateparks, bmx jumps and rc off road tracks. Loved it. Need another one.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/Old-School-Dune-Buggies-and-Sand-Rails-229443403847250/ If you're on facebook, check out the above page. Fantastic history and you definitely learn some new terms. For me I dig the 'water pumpers'. What's a water pumper ? That bad *** red rig in the foreground of the last pic from Mongoose1983. It's basically a hot rod for the sand with a front mounted water cooled motor and they pre-date the vw based dune buggy.
  6. It seems Tamiya in Australia has a new distributor. Can only be a great thing for the brand as I can't say I heard anything good about the last one.
  7. With whitened teeth too
  8. Pretty sure it was mentioned on rcc forum that Axial is moving warehouses in China hence limited to no stock.
  9. I bought a rere Holiday Buggy recently. My only upgrades are bearings, lipo friendly esc and a 21t motor. I've thought about oil shocks and better tires but I kind of like the 'on edge' driving feel with the pogos and semi plastic tires.
  10. There's mention of it as a rumor on Big Squid RC main page which is pretty big considering. ...
  11. Yep used to be in old/mid school bmx. My parents owned a bmx clothing company here in Australia and my older brother went on to race and live in the usa. My old man still has a Mongoose Kos Kruiser from '79.
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