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  1. On the xv01 ( or xv 02 as successor?) chassis:
  2. Great thread and already some beautiful cars! I would like to see on a 1/10 scale chassis ( without the battery holder sticking out underneath the chassis!!!)
  3. Oh , forgot to mention: replaced the soft shock oil with medium in front and hard in the back: much better!
  4. Luckely I had a jar of Tamiya PC 1 still lying around: thinned it a little with Tamiya lacquer thinner. Am I correct that the PC line is no longer available?
  5. used the old toothpick method for the tire lettering
  6. I cut out the shell: used the scorche/ snap method where I could, rest with scissors......after all these years it was quite a challenge !
  7. @Snappy1: do you have any photo's of your bigwig?
  8. Did you use scissors or the knive-scorche method?
  9. Good to hear about the Top Force universals! I only saw that they are hard to find (EU).About the ball diff: is that the MIP one where you have to drill out the gear casings or are there alternatives?
  10. @ Snappy: do the Top Force CVD's fit without any modification? Are they a big improvement over the the stock dogbones? @ Super Ally: I am a big fan of the yellow shocks, so I would like to keep them. I will try some medium ( green) Tamiya oil I have lying around.
  11. Despite the large spacers I think the shocks need some harder oil than the supplied yellow shock oil ( 400?)
  12. Chassis is done ! Fitted electonics: my old trusty Futaba Megatech 40 mhz. Found out that the Tamiya TBLE-02s' coolrimms were a bit too high to fit under the upperdeck. I wanted to keep the receiver in i'ts position so it didn't interfered withe the propshaft, so I fitted a small Moped V16 R Bravo. Servo is a Futaba S3305 with metal gears. The re re Hotshot propshaft and propellor joints fit perfectly!
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